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    I am shy and an introvert, however people mistake this for being distant and uninterested. I like to sit in corners. I take a while to warm up and I am more often the silent observer of the group. I'm a literary buff. Both modern and classics. I have collected several versions of Arabian Nights and Robin Hood. I actively practice archery (50lb compound bow & a 35lb traditional recurve), I compete in tournament fishing, enjoy hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. I grew up on a farm and spent years doing everything from collecting chicken eggs to helping castrate cattle. At one point I was active in 4-H and FFA.

    I draw and play guitar (works in progress). I also have to pander to my geeky side. I play Dungeons and Dragons, go to anime conventions (and watch a lot of anime, go figure), and play video games. I love Dishonored, BioShock Infinite, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and anything by Valve. In fact I have an unhealthy obsession with Nintendo. I also have a Half Life lambda tattoo on my leg and roman numerals on my shoulder regarding a personal date.

    I generally keep my love life private from my family and most friends. Growing up in a small Southern town in Bible Belt USA isn't exactly supportive of....differences.

    I've been on here for several years and made some good friends. Always looking for more.
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  1. You pick up a book and begin reading it only to discover it is about you and your life. You get to this exact moment in time. Do you turn the page and keep reading, knowing you will not be able to change the events to come? --------------------------------------------------------- I mulled it over a bit before coming to a conclusion, as I learned its not such a black and white answer. Part of me wanted to turn the page so I could see and "prepare" for what was coming down the road. Prepare for both good and bad events. Realistically speaking and knowing myself, the anxiety would have driven me completely mad. I would have obsessed over certain events that would have completely overwhelmed and destroyed my life (Twilight Zone/Appointment in Samara type thing. Final page has me dying from a heart attack so I stress myself out to said heart attack.) Then I started to realize that not knowing what the future holds is part of what gives my life and loved ones meaning, and what motivates me to appreciate and cherish them. If I knew the exact time stamp of every death, marriage, job loss, job gain, new friend..I would become dismissive and lazy.
  2. I'm of Irish descent if that counts??? I actually just got back from visiting Ireland a couple weeks ago. Well, Ireland & the U.K. It was pretty cool getting to see where my grandfather and his family grew up before they came to the US. I really wish I had taken a little bit of time to explore the gay scene in Dublin and London, but I was with my college and it was a bit difficult to sneak away from them at times.
  3. Alright, so this seems to be hella taboo when I bring it up to people. What are your thoughts on scarification? I'm not going to upload any photos in case it freaks people out, but you can search Google or Instagram and several images come up. It simultaneously makes me cringe and smile with an air of excitement. I don't know that I could ever bring myself to be filleted like that but it's strangely appealing to me, especially when mixed in with existing tattoos, and while the scars are still fresh. Some are extremely elaborate and creative. I was having a debate with my friend, who is covered in tattoos. She vehemently protested the thought of scarification but I asked her what was so different? Both methods are body modifications. They're both scars left on your body, just achieved differently. I've got several tattoos and have watched videos on scarification and it's kind of brutal, yes, but it's also beautiful in its own right. Definitely not for the faint of heart though. I was just curious of others thoughts or experiences with it?
  4. I think that's a really great idea. It also shows unified strength and support. I was traveling with my college just a little bit south of Manchester when at attack happened. It broke my heart hearing it on the news, especially as they started listing the victims. The day I went to visit Windsor Castle, the queen was in Manchester visiting the victims, which was a comforting sight. Right before I left to head back to the US, I had several pounds left over and I didn't want to take the hit for the currency exchange so I hunted down some charities and donated what I had left. ~Stay strong, with love from Texas
  5. I completely agree. Most of the time the acting is awful, the movie is oversexualized, or it was very clearly written to cater to a male audience or by someone who has no literal idea of actual lesbianism. There are some "meh" ones on Youtube but there are good ones too.
  6. I feel like that is all I get on dating apps and sites. I respect a couples decision to do it, as I know it can either make or break a relationship, but it's not what I want nor what I'm interested in. "I'm looking for a birthday gift for me and my boyfriend in the bedroom." "My boyfriend says I can have a side girl." "My boyfriend is a jerk and he doesn't know." "My boyfriend just wants to record it, but he wont be joining." No. It gets a bit old, to be honest. I'm actively seeking a connection with someone with genuine feelings. I either get totally ignored or hit up with couples like that.
  7. Right on! Youtube actually has some really great mini movies like this and I think a lot of them are better and more genuine than a lot of the trash that is force fed into big movie production.
  8. I recently watched it as well. I...t..........................................was....ehm....okay. I agree, the sex scenes were hot---but the movie was lacking a lot of sustenance. It wasn't an engaging story, it wasn't particularly well written and it was poorly executed. The acting was cringe worthy and I spent more time facepalming than anything else. It had potential...I just don't think it was implemented very well.
  9. I skimmed through some posts, didn't see anything... Is anyone else stoked for the new season???? Some of the teasers are getting sloppy but....meh. I've recently rewatched Coven and I'm about to rewatch Asylum. I haven't seen Freak Show or Hotel yet, and Murder House really...didn't do it for me. I really love the series but each episode can be SO draining and exhaustive. They're intense sometimes and I don't mean the horror and gore. Just the crap the characters go through can be overwhelming (I keep thinking of Lana in Asylum). The last 2-3 episodes are always a major disappointment to me though....rushed, if FX is riding their backs to just end it immediately and move on to the next one. It looks like the new season is somewhere in the midwest? I'm just thinking that from the vast crop fields, farm house, and some other elements. But it wouldn't be the first time the trailers have led us in one direction only to go another.....
  10. Has anyone watched Stranger Things on Netflix? I got sucked in the first episode. I love the opening theme, the promotional art, the style, the story, everything. I almost didn't recognize Winona Ryder....she's still rocking it. Matthew Modine hasn't seemed to change at all either. I still see Pvt Joker from Full Metal Jacket, just a bit aged. I binged the entire series in one night (miserable time at work the next day but sooo worth it)
  11. There have been a number of politicians (and others) that have suggested that all hetero people & all LGBT people should be put on separate islands, to let the "gay die out". I had to grit my teeth through a sermon once where the preacher threw that out there as casually and matter of fact as he would have said "look both ways before crossing the street." I had the pleasure of watching this conversation from start to finish on Tumblr and it was glorious. Every now and then it cycles back through my dash and always makes me smile. Definitely worth reading. I would totally pitch in money for a publishing of this. http://www.gaystarne...-it-is-amazing/ It got me thinking of how to meet opposition like that and provide a constructive argument rather than just angry bashing. A lot of times in the heat of argument, or when someone begins to attack your very identity, its easy to lose your composure. You come off as emotional and ill prepared to defend your case. Now that I'm out to most my friends and family, I have more confidence and can handle bigot statements better. Not always...but more than before. What are common anti-LGBT things you hear where you're from? How do you respond to it? I hear the "it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." bit a lot here.
  12. I started watching Steven Universe because my Tumblr would not STFU about it. Several of the blogs I follow of non Steven Universe related subjects would constantly post and reblog stuff on it....I finally sat down to watch an episode. 3 days of binge watching later, I'm hooked. It's actually very, very well written and put together and deals with some dark and questionable subjects too, that seem to strongly support the LGBT community. It also has some pretty big name actors, too. Susan Egan, Kate Micucci (Garfunkel & Oates, and a stint on Scrubs) to name a few right off hand. I never thought I'd ever give this show a chance, let alone get sucked into its fandom like I have. Reading theories, character bios, backgrounds, finding soundtracks on Soundcloud, which holy crap "Stronger Than You" is an awesome pro love song. Any other fans?