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  1. I had longish brown hair. I chopped it all off and coloured it hot pink lol
  2. I couldn't date a Capricorn ever again. I feel they are on another planet from me. We have a completely different moral code and my cancer self can not deal with it. Libras I adore as friends but I also couldn't date one. We clash.
  3. I bet that felt great to get that all out your head didn't it? Just think in May there will be no strange person ruining your night. You are a lovely person with a big heart H who only ever wanted to see the best in her and sometimes that involves losing too much of yourself and time in the realisilation that some people don't have a good side and they are just out to take what they can from you or cause drama. Ive been there myself. Hugs to you and good riddance xx
  4. I love morning sex but with school runs and nursery runs, work, the dog needing out and a cat demanding fed chance is a fine thing these days lol
  5. Meet the newest member of my family. Roxy :)


    1. SioRan


      Aww that is like a million times better than cute :)

  6. Hey all, Just came across this thread and thought id introduce myself. Im Vicki, I go by Ruby on here. This is my 10th year on shys! Crazy long huh. I am married and Live right in the middle of Edinburgh and Glasgow. I'm married and have two kids. My son is 12 and a typical cheeky pain in the ass pre teen. I feel too young to have a teenager but Im 31 and the numbers add up. My daughter is almost 5, shes a hyper little ball of fun and energy. I met my wife on here actually. We were both married to men. There was no plans to be anything serious but alas it happened and we got married just last year. We've three pets, a dog called Harley who's a 2 year old Golden Retriever, A rabbit called Cosmo and our newest family member is a cat called Roxy. Hobbies hmm. I like rare moments of quiet, walks with the dog, documentries and love anything to do with psychology.
  7. Your profile picture makes me smile every time I see it. I don't know you but I remember you posting pictures of your wedding not to long ago. Congrats again!!


    1. RubyStarlight


      Awww thats so lovely! Thank you for taking the time to say that :) xx

  8. Love Jennifer Aniston :) Watching Just go with it. She's stunning! Xx

    1. Nidalaeh


      Yes, she is one of my favorite Actresses, that is a good movie too, watched it last month I think.

    2. RubyStarlight


      Always makes me giggle. We've been snowed in here so funny films always help :) xx

  9. Kelly Clarkson, I just love everything about her. Shes so pretty and sweet yet smart and talented.
  10. Watching my Bunny enjoy his new palace!
  11. Not my doggy but its Thors Hammer lol
  12. Im an Infp
  13. My wife and I don't really think about wether we identify as bisexual or lesbian anymore but we were both married to men in the past and now we are married to each other. So I guess I am married to a bisexual woman.