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  1. Happy Birthday Hun. Hope you have a good one x

  2. Hi vicki I love psychology too I learnt a lot becoming a psychotherapist and the interest in human nature never seems to fade! I think when you get past thirty age is irrelevant I can only assume I shall feel younger than I am always now my parents seemed to.
  3. Wow you have the perfect situation! Is your partner allowed to be with someone else too? I’m intrigued.
  4. For me spirituality is a feeling that their are different dimensions where the spirits continue to exist and this all supports the circle of life and the way the universe can work with lots of different levels of force and energy. I am not religious.
  5. Thank you very much!
  6. I wonder what the rheumatologist has done for her?
  7. Hello and welcome! I really feel for you because I know what it’s like to have a beautiful friend who only seems to see you as a friend and would drive me mad if she took up an affair with another woman. My advice would be to work on things at home first and decide weather you still want to be married to your husband and work through what it would mean to yourself and your children and when you know for sure what is happening at home it will give you insight as to how you feel you can move forward with friendships x
  8. It’s amazing to me how long it has been since my three were tiny but it was the most wonderful time in my life, chaos and fun! Having two teenagers now is harder than any other time but it’s a fascinating thing watching young adults grow in to wonderful people. It’s lovely to meet you!!
  9. Thank you so much xxx
  10. How exciting!! I would say it’s always best to be honest and although I’ve been with a woman years ago I would feel just as nervous but you can’t help that just be your lovely self and have fun!
  11. Hello uk ladies I am Lisa and I’m 37 in a few days eek! I am married to a man and have three children ages 16,14,and 11 and two little yorkie doggies. My husband knows I’m bi but he doesn’t know how much I think and feel about women and so I’m not sure what the future holds in that respect. I currently am not working due to disability but I’m enjoying being back on shys after being away a while. Feel free to say hi oh and I live in Essex x
  12. Hi all due to my chronic pain from fibromyalgia and depression I have put on a lot of weight over the last few years and now am a uk size 16 and feel like such a blob. Can anyone be attractive when ill and overweight...sigh... i do stretching and try to walk a little daily but I’m struggling to look in the mirror and feel I may never be found attractive again. Any advice?
  13. Hi everyone I have quite a lot of tattoos and I find them really addictive. Each of mine tells and story and I generally have feminine and delicate images. Question is, is there too much skin covered? How much ink is too much?
  14. Is the NF still out of action? X