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  1. Since we normally cannot check into the hotel until 3 pm so we hang out and do different things. Yes sometimes we have gotten some unusual looks but no one has said anything negative. I do remember one meet up we checked in she left that night and the next day when I went to check out it was the same cleck and he asked where my friend was.
  2. I was trying to have an actual serious conversation with my husband tonight. I was trying to get some of the things that I needed to get off my chest. He kept asking me if I wanted to start the movie. I told him no. He's like I can't reach the remote it's out of reach. After the 3 rd time he asked me I gave up and pushed play. Ugh!!!!!! I was trying to be honest with him. Tell him why I considered leaving and I felt like he just shut the door on me. I don't expect any feedback just needed to get my frustration out and vent. I didn't have anyone else to talk to.
  3. Hi Camilla, 

    How are you?  Just come to peek, I noticed we like some of the same music. Have a great day. 


  4. Looking for fellow Shybi ladies in Texas. It has been years since I've been to a meet and greet with Shybi members and would like to see where everyone lives to see if in the future we can set one up. I live in East Texas, but travel to the Dfw and Houston area regularly.
  5. Writing is a good way to get your feelings out in the open even if you don't give the person the letter you wrote them. I came out to my mom in a letter that I wrote her. I wrote her a second one and never gave it to her because I know it's not going to change anything. So what's the use. I'm dreading the one that I need to write to my husband. There are so many things I'm hiding because it's difficult to verbalize and afraid of hurting him. You deserve to be happy and to be loved. So good luck on the next step in your life.
  6. My first time was totally unexpected. It was our first meeting face to face but we didn't want to leave each other's company. We were both waiting for the other to make the first move. Through my body language she knew what I wanted and kissed me first. It was an instant connection for me. I asked her if she wanted to come back to my hotel room and she did. For me I always imagine we would both be so nervous I wouldn't know where to start. It wasn't like that with her. Everything felt so natural. We both had never been with another woman. Once she gave me permission, didn't want to do anything she was uncomfortable with I took control. It was amazing. It is something I will never regret. I'm glad she was the first girl I was ever with. It couldn't have been more perfect.
  7. I have finally decided to make the hardest decision on my life. I am getting ready to leave. I have been married for 15 years together 17 years. I am leaving because I can't live a lie anymore. I will have to move away from my family because they will not agree with my decision. I would like to know if anyone has made a similar decision. If so what was the easiest, what was the hardest?
  8. I had driven up for our monthly meeting. I called to let you know I had already checked in to the hotel. I had notified the concierge desk that you will be picking up your key for room number 319. During the past couple of months we had started to experiment with some light bondage and bdsm. You decided to take it to the next level. You instructed me to undress, kneel by the foot of the bed and to put on the black blindfold that I kept in our toy bag. You also stated that I was not to make a sound unless you have given me permission. It didn't take me long to strip since I wasn’t wearing a lot of clothing. I took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and then my pants. I didn’t have any underwear to take off since I was commando today. I folded the clothes and placed them on the chair in the corner of the room. Once nude I took the blindfold out of the bag, walked to the foot of the bed and got in position. The rest of my senses were heighted after placing the blindfold on especially my hearing straining for any sound announcing your arrival. What seemed to me like a lifetime, I finally heard you put the key card in the slot and click as the lock on the door released. My breathing increased as I heard you enter the room. I could smell your sweet scent as you walked closer. It took all my self control not to move, just to be close to you. I hear you walk in and place your purse, keys and a bag on the desk in the room. Then you walk towards me, but stop a few feet away. I can hear your pant’s legs rubbing against each other as you slowly circle around me inspecting me. You wanted to make sure I followed your instructions to the letter. What you see is your 4’11” tall slave kneeling down in front of you. My dark brown hair laying flat against my back. The black blindfold covering my dark brown eyes. You see my pink hard nipples standing to attention on my DD cup breasts. You look down to make sure my pussy is smooth and hairless. The light in the room hits my pussy just right and allows you see the moisture between my lips glistening. The first words out of your mouth was, “well done slave.” I hear you turn around and walk away. You start removing your clothes and placing them beside mine. Once you are completely nude you walk over to the desk. I hear the rustling of the bag as you remove something out of it. I am so nervous. Shaking with anticipation. Not knowing what you are planning to do to me. I hear you walk around behind me and feel your touch for the first time. You put your hand on my head softly stroking it. Letting me know you are there and I am safe. Then I felt something made of leather brush across my right shoulder and then your left hand reaching around my neck. All of the sudden I realize what you are doing. You are putting a collar on me. You move my hair to give you access to the buckle. You tighten it to where it is snug but not choking me. You attach a leash on my collar allowing it to dangle down my back. You straighten my hair back into place. I relax against your touch knowing that I belong to you. You tell me to stand. With your guidance I stand up with my hands still behind my back with my legs shoulder length apart. You place cuffs on my wrists. First my right and then my left. Instructing me to leave them behind my back testing my self control. Then I feel your hand glide down my back as you kneel down to put cuffs on my ankles and clip them together with a short chain. As you stand back up your hand slides up my inner thigh until you reach my pussy. You use your fingers to spread my lips apart and you hand is instantly soaked. Your hand slides to the front of my pussy and you feel how hard my clit is. As you touch my sensitive pearl, my breath catches. You slowly remove your fingers and I start breathing again. You walk around to where you are facing me and I feel you place your fingers against my lips and you tell me to lick them clean. I softly use my tongue to remove my juices off your fingers. I taste a little musky, but sweet. Once you are satisfied, you remove your fingers from my mouth and place your hands on both sides of my face. You lean down and give me a deep passionate kiss. You use your tongue to open mouth. You wanted to taste what I just licked off your fingers. I moan softly not realizing I made a sound until you pull away. You demand I drop down and get in all fours. You are going to punish me for disobeying your orders. I get down on all fours and present my ass to you. I hear you take something out of our toy bag and then feel it as you glide it across my back and ass. It's a black leather whip that you had used on me once before. I am shaking with anticipation of the first blow. I feel the first blow on my right cheek. You wait what seems like forever before you bring is down on my left cheek, followed by 10 quick, hard, alternating swings. I felt the sting from each blow. My ass marked with light red stripes and when you placed your hand on my butt you can feel the slight heat. You have determined that I had been properly punished. I hear you then walk away leaving the room for a bit, leaving me in this vulnerable position. My mind going crazy, ears straining trying to hear what you are doing. After a few minutes I hear you reenter the room. You stand right in front of my face and lift my chin up using your right hand. This bringing my face level with the dildo attached to the strap on you are wearing. With your left hand you grip the dildo and guide it to my mouth. I slowly start sucking your cock. I can smell your arousal as watching me giving you a blow job turns you on. Once the cock is well lubricated you release my mouth. As you walk around me you slide one hand down my head, my back and across my ass. Letting me know where you are. You grab the leash and grip my right hip with your right hand so that I can’t move away. You use your left hand to guide the dildo into my tight pussy. Once the dildo is secured into my pussy you grab my left hip with your left hand. Your stokes start slow and easy, teasing me and I involuntarily buck back against you trying to drive the dildo deeper and faster into my hole. You jerk on the leash and smack my ass reminding me of who is in control. You take back over control once I relaxed again. You start increasing your stokes get faster, deeper and harder. I feel your cock bottoming out against my cervix. You start calling my what I truly am, your bitch. I feel an organism building as you ask me to tell you what I am to you. I respond, “I am your Bitch.” As soon as those words come out of my mouth my orgasm hits it's peak and I scream put your name. I sag a little as I come down from my high. You stroke my back helping me calm down. Once my breathing has returned to normal you tell me to kneel down in my original position. I hear you walk over to the chair and remove the strap on. You return to stand in front of my face and softly guide my face to your soaking wet pussy. I use my tongue to spread your lips apart allowing me to taste your sweet nectar. Your hand presses my head tighter into your sex as I start circling your clit. Your breathing increases and I know you are close to cummimg. I feel you stiffen, scream and then cum all over my face. I lightly continue to lick your pussy relishing your taste and licking you clean. Once you have regained control, you straighten up, take the blindfold off and help me stand. Once my eyes have adjusted to the light I get to see you for the first time that night. You stand before me 5’10” tall with your long blond hair flowing down ending at the middle of your back. In your smoky eyes I see the love and passion you have for me. I look down and see your beautiful D cup breasts with ½” hard nipples. I take in the rest of your shapely body And between your long legs I see the shaved smooth pussy. I had just licked. As you guide me towards the bed you bend down and kiss me. You take my hand as you climb into bed pulling me towards you. You lay down on your back allowing me to rest my head on your chest. You pull the covers over us and then wrap your arms around me, holding me close making me feel safe. I fall asleep listening to your rhythmic breathing not waking until dawn. Hope.toi enjoyed the story. Sorry about any grammatical errors.
  9. Good luck on finding the right person to complete your triad. A triad is something my husband wants but I don't. The right one is put there. Just be patient.
  10. 2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for me. I don't know if it has been good or bad. Let me start at the beginning so that you have some background information. I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, very sheltered and naïve. I've never been allowed to be independent growing up and went from my parents house to living with my husband. The summer after I graduated I first heard the term lesbian. That was the summer that I really started questioning myself. I a crush or two with the counselors that I worked with but I didn't have a clue what those feelings really meant. At the end of that summer I met my future husband. We dated for 2 years and he knew that I was possibly bisexual before we got married in 2002. It wasn't until I found Shybi that I could understand and come to terms with my feelings. By this time I had been married for 6 years. My coming out process was difficult since there were only a few people that supported me. Most of my family to this day still consider it "MY PROBLEM." Ever since I came out I longed to be with a woman. I didn't want a one night stand. I wanted a woman whom I could connect with mentally, physically, and emotionally, It took me 8 years to find her, but it was well worth the wait. On our first meet I was only expecting to walk away as friends, someone who could relate to me. Instead I found someone whom I've really connected with. We are both married, but she has a son and I have no children of my own. I have been married for 15 years and she has been married for 7 years. This really has complicated our relationships with each other and our husbands. We have been dating each other since Jan and as of this month we have mutually decided to just be friends with benefits until we can work a few things out like our own personal struggles and our marriage. Ever since I met her I have really been questioning my orientation again. Am I bisexual or am I a lesbian that is married to a man? I know very contradicting. I am so confused. Looking back at my childhood I've had crushes on different women in my life from a teacher, to a few friends. I was never really boy crazy and can count the men that I have dated on one hand, including my husband. I was sexually abused by two different men in my family and my father who was rarely around was both mentally and emotionally abusive. The thought of a man touching me or me having to touch them has become a big turn off for me. I don't feel attracted to men anymore. I still get turned on most of the time with my husband. I don't know if it just because my body has been programmed over the years to respond to him since I am comfortable being around him. In order for me to get any relief I still think of my experiences with my friend even with him. The more I digest my experience and my attraction between both men and women. I am starting to believe that I am actually gay not bisexual.. If I am gay then what does that mean to my marriage. He is a wonderful guy who doesn't deserve to be treated badly. He has stuck with me through all the tough times, especially through my coming out process. I was so confused and angry during that time of my life. He is allowing me to spend time with my friend and giving me space to figure myself out. He even accepts that I am not straight and supports me through everything All I can think about is her. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with her if our paths would ever meet like that, but in order to do that we would both have to divorce our husbands. My fwb doesn't want me to leave my husband for her. I feel like I am drowning. I am confused with everything fighting my internal struggles with my orientation and me debating whether I should stay in my marriage.
  11. There is hope out there. I am 35 and came out about 8 years ago. I knew I didn't want my first time to be with just some one night stand. I wanted the emotional and physical connection. I can tell you the right girl is worth waiting for.
  12. I am in a similar situation. In my rural area there are no support groups. My husband is the only man that I have been intimate with and my gf the only girl I've been with. It feels so natural being intimate with my gf even from the start of our relationship. My gf and I have been together less than a year. With my husband it took me a while to be comfortable with him. Even after being with him 17 years I still feel uncomfortable sometimes being intimate with him. Ever since I've been with her I can barely get off without think about our time together. When he touched me sometimes I have to keep myself from cringing. Should I be that way?? Does it mean I'm gay?? Is it NRE?? I'm really struggling to understand all these feelings that is going through my head.
  13. Age to me is just a number. It shouldn't matter how old a person is as long as you love them. My husband is years older than me and I am 10 years older than my girlfriend. It all about the connection you have with your partner.
  14. Wow. It makes me long for my girlfriend. Miss her soft touch and loving kisses. I miss the passion we share in the bedroom. I can't wait until the day I can walk up beside her every day and fall asleep with her in my arms every night.
  15. Update: My Shy and I have been dating for 6 months now. Everyday my love for her continues to grow. With the LDR it has limited our chance to really date. We talk on the phone during the week day and chat when she is available on the weekends. We have been learning a lot about each other through those daily conversations. I go see her once an month and get a chance to spend Saturday with her. That day with her is amazing. I feel so free, so alive, I am allowed for that one day to let my self come out of my chains and really be my true self. She doesn't realize what an beautiful person she is inside and out. I am luck to be able to consider her my friend, partner and lover. I get to see her again on the 24th. I can't wait to see her beautiful face. She is my beautiful Angel.