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  1. miamia

    Perth Ladies?

    I would love to catch up and meet new friends too!
  2. I’m so glad you liked it @Femme Lusting I think I should get some sort of commission from lelo the amount I have recommended this to other girls!! The intensity does does change after the first few uses (which is probably a good thing) but the sensations it gives me are consistently amazing!
  3. So there have been a couple of developments over the last week or so. Both involving alcohol. The first was a drunken day/night leading to some flirtation and skinny dipping and the second ended in a faiiirly explicit video (of mine) being sent...there was a lot more inbetween, but I don’t want to bore you guys with the details...I am starting to think that I’m not dreaming this up?
  4. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!
  5. I don’t totally understand the science, but there’s a cup/hole that you place on or around your clit and when you turn on the machine it begins to pulsate, due to the design I think it hits more of the nerve endings in that area. There are some really great reviews of it online and all of the reviewers say a similar thing (although much more articulately!)
  6. You can use it repeatedly, I’m fairly sensitive, so I move it around a bit. There isn’t any suction, it’s a pulsation and there are different pulsing settings, like you would find on a vibrator - but the experience is entirely different to what I have ever experienced with a vibrator. im not usually a huge user of vibrators but this is really a different experience! Beware though, this toy does induce all sorts of noises from its users!
  7. Hey girls, it is unreal. I actually can not do it justice with my words! I got my friend to buy one this week too and she is also in love with it!
  8. Has anyone else had the joy of experiencing this toy?!
  9. Hey guys Thanks for your replies! I have done a lot of (over) thinking! And I think my friendship with her is far too precious to loose. If down the track something happens organically then I’ll worry about that then, but I think the best thing to do is to let things continue as normal
  10. miamia

    Lovers or Friends

    I hope you write the next instalment soon
  11. I have two degrees. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do when I left school! Not so fussed to go back for a little while!
  12. I just wanted to say Kieko that I have really loved reading this post. It sounds like a very real adventure you have all been on, I hope it continues
  13. I think I’m pretty femme. I wear dresses most days. Never make up to work but always when I’m going out. I have long hair and have been told I play with it a lot! No one ever thinks I’m Bi either. It used to be something I was glad about, now I wish I that wasn’t the case!
  14. Spoke about being bi for the first time. Went on my first date with a girl. Started online dating as a bisexual.
  15. Hey girls, I was hoping some of you might be able to give me a little bit of advice! Over the last year I have come so far on my bi-journey! I have come out to a few friends, spoken openly about (some of!) my desires and have begun searching/liking/matching with both males and females, I have even been on a date with a woman! (This is a huge step, previously I’ve always kept this a secret). I have always had a firm no friends rule, so although I have a few out bi and lesbian friends I would always avoid going there. I have a meet lined up with a woman (who is married to a very aware husband) this weekend which is very exciting! However, over the last few weeks (more like months) I’ve suspected I have a bit of a crush/sexual attraction or tension with my best friend. I don’t really like breaking my rules so it is freaking me out a little bit! We are very close, we make jokes about getting married, share everything and hang out a lot together. Initially this used to freak me out a little but now I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. She is also bi and we talk about the girls she has had sex with (we talk about the boys too and sex in general) and initially I made a big deal that I’d be the only friend she hasn’t screwed. I don’t even know if she’s into me (I have no awareness of that stuff, when it’s directed at me) however I kind of regret taking such a strong stance on it now and I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas about how I could find out if she would be into it/me without having to tell her straight up? thanks!