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  1. I recently rescued an old granny dog. She's between 9 and 12 years old, vet can't be specific. She is deaf and partially blind. She's a hound mix, weighing in at 80 lbs. She's perfect. We named her Betty Bad.
  2. I am incredibly horny during the start of my period. Unfortunately for me there has only been one partner in my lifetime that didnt mind sex while I was menstruating. Oh. how I miss his carelessness somedays.
  3. I had a crush for awhile but that didn't go very far. You can't win a race if the other person isn't even on the track. Lol. So no. I have no Shys crushes at the moment.
  4. Ummm. 20 min ago. Lol
  5. I'm thinkiing that's a pretty dirty way to treat me after all these years. We were best friends incase you forgot.
  6. Lying to myself is perhaps my greatest sin I laid there in the rubble when the walls came crashing in I barely moved my fingers and you saw I still had breath So you gave me mouth to mouth until you had nothing left. Next word: granted
  7. Hope you're doing well. I miss you. :)

    1. cre8yourf8


      Miss Hungry, my favorite sassy mouthed Shy. :air_kiss: I miss you too, dear!  Hope YOU are doing okay!

    2. Hungry


      I'm doing pretty good. I really hope things are bright in your world. I'm pretty quiet and well behaved these days.. but I'm glad you've got better/worse opinions of me :P Don't be a stranger forever, I'm always glad of an update from you.

    3. cre8yourf8


      My opinions of you never change, for the worse or the better. So suck on that for awhile. Lol *kisses your forehead* I've gotta scoot to bed. Old people like me can't do 11 p.m. anymore. I will peek in at you outside of here this weekend if we both get a chance to catch up.

      And don't be quiet. Well behaved women seldom make history, right? :) Gnight.

  8. I'm peeking in to say hey! I hadn't signed in for a couple months.. had 11 notifications and 8 of them were from you. Haha. Makes me glad to find a kindred spirit or my next girlfriend. Kidding of course. Hope you're well and welcome to Shy's! 

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    2. ChemFem


      I don't know if I should be offended or just confused. If I wanted someone bat shit crazy I'd just go for Ozzy...

    3. cre8yourf8


      Just saying maybe you should reconsider. Is she out of your league or is she bat shit crazy and you are out of hers? And Ozzy is out of everyone's league, even his own. He doesn't even know where his league is. He's just circling. Lol

    4. ChemFem


      Maybe league is the wrong term - we're just all on different planes of existence.

  9. Peeking in. Leaving a huge hug along with a cup of coffee. Hope you are doing ok sweetie xxx

    1. cre8yourf8


      Hi lovely :) Thank you for the coffee and hug. I could use some caffiene for sure, lol. School has started back here and my days are getting longer. Hope you and your family are wonderful! I wonder about you from time and time and always hope you're having a nice day. Xoxoxo

    2. cre8yourf8


      Caffeine** eek

    3. leigh11


      We are doing ok here. School starts on 5th so a little while left to go. Sending over an IV drip to keep you going ;) xxxxx

  10. Back to an hour every morning! Except Saturdays. I refuse to exercise on Saturdays lol
  11. In high school, I loved English and drama. I went to a terribly small school in the middle of nowhere. Teachers were dull and I passed over half my classes simply for having breasts. I didn't enjoy science, history or math because my teachers were terrible at their jobs. Nonetheless, I took school very seriously and pushed through. As an adult, I prefer history. Psychology and Law own my heart.