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  1. Hey IJM. Hope you are well. Xx
  2. Im Scottish. I stay in Scotland.
  3. I studied an awful lot. I've just finished Studying Psychology. Also this year I've become a Reiki Practitioner ane Massage Therapist. I'm qualified in Business Management and Creative Industries. I'm now training as an Interfaith minister and Spiritual Counsellor
  4. For me I get more turned on by the idea of dominating a younger woman. My wife is quite a bit younger than I am and in our relationship Im the dominant one. With men I like the Idea of a much stronger, muscular man being more dominant with me, but hate when woman try to take control.
  5. Before I married my wife there were friends that I was intimate with in a non sexual way. Ones who I had absolutely no romantic feelings for but could happily snuggle or be affectionate with, however now Im married there is no way I would do that. It would feel like cheating!
  6. I love a Thursday morning!
  7. I'm a very sensual person, so for me having long and romantic sex is incredable. Taking a lot of time to slowly work up to the more sexual acts of pleasuring your partner is a must now and again when being psychical. Massage is good. Getting some nice oils, massaging your partner all over, then proceeding to massage more intimately can be one was to start off a more romantic love making session or kissing and stroking each other, teasing and building the tension without going to certain areas of each others bodies. With both male and female partners I have liked to put a lot of thought and effort into keeping sex romantic and loving, of course not all the time though. There are times for romantic love making and times for fucking, but that's for another thread. Lol
  8. So brave and smart. Can't believe my baby girl is at school. Where do the years go
  9. Riverdale
  10. I had longish brown hair. I chopped it all off and coloured it hot pink lol
  11. I couldn't date a Capricorn ever again. I feel they are on another planet from me. We have a completely different moral code and my cancer self can not deal with it. Libras I adore as friends but I also couldn't date one. We clash.
  12. I bet that felt great to get that all out your head didn't it? Just think in May there will be no strange person ruining your night. You are a lovely person with a big heart H who only ever wanted to see the best in her and sometimes that involves losing too much of yourself and time in the realisilation that some people don't have a good side and they are just out to take what they can from you or cause drama. Ive been there myself. Hugs to you and good riddance xx
  13. I love morning sex but with school runs and nursery runs, work, the dog needing out and a cat demanding fed chance is a fine thing these days lol
  14. Meet the newest member of my family. Roxy :)


    1. SioRan


      Aww that is like a million times better than cute :)