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  1. Alas, I was only thinking about this this morning. For me personally I feel as though a man turns me on by his desire for me... I'm turned on because he's turned on. I have to know him quite well. It's never about looks. It's about closeness and connection. And if it's someone who has always been just a friend, and there's been sexual tension, a bit of does he / doesn't he, then... that's what I like. Whereas, with a girl,all girls are so beautiful that I could have an amazing time with any of them, hehe. I met a girl in a nightclub and knew very little about her but we had a good ol' horny time. And, in fact, all of the caring love making that I did with my girlfriend whom I loved I was also able to do with the girl in the night club, as she did with me. With a girl the experience is magical from start to finish, and even kissing is making love. With a bloke, if the connection is there then it's amazing but I've had more disappointing experiences with men then amazing ones, whereas every experience with a girl has been beautiful.
  2. Unfortunately, she's not flirting, but when my work crush touches my arm <sigh>. That is so dreamy. She's touchy feely with everyone, but she and I are really close, emotionally, and are so caring and complimentary towards each other. We're each other's biggest cheerleaders in work. She's so gorgeous and so cute. She knows that I'm bi- and is such a supportive ally. She would always ask about my (now ex-) girlfriend.
  3. Good post! It wasn't today, but last night I was at my close male friend's house. We were watching a film alone together and he was being very complimentary and then he took to massaging my feet. I kept looking at him in the dark and I was getting crazy turned on. Then when I left he kissed me on the cheek and when we hugged we pressed our cheeks tightly together. A lot of ideas were running through my mind, but another friend was in the house, in bed, so I let on nothing to my close male friend about how insanely turned on I felt.
  4. My lesbian girlfriend is an excellent partner in terms of me knowing where I stand. I'm bi. She's my first serious and long term (one-year) girlfriend. I know that when I was online dating with women it was really difficult knowing what was going on - was there attraction or not. I feel so comfortable with her. I have told her that ours is the best pairing I've had, but, yes, I do wonder whether I should be with her as I'm 33 and want children. But, our story is complicated. So, it's not a M/F issue, it's that she has anxieties that she hasn't addressed with a medical professional, and she's home sick to boot.
  5. Wow, blueberry! Well done for collaring her, as you say, to prevent future emotional damage. I am very impressed, and I should totally have done the same when I was put in your situation. Unfortunately, I did fall for the woman, with reservations, and for a year she was the centre of my world. "Then, I asked myself, "if a person genuinely likes somebody, does she/he usually flirt HARD? No. Because she or he’ll be too nervous and too self-conscious to do so. This is all about HER. She’s a big flirt.". I agree with you in this case of me and my colleague. She was exerting her sexual power, because it made her feel good. The fact that she did it to a friend and colleague... I don't think she realised what harm she was causing.
  6. TyphoonFighter, I know... there was a dedicated section for meet ups but I feel as though that may have been removed from the site. Softfruit, I have a question about physical LGBT meets, such as 'bi-phoria'... I think I already know the answer, but is it accepted to go to said meets if you are in a relationship? Like, it's not the case that people assume that you would only join such a group if you were single? Just checking Tellok, I'm from near Blackpool but now live in Preston. I luuuuurve going out in Blackpool to the gay bars. I find that folk are much more open to enjoying craic with strangers than they are down Canal Street (my personal opinion only). Moving from Surrey is a big move - go you Personally, when I was at a loose end when living near Blackpool I joined a mountain biking group based in Lancaster. Besides that I'd just recommend checking out 'meetup' to see what's going on, Message me if you think I can help further re: getting settled into the new area PS, lots of Wirral and Liverpool folk on here
  7. exhibitionism I've been with my gf for a year and only this wknd just gone did she fully derobe for the first time. However, I was not allowed to look at her. The bed covers had to stay up to her neck. I miss being with someone who can be naked and free, like I am.
  8. What a good idea! Although, my girlfriend is Australian and we are currently experiencing freezing temperatures here in the UK, so I might wait until the spring, at least
  9. Yes. I met a lovely girl on here, but I wasn't ready for commitment with anyone, and we parted ways. Aww, I'd love to meet her again. She is, thankfully, very happy and with a long-term partner now.
  10. See, I think I'm homoromantic because I love cuddles and kisses and closeness with a female, but I'm not too bothered about sex with either, but at the moment I think I'm more interested in hetero sex. I've had two or three threesomes but they've just been for fun. I honestly think that my preference is to have all of the foreplay with a woman but then have sex with a man. Hmmm However, my gf is very self-conscious of her body and hides it away, so maybe that's what leads me to think I'm not interested in homo sex, because we don't get to do it like I'd like to.
  11. I totes fancy the older (than me) lady. In work I fancy a 49 yo and a 54 yo. I also fancy my best mate's landlady, who is 40. I'm 33 and my gf is 27.
  12. I'm about 9 months in to my first proper relationship with a girl. We met online, and live 50 mins' drive / 25 mins' train ride apart. She is so committed, loving, caring, accepting and encouraging. My heart is with her, as I tell her often. However, my head questions how long we can stay together and how sensible our pairing is. See, she suffers with anxiety and I have had limited experience of this in a relationship context. Two of my best mates suffer from it, but that's a whole different kettle of fish to your significant other suffering from it. She never takes it out on me, but life is always difficult for her. It's always a struggle, and she always *needs* me. She is the icing on my cake, but I am her sponge, cream and icing, and that's a tall order to fulfil. I'm not actually looking for advice, here. I'm just reflecting that my time with her is really sweet: lovely kisses, and I love waking up next to her, but I have fallen into a role of mothering her. In part, that does suit me, because with boyfriends I've always resisted them mothering me as I'm quite independent. But, on the other hand, I have already been held back by her, while that has never happened with a boyfriend. I was considering spending a year in another city, for university, and she couldn't handle it. I watched a clip on Oprah about a woman who had a gf aged 19 but it didn't work out because the gf relied on her for her mental stability, and so the lady swore off same sex relationships until she realised that she didn't have the requisite feelings for her husband and father of her children, so she is now with a new lady who does make her happy. She has a tough time at work but she struggles to take any positive action e.g. look for another job / call a meeting with her manager about her concerns. She also has phobias about health professionals, which lands her in tricky situations when she doesn't get minor ailments seen to. The bottom line, I think, is that I'm concerned about how my life might be negatively impacted through remaining with her, I need someone strong and supportive to bring children up with. I need someone who can look after themselves. She has been without a lightbulb in her bedroom for as long as I can remember. I don't mean to sound mean. She is the most genuine and loving person I know. But my mum suffers from anxiety and my poor dad has a lot to deal with as a result. I'm also scared that I might become anxious myself, over time. I went on holiday with my BFF recently and I started saying "I'm scared" about going to speak to people to ask for help / directions etc. That is very worrying, as I'm relatively self-sufficient, and am much more gutsy than many females I know. I went backpacking on my own when I was 18, and I've been on two snowboarding holidays with people I'd never before met. So, in conclusion, I love her dearly and would love to remain in her life, but I have to look at the affect / impact she is having on me. The feelings are there, but we are quite like chalk and cheese: I'm very active and she literally doesn't know how to jump. Like, jump on the spot. And she walks very very slowly. I always compare it to a boy who has his first gf. He looks past all of the glaringly obvious mismatches in personality because he just really wants a gf and he's been missing out for all of his life. I have to say, this experience has taught me that my absolute ideal is to have a boyfriend / husband + a really lovely close female friend whom I can kiss and cuddle but who has their own boyfriend / husband. Thanks for reading! PS, She's just this minute texted to say that she's anxious about tomorrow (back to work tomorrow). I told her not to worry her life away. PPS. I also feel as though I could have fallen into the trap of being ruled by anxiety before now, but that I do lots every day to ensure that I avoid it, e.g. positive thinking, lots of exercise, lots of social interactions, and I feel as though I am vulnerable to suffering from anxiety myself, as I have done in the past. And, I'll be no good to her if I start feeling the same way. Nope, you need to put yourself first in life, because if you won't then who will. And I need (and want) someone who finds fun and daftness in life, not worry and panic. My mum has anxiety and depression, and growing up this unsettled me. I was so protective over my mum. Things are currently OK with my gf but I can see her becoming more dependent, and me becoming more like I used to be, feeling worried for my mum. Thanks, y'all! I know what I need to be happy, now
  13. cre8yourf8, kewl!! Is a review a strip show?
  14. Just returning the peek. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog too : )