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  1. writing

    In the past I had tried to write stories but could never find the words. I was writing a story and had someone special to inspire me but for now it's gone. I hope one day I can finish it.
  2. Welcome to the site. Continue to look through the site and read the post. Please don't hesitate about posting questions. The ladies one here have always been supportive to me. Hope you are able to find the support you need.
  3. Hello from a fellow Texan! I hope you take the chance to look over the site. The women here are wonderful and very supportive. I'm glad your husband is supportive. Again welcome to the site.
  4. I went and say my gyn in March. It was the first time I had to tell anyone about my orientation. The reason I did was because once I opened up my marriage I was opening up myself to certain risks. I agree with @ChemFem a therapists needs to know to help you work through certain issues. Finding one that is lgbt friendly is important.
  5. I can agree that a ff relationship can be very intense. That is what happened between me and my ex gf. We were each other's first. I was not ready for the strong emotional connection I felt for her. The NRE or new relationship energy hit me hard. She was all I could think about and it was effecting my marriage. I was ignoring my husband and he felt left out. I had trouble finding a balance between the two relationships. I have learned a lot from being with her and am glad I was able to have even those few months together. Please don't let my experience stop you from having your experiences. You never know you may come across someone that will be perfect for you. Good luck and best wishes.
  6. I believe that I am a switch. Depends on the person I'm with would depend on if I'm a dom or sub. With my ex gf. She was the dom and I was the sub. I loved giving up control to her.
  7. It would be a little bit different if I hadn't be blind sighted. The company did not send out a general email, or memo stating that they were giving out the vaccinations and what their policy and procedures were. I had to track down the form and the policy procedures so that I knew what my rights as an employee were. I don't mind filling out and returning the paperwork and following the chain of command. My life has been so much chaotic lately that what goes into my body is the one of a few things I know I can control and I won't give up that right.
  8. I would like other Shybi members opinion. I work as a medical receptionist for a company that is ran by a Catholic non profit group. I went to work today and was told that it was mandatory for me to get the flu shot. They said the only way I could opt out is if it was against my religious beliefs (which it is) or have a physician state that for health reasons I cannot take it. If I opt out due to my religious beliefs then I have to fill out a form turn it in and then I have to be approved for the exemption. My first issue is the fact that my job is shoving their religious beliefs down my throat. Second issue is why does it have to be approved. Is there anyone else out there that shares my views?
  9. I understand not wanted to watch porn because most of it is fake. Believe it or not, there are women out there making porn for women. Look up Abby Winters collection, Crash Pad series. Hope this helps.
  10. Wow. I just glanced through the first few pages. I am going to have to see about downloading the whole book. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have been a member of Shybi for many years. I love this community very much. The ladies on here have always been so helpful and friendly. No matter what they always have your back. They help you be strong when you are weak. They help you celebrate your successes. The advice they give is helpful to those they write to. I am glad to call the ladies on here my friends and family. Thank you guys so much for being here and being such a wonderful community.
  12. I was only able to show my true self a few times so far in my life. Until I can again I will cherish those moments BiTriMama is right when you don't have to hide your true self the weight comes off and you feel so much freeier and lighter. I wish I never had to hide again.
  13. My bff and I go out and do a lot of things together. I wouldn't say I have a crush on her, but I do check her out all the time. She knows this and catches me quite often. I do get embarrassed when she points it out, but I know what're she stands. She is straight and married. She is very accepting of the lgbt community. She had certain boundaries that I will not cross. I treasure my friendship with her to much. On the other hand if one of my friends had a crush on me I'd like to know. There might be the possibility that I'm crushing on her too and miss an opportunity of trying to see where things lead. Some of the strongest and best relationships start out as friends.
  14. Hello fellow Texan and welcome to Shybi. Shybi is a community full of amazing women who are willing to help answer any questions that you may have. Read the stories and check out the site. Just know that you are not alone.
  15. Thanks for the follow! Following back.