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  1. Gotta love a bit of dirty talk...horny!
  2. Be you

    I Wish....?

    I wish she knew how I really feel about her...I wish she knew how she makes me feel...I wish she knew how amazing she is.
  3. For me it would be a real turn on...especially if it was me that made her that wet!!
  4. Be you

    What attracts you?

    @Shitsgotweird bet they're lovely
  5. Be you

    What attracts you?

    It's gotta be the lips for me...all in the lips.
  6. @Shitsgotweird I really hope I do!!
  7. Lemon sorbet for me...on the inner thigh and nipples...yum
  8. I find myself fantasizing a lot about giving and recieving with a woman. Especially a certain someone that I really like. X
  9. Love just using my hands...I'm good with my hands!
  10. Yeah absolutely!
  11. Be you

    I Am Craving For _____

    A woman's touch...