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  1. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    @Active Life well, what i am able to do will depend on the location. If travel is required, than its a no. I think the arctic enima was actually my favourite but i’ve swam in colder waters (yes, really) so i found it pretty refreshing. Also, if its. Hot day than it might be more refreshing? Not sure. Where did you run yours? I ran mine just north of Toronto.
  2. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I have a few goals. Small ones and big ones. Its a list in progress though. For now, I’m doing 30 day challenges and its going great. Totally meeting those goals. I just needed to learn my level before hand. I’m in month 4 now. I’d love to the stair climb in the cn tower. I might try to find a group to do it with in the fall. I think it runs twice a year. I might run tough mudder again. Though that was really tough for me and i trained really hard for that. 3 kids later I’m not so sure i have the time for it. We get a lot of races in our city, i need to find out what other things we have.
  3. So happy for this post. Ive been struggling with a crush in a moms group I’m part of. Every time i see this woman, my face probably goes red. Im sooooo attracted to her. The last time we spoke i had a cold and allergies and looked and felt like hell. She came up to ask me if i was ok. I was a little embarrassed and seem to stumble on my words when i talk to her. At least that time i had an excuse for seeming weird around her. Lol. I’ve thought of telling her about my crush on her for a couple weeks. I’m a pretty direct person. I wonder if being direct would cause more harm than just being subtle.
  4. Gingermommy

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    @Jansen no offence here. That was cute to read. Being bilingual myself (french, english) i appreciate seeing this actually.
  5. Gingermommy

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    @kairi i love the quote under your name. Where is it from? i think we do what we need to do to feel right. I agree that cheating is wrong, but at the same time, i believe hurting others is also wrong. If being honest about something that cant be changed will hurt others, than maybe its best to keep it quiet. If hiding the truth won’t hurt anyone, than thats ok too.
  6. I'm going through this now. So glad someone has already asked. I'm feeling so frustrated right now.
  7. Gingermommy

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    This has crossed m mind and in fact my husband actually suggested i just go get a girlfriend for me only, but i wonder how that would work out emotionally. How do you know it wont hurt your spouse. How do you even find the time? I can barely get the house clean! I also dont want my community to know about it, yikes! Doesnt it get messy, having a gf on the side?
  8. Gingermommy

    Struggling in my marriage

    So i had known since i was 9 that i liked girls. I had always fantasized about them. I had never really kept that hidden. I dated men and women but always preffered women. Fast forward to my late 20's and i met my soul mate. The only problem was that it was a he. My family was shocked when i finally had the courage to tell them. We really are made for each other, we have a good marriage. We've gone trough some emotional times together and have come out stronger and closer from them. 3 kids later and 12 years together, i am finding tht i can no longer sleep, i have images of women in my head all the time. My stress is starting to manifest physically. I feel like im repressing myself now and I'm scared for us. I'm very lucky that I've been able to talk to my husband about this. He's been nothing but understanding. We've always had a honest relationship, but i feel terrible. I don't really enjoy being with him physically anymore. Its just getting worse. I dont want leave our relationship or for it to be affected negatively. I just dont know what to do now.