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  1. Hello Gypsy..nice to see you are still here. Not sure you would remember me..I was here years ago..forgot my password and had to create a new account, my old username was DolphinLover. 

  2. Wow I remember this girl 

    what happened to her /you ? 

    Take card hope your so very happy 


    1. Lilminxme2017


      That's care by the way .. not card lol

  3. thank u for ur msg, hope u r doing well..stay happy alwayz :)

  4. Sending you well wishes and hoping you're having a fab week GB!

  5. Hey GB, thanks for friending me :)

  6. Gyspsy. Im so happy to see your still on the site and posting. I haven't logged on much but Im back now for a bit. I hope things are well for you and your one of my favorite posters.... and you already know!

  7. Thank you for your message and safe and wonderful journeys into the future. Thanks always for your care, empathy and imagination

  8. Mmmmm Kat Dennings. Funny and Hot! But I've been on a Scarlett Johanson kick for awhile now

  9. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Hope you have a good day. The sun is shining here so it promises to be a nice one. :-)

  10. Love is a meeting of two souls. Fully accepting the dark & the light within each other. Bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss.

    1. Hygieia


      This resonates so beautifully in truth

    2. kairi


      love is a mirror when the same souls or energies meet :)but to fully accept the dark and the light you must be selfless and feel this love without your ego involved.

  11. This is the theme to one of my favorite films (of the same name). Starring Richard Dreyfuss & Marsha Mason. The lyrics express how I feel. All your life you've waited For love to come and stay And now that I have found you You must not slip away I know it's hard believing The words you've heard before But darlin', you must trust them Just once more 'Cause, baby, goodbye doesn't mean forever Let me tell you, goodbye doesn't mean We'll never be together again If you wake up and I'm not there I won't be long away 'Cause the things you do my goodbye girl Will bring me back to you I know that you've been taken Afraid to hurt again You fight the love you feel for me Instead of givin' in But I can wait forever For helpin' you to see That I was meant for you And you for me So remember, goodbye doesn't mean forever Let me tell you, goodbye doesn't mean We'll never be together again Though we may be so far apart You still will have my heart So forget your past my goodbye girl 'Cause now you're home at last
  12. Thanks for the add! Happy Sunday!

  13. thank you for the add! :)

  14. Hey hun, thanks for friending me :) xx