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  1. My wife and I don't really think about wether we identify as bisexual or lesbian anymore but we were both married to men in the past and now we are married to each other. So I guess I am married to a bisexual woman.
  2. Dua lupa - Home sick x
  3. A little emotional today.
  4. My heads spinning and my hearts not sure how to feel at the prospect of no more shys. After 10 years this year as a member this site has been such a massive part in shaping the life I now have. Every time I think of it closing another thing Im grateful to shys for pops up in my head. I came to accept that I'm bisexual because the friends I made here accepted me. I met past girlfriends here and had a safe place to talk about having a husband and a girlfriend at the time in my life I chose poly rather than monogamy. I had the most fun times at shys meet ups all over Scotland and England with some of the most fun people Ive ever met! Memories Ill always treasure. I had intense connections with people from all over the world that id never have encountered in my every day life. I made friends ill have forever here. Without shybi id never have met my wife, never have bought this home, never have got our pets, never have made this incredibly happy little life we've build together! Shys was my home and although I rarely post here anymore I still like being able to come home and read about the journeys others are having with shys. My sentimental self doesn't want this site to go.
  5. shybi

    I have been a member of shys since 2008. In the 10 years ive been here ive seen it go downhill year after year. A site which was once incredable with a busy chat room, debates, close friendships being built up and regular meet ups is now a shell of the site I used to love back then. It feels unloved and like its been forgotten by those who own and run it. I and so many others who have been here since near on the start would love this site to be what it once was but to do that its going to need a group effort and work not just money thrown at the costs it takes to run every month. This site used to be 'home' to me. The people on here got me through the hardest times of my life from realizing I was mostly gay, my friends suicide, my marriage falling apart, having my heart broken and I even met my wife here. So to say this site has changed my life is an underatatement but ill admit when I saw the post earlier I wasn't surprised as ive felt the site slowly dying for such a long time. If this site does stay alive then I would happily help in anyway I can but I do feel this would need all this sites loyal members to help in some way or another.
  6. Give it time and that will be a show one day too Im sure. Its such a good show. I think many members here will really get into it. It made me think a lot and I love shows that do that.
  7. Hi ladies, I've recently came a cross a show on Netflix that I think you may like. Its called You Me Her. Its about a married couple introducing a 3rd to their relationship. The wife is bisexual and the husband is bored so meets an escort called Izzy. Then the wife meets her and they both fall for her. As someone who is bisexual and has been polyamourus in the past I found it really interesting. There is a huge lack of poly TV Shows and Im really enjoying this one. It looks at the dynamics of how to make a relationship with three people work. Worth a look.
  8. Cold but glad to be relaxing.
  9. Right this second Im laying in bed watching How to get away with Murder. Just started watching it and hooked.
  10. Beautiful Disaster. Always reminds me of 'him'. Its a tough fortnight with the 7 year anniversary of his death and what would have been his 33rd birthday.
  11. Not really sure how to cope with this sexual peak you reach in your 30s! It sounds silly but it really is a frustrating problem when you have to carry on and do things in your day and your wife has to work!! The sexual peak in your 30s is just so true :O !!!

  12. Honeymoon time!!!!!! So freaking excited!! Hollywood and New York. Im like a kid on christmas today! X

    1. leigh11


      Have an awesome time both of you. New York is amazing 

    2. #No1Crush


      I second what Leigh said! Have fun!

    3. RubyStarlight


      Thanks you two mwah xcx

  13. (Can I just add I thought I was replying to the last 2 letters make the next word thread on my last reply, I am not aroused by aliens! LOL) Distance