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  1. @JulieGeorge13 sounds like a catfish to me. In any event, welcome. And if you are feeling these feelings and have nothing holding you back, I encourage you to explore them
  2. I hate that too. Or "love" Ummmmm I DON'T KNOW YOU.
  3. I 100% agree with others that you should not tell your husband at this early stage. It's something you can't take back and it's not worth uprooting your kids lives if it goes as badly as you predict.
  4. Amy038

    New to this

    Don't get discouraged. It may take you a long time to find what you want. In my experience not many women are jumping at the chance to join a couple. You might want to opem yourself to a couple.
  5. I'm married and my preference would be a married woman who's husband is aware. No need for sneaking around and even ground with both understanding that the marriage & family comes first.
  6. Right now. To this: https://m.xhamster.com/videos/nicole-moore-with-randi-james-7550095
  7. You're definitely not alone. I have used Plenty of Fish in the past with some success but it's not easy. Not sure that website works in the uk. Obviously if you were dating out in the open you could use tinder or other popular sites.
  8. Like the OP I like to be submissive to a man. However with a woman I'm the opposite. Wasn't always that way, it just came after I gained experience and confidence. Again nothing hard core just that I like to be the aggressor. I have a HUGE thing for inexperienced women.
  9. I totally am upront about that. And can totally relate to them springing a boyfriend on you - one that has to "watch". Hence why I haven't gotten laid in so long. My guy is not trying to get mixed into it and you need to not have your guy involved. Not "you" the reader. Done that before. Not interested.
  10. This is what I want as well, though more on the fwb side than a true girlfriend. And I'll add to that. A woman who is in the same situation as me... Where her husband knows. Life is so busy and its so hard to find someone I connect with. I can't on top of that be worried about sneaking around. I wouldn't discriminate against a single woman, but I feel wouldn't be able to give enough of myself.
  11. Amy038

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    I can certainly relate, having been in a similar situation. Be very careful with your hearts and your husbands'.
  12. Amy038

    ShyBi - a perfect description

    Welcome @LeriB I'm in the exact same situation as you with my husband. It's nice to find a place like this where we can bounce thoughts off each other.
  13. I'm new and I'll chime in with my first time here. I met her on a website and we went for coffee. No real sparks but she was very friendly and had a great body so i decided to go for it with date #2. We were both attached to men and only wanted sex from each other. She was experienced so was to take the lead. She came over to my house when my husband was out of town. We had a few drinks and i finally worked up the nerve to kiss her (i thought she was supposed to be the aggressor?). Things escalated quickly from there. I was SO wet. Kissing was awesome. Sucking on her tits was surreal. When she went down on me, i didn't enjoy it so i went down on her instead. She came twice. She was one of these crazy orgasmic women so that ended up being a great audience for me. And good for my confidence. It was over before long and away she went. Haha!
  14. Amy038

    New here

    Hi everyone. So happy to find this group. I'm married, on my second marriage actually. and i am completely open about my sexuality with my husband but in the closet to the rest of the world. Except for the women i have hooked up with. Haha! I look forward to posting and getting to know you all :)