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    Apparently I'm a tease, according to my Mrs.
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    Flirting with my love, the wonderful Froggy....

    I love meeting my freinds, for coffee, for a chat, for a glass of wine and dance. I love wandering around London late at night. Also books, music, art, theatre, dancing, touch, undressing, looking, kissing, sex and more all of the above and more of it again!!

    I love sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions with my freinds ... I'm even beginning to enjoy being honest about my emotions, being brave enough to act on that honesty and loving enough to tell my freinds old and new how I feel about them ...

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  1. This is where our stories continue .... feel free to re-state your story if you wish to review it here in this thread 2 .... and of course this thread is for all women to share their stories .... what happened ..... this thread is a place to share and place to recognise how many of us have been hurt and raped and survived .... I was raped, my story is on thread 1 .... I hope if this has happened to you, you'll be able to share and gain some relief from doing so .... (here's the link to the stories in Thread 1) ...