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  1. I miss you, friend. Hope you're doing well!

    J xx

  2. the flame still burns !

    1. femmekat
    2. Akeys


      There's medicine for that...

  3. Hell yes ! Nothing wrong with some quality time at work, that is unless you're the sort who needs a sleep afterwards ! Ladies room, or even your car, 'sigh'.. reminds me of the time I kicked a sink off the wall :maninlove: :maninlove: :maninlove:
  4. This link takes me to Facebook, asking if there's any problem ! I was fine with the link in the shoutbox
  5. Nice knees !

    1. tnmom


      Haha! Thanks! I had a more front facing pic up, but these darn spammers are making me nervous!

    2. LilythePink


      That's completely understandable, but don't worry about them too much, these things happen from time to time !

  6. She acts like Summer, and walks like rain .....

    1. babs*


      Hi, Lily. Long time. :)

    2. LilythePink
    3. tnmom


      ..reminds me that there's a time to change.. <3

  7. Long time no see.. :)

  8. from toxic_ange......... hen coop
  9. I've slept naked since before I even moved out of my parents house! It's so much more comfortable than wearing something that's just gonna bunch up around my body! So azur got me wondering and I'm curious, what do you guys wear, if anything? Am I alone in this negativity towards P.J.'s????! (thread started by Elysia00)
  10. Glass dildo Silicone dildo Lifelike dildo G-spot vibe "Rabbit" vibe small pocket vibe Butt plug Double-ended dildo Anal beads Basic strap-on Standard strap-on Advanced strap-on
  11. Okay you type your user name :happy0005: your password :love0038: you have arrived, shy's portals have opened..... do you have a set route, say.. your profile ?. a particular forum ? the chatroom, to see who is in there ? the online list ? or do you just mooch ? see what takes your fancy ? :confused: tell us your shybi route map !
  12. It would be interesting to know which faith our members belong to.
  13. Right.... much asked questions on Shybi's Where do I meet like minded girls ? What do I do ..I want to ask her out ? I have been asked out...what do I do ? The first step in any relationship, or budding relationship has to be confidence ! Where do you go to meet like minded girls.......WHY..HERE girls...on this very site ! There are no registration fees or criteria - unless age being a stipulation causes you a problem. Now, personally, I think if you are bi-curious or unsure what you feel about your sexuality, this site is the perfect answer ! you can post, get your 50 and chat with the others in the Chat Room. Get to know others by their comments and posts, and you can PM so all the sleaze that does go with some sites can be avoided. I know I am repeating what is regularly put, when someone new joins the site....but it's true, there are plenty of girls to talk to. Shybi's is a ready made "meeting place", so be brave, join in with chats and what a great way to meet new people - Safely ! Now, you may have been chatting to someone you like for a while, perhaps exchanged emails addresses, msn chat or yahoo, and you really think she could be someone you would like to know more ....ask ! It is proven we all can be more open and honest online than be held back by face - to - face initial meetings, not all meetings have to be sexual. Sometimes it's wonderful making true friends that happen to be bisexual too. The same applies if you want to ask them out ....ask ! you may be pleasantly surprised to find they have been waiting for you to ! I can't give you a magic formula to make everything you want fall into your lap, but we have a great support network here, we look out for each other, and how many sites can boast that ! We are all here, some of us you know, some you don't, but just by saying "Hi" next time, who knows where it could all end ?....or begin ? Love Lily