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  2. Please don't perch outside my window. Little bluebird, just fly free. There's nothing I am doing That you should hope to see. I've tried to close the curtains. I've not whistled back your way. I don't offer any contact. There's no reason you should stay. You do this every season. But your song's the same old tune. Your feathers don't appease me; I don't care for shades of blue. I won't ever fill your feeder. And I know you're hungry today But I've got nothing for you. Go away. Next word: redundant
  3. Eat my kids' socks and puke them up beside me as I'm having breakfast -.-
  4. I kinda got this thing for Maia Mitchell. It freaks me out because she's only 24.
  5. This sounds like a terrible situation to be in. Time is really the only thing that can heal this. I think its up to you to decide if that time should be spent with him or without him. Either way, you will heal. But I dont know that you will ever trust him, or your friends, again. I have this horrible way of handling things. I stay too long, I love regardless and it always ends up hurting me. I try to remember that its hurting them, too. But sometimes the level of being angry and feeling sad is too much to see where someone else is coming from, and thats when you need to take time to figure it out. Its okay to say you need some space to think. Take all the time you need. Its your life.
  6. Tired. Spent my holiday in the hospital with my mother. She suffered a stroke. Finally home with my kids and ready to sleep the rest of the week away but have school projects and gymnastics tonight!
  7. I had a crush for awhile but that didn't go very far. You can't win a race if the other person isn't even on the track. Lol. So no. I have no Shys crushes at the moment.