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  1. Mariazena178

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    I wonder if emotions would get the better of me
  2. Mariazena178

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    ‘Gendered monogamy’ that’s interesting and certainly something I’d be in favour of
  3. Mariazena178

    Hi everyone

    Welcome x
  4. I’m wondering if any of the married women on here would be happy to stay married and have a girlfriend. Someone they could meet up with occasionally. In my mind that would be the ideal situation obviously the whole emotion verse reality probably wouldn’t work...but I wondered if anyone has experienced this set up
  5. Mariazena178


    I would say my type would be quite different when it comes to men and women, I like feminine mostly but I also have a lean towards tomboy types, girls who’s dress sense is sharp and have the confidence to dress like girly guy.
  6. Mariazena178

    Butts and butt play

    Definitely gives a different feeling to receiving pleasure
  7. Mariazena178

    Online affair

    Has anyone on here been engaged or is engaged in an online affair with another woman ? Have you found if has helped with the feelings/emotions attraction ?
  8. Mariazena178

    South east UK

  9. Mariazena178

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    I’m definitely not going to judge you ...until I met a woman online I now I have feelings for and got to share a couple of intimate days with her I’d never have thought I’d be that person who could cheat in their husband. But now I honestly think If i could just see her on occasion and my husband never find out I’d be happy with that
  10. I would say I fell madly in love with my husband and have never regretted as I wouldn’t have the life and my children but I do sometimes wonder if I had my time over and it was today ...I may be braver to explore all the relationships I felt a connection with but was to afraid to back then
  11. Mariazena178

    Can't believe I did it

    I kinda had the same experience with my hubby who found out I’d been messaging a woman so I had to disclose my true feelings. We had some honest talks and like you it felt like a relief. Things are really good with us now. I’m not sure how’s hes feel if I was to say I want to explore that side of myself physically
  12. So last year I finally had the opportunity to spend a day with a woman. We spent hours exploring each other it was new and exciting and very sensual but for me not the earth shattering sex I’d kinda hoped it would be. Any other ladies experienced this?? I mean I get all first time sex isn’t the best lol although it was completely enjoyable and so very different to straight sex, more kissing and caressing etc but I personally sex with my husband brings me a better ending...
  13. Mariazena178

    new and curious

    Hey Chelle, i’m also new to this site and recently told my husband about my attraction to women although he has no understanding of how big that attraction is. And just like you when my family are pretty much self sufficient now have time to think about what I want ....and one of those things is a woman