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  1. Mariazena178

    Hi all new to here :)

    You are definitely not alone. It’s hard at times isn’t it. There have been days we’re i’ve thought of doing crazy things that could risk my marriage just to be with a woman.
  2. Lost his mojo..wow that must be hard for you both. How do you stay intimate with him
  3. Mariazena178

    Your bi story

    What you have now sounds perfect...I’d love something like that myself x
  4. Forget the subject..How have you not had sex in 10 years yikes!!!!
  5. Mariazena178

    Can't believe I did it

    It does feel like such a relief to actually tell people ...and I’m sure your hubby feels relieved, for me I’m glad I told my hubby but I only told him about my attraction but not the full extent of where it’s taken me
  6. Mariazena178

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman

    Thanks for letting me know. Thats very kind of you x
  7. Mariazena178

    Tough to meet bi women

    It’s very hard to meet bi women in fact it’s near impossible for one reason or another. I’m married and would be interested in developing a friendship that may develop into more, willing to take the time to try but doesn’t seem to be many women who feel the same way living anyway near me. I want to stay married but I crave a woman’s touch
  8. Mariazena178

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman

    Looks like an interesting book.. may have to look it up x
  9. Mariazena178

    Curious wife & mum Ireland

    You are not alone. And if your hubby is ok with your female attraction you are very lucky x
  10. I was fascinated to Learn this movie was based on the real life of story of Professor Marston the writer and Inventor of ‘Wonder Woman’ him and his wife fell in love with a research assistant and they created a life together..all of them, they all had children together and in his death the woman stayed together until their death. How brave they all were. How progressive....I long for a day we’re this could be the norm. It’s a great film x
  11. You’ve hit the jackpot :)
  12. How long did it take you to build up the courage to go on here. Having this attraction to women but also being married throws up lots of conflicting feelings. With the added risk of damaging your marriage. Wondering how far you could indulge the bi side of yourself safely, hiding theses conversations and attachments. Living 2 lives at time as straight wife and bi curious woman.....
  13. Mmmm Interesting question id say I often notice attractive woman first before knowing their personality. But I have met some hot women who are dim and have no personality...so I guess it’s can be either