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  3. Please don't perch outside my window. Little bluebird, just fly free. There's nothing I am doing That you should hope to see. I've tried to close the curtains. I've not whistled back your way. I don't offer any contact. There's no reason you should stay. You do this every season. But your song's the same old tune. Your feathers don't appease me; I don't care for shades of blue. I won't ever fill your feeder. And I know you're hungry today But I've got nothing for you. Go away. Next word: redundant
  4. Eat my kids' socks and puke them up beside me as I'm having breakfast -.-
  5. I kinda got this thing for Maia Mitchell. It freaks me out because she's only 24.
  6. Tired. Spent my holiday in the hospital with my mother. She suffered a stroke. Finally home with my kids and ready to sleep the rest of the week away but have school projects and gymnastics tonight!
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  8. I had a crush for awhile but that didn't go very far. You can't win a race if the other person isn't even on the track. Lol. So no. I have no Shys crushes at the moment.
  9. Ummm. 20 min ago. Lol
  10. I'm thinkiing that's a pretty dirty way to treat me after all these years. We were best friends incase you forgot.