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  1. Be you

    New and sayin hi

    Welcome to the site. Well done for posting.
  2. Early this evening and it was amazing! X
  3. Bruno mars - that's what I like...love it...also love finesse by Bruno Mars
  4. @Chelle Im interested in that too
  5. @Chelle I don't know where to start either. But like you say it's great knowing there are other women wanting similar things! My craving for another woman is strong and getting stronger day by day x
  6. Be you

    South east UK

  7. Be you

    Saying hi

  8. Yep! I really can't wait! So craving to be with a woman!
  9. Be you

    Hello newbie here :)

    Hi. Welcome
  10. Hell yeah! Absolutely! Love to taste myself it's very horny!
  11. Be you

    Hi from a new but married 40 something

    Hi. No I haven't met anyone yet. I don't know where to start. There is someone I like but would never tell her as she's younger than me and would probably never talk to me again if she knew! I know what you mean about meeting people and doing it the right way.
  12. I know what you mean! Don't know where to start but really craving the experience!
  13. Hi I'm in my 40s and married, my husband knew I was bisexual from the start. I've always enjoyed looking at women but have never had an experience with one. So I've finally made the decision to be finally be me.