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  1. I am so jealous my husband just cannot cope with me being with a woman although he supports that I am bi it’s really hard. Good luck!
  2. Hello!
  3. Hello want exactly do you need to address? The issue for yourself or with your husband?
  4. I feel exactly the same x
  5. Thank you very much I think I am just missing something.
  6. Thank you for your kind words I can relate to so much of what you say. I’m not sure what the future holds but I am trying hard to go with the flow. Your right about men and women I feel also, men just don’t see the importance and value in the things women do.
  7. Thank you so much for this I am definitely over thinking way too much xx and yes I get bored easily!
  8. Just shouting out to anyone who may be worried and in the same boat, I have been needing to be wanted by men all my life, to use my body as a tool to attract men and to feel special. I hardly ever had sex for my own benefit unless it was to have my children. I love men and woman but it’s very rare for me to feel totally connected to a person and I do to my husband on so many levels. I feel chemistry with him and his skin and body but I rarely want to have sex. I have been with women in my past and enjoyed the physical side more than men and I am scared I may be gay.
  9. Really hope this journey brings you happiness xx
  10. It’s not anything medical it’s my hypersensitivity xx
  11. So I have Chronic Pain/fibromyalgia and I am struggling with having sex with my husband, I am now at the point where I get scared and anxious about doing it and losing interest because the pain after doesn’t seem to make it worth it. anyone else have tips on how to manage this? Ive tried going very gently and not having full sex, loads to lube and hot shower after to soothe skin. I hurt everywhere so end up so inside and out.
  12. No but it sounds amazing!! Lol
  13. Hello! I am so sorry you are feeling so stuck I’m sure there are so many others in a similar situation. I’m not sure how you can move forward without talking to your husband, is there any chance he may like the idea of a threesome? I know it is probably not the right thing so say but have you any friends who feel the same way or a chance if you having a friend to explore with in secret?
  14. Can you seek out a counsellor to support you on your journey for a bit? ask yourself what you want most for yourself, what’s been missing for you? what do you need to support yourself right now? And how an you make sure that these things are available to you? maybe use a notebook or diary to keep track of thoughts and take time to have silence and space to sit with the feelings coming up xxx