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  1. Its just when i wipe i see blood and it's not all the time. No pain or cramping, No surgerys or kidney stones. I do have a compressed spine now due to a car accident going back to doc in march
  2. Long distance relationships do work if you wanna spend the time to do them. Phalen and I both was in different states when we 1st met and now after 11 total years together and 3 years married and living to gether. At 1st it was a lot of talking online over web cams and meeting up when we could 2-4 times a year.
  3. We have 2 cats a 5 year old female black and white tuxie names Bootsey and a 1 year old mail white with black spots names Mickey. There our fur kids
  4. OK all i am 45 and going through menopause my question is do you bleed a little bit when going to the bathroom and not on your period or should i go to femail doc. I have a back injury and idk if that's causing it or its normal menopause.
  5. OK Sorry all been a tough month ect. If you havent been added to the facebook group go to my facebook page link on page 1 of this thread. Put shy's in some where so i know to put you there please have over 200 posts b4 asking to be added thanks.
  6. If anyone in the fourms is in the path of this storm please take shelter and be careful. If anyone is in the Florida, Georgia area or any other area's effected by these storms please check in and then post once storm is over and you have power again or access to your phone. I am in Virginia the storm isn't coming here if anyone wants to travel this direction., Stay Safe.
  7. New

    Welcome to shy's support group. Have a look around and post. If you have questions feel free to ask. Right now the sight is going through a upgrade so if the sight is slow or glitchy that's why.
  8. I have to have flats.. Due to tendonitis in both my ankles. I am only 5'2 so i usually try to get tennis shoes with a big soul to make me a bit taller
  9. Welcome to shy's. Have a look around. The sight is undergoing a overhaul getting updated. If you have any questions please ask or check How this forum works thread.
  10. Ok i will throw this out there. I wanna get one on my arm in memory of my dad. He was 2 years in the air force and then did like 7 years Army reserve. I know i want the day he was born and the day he died but other then that i have no clue what i want it to look like. Maby like Army Brat with my dads name, rank and dates idk. On his toom stone on the side it says "He Gave" He was a very nice guy
  11. Welcome to shy's. Please have a look around and post so we can get to know you. Right now the sight is going through a major update so some thaings will be changing slowley until it's done. If you need help please look in how this fourm works post or you can alawys ask questions to the moderators ect. Glad you found us
  12. Wow that was great please wright more
  13. Ok been there done that type of thaing when i was a lot younger. 1st thaing is be open and honest with your hubby on what your feeling. 2nd you need to find a girlfriend who is bi or lesbian and become friends with therm 1st b-4 you sleep with them 3rd and only when your comfortable may be introduce the idea with the other 2 and see if it would be a possibility. Now when we got to step 3 we was all drinking playing games and it took the edge off the whole situation. It was a little weird the next day but once the newness wares off and you 3 all become good with it can be a fun enjoyable time with 3 or 2 people. Theirs a lot a sinarios that can go with this but again it's something you gotta talk to your hubby and other person involved as well. Good luck
  14. Give La-Femme a change to get all updated done 1st b-4 you hate the new forums. It will take a while for us all to get use to it but it will be better in the end.

    1. Rocker83


      It's already a big approvement. It's gonna look great when It's done. :)

    2. Hungry


      The fact that you can clearly read everything on the site makes it so much better. Before this, the site had me convinced I needed glasses, just for here! :P

  15. CNA in working in Home health care field. I work for two different companys and to my knowledge I am the only Lesbian working for the company's. I don't even tell my clients since most are old school and don't like bi sexual or lesbians taking care of them. Most of them just think i have a hubby lol.