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  1. Hi peeps, I'm in New Zealand!! What a beautiful country. I'm from the UK but have gone backpacking and am three days in and loving it. Prior to this I was in Australia, having not been back since I first visited in 2003. My heart is in Australia, and this time when I visited I noticed I was suddenly attracted to my female friend who is 16 years my senior. Not to worry, I told myself, she's straight, so you can forget about it. Until I told my Ozzie friend that my last partner was a girl, and then she changed her manner towards me such that I was able to allow my mind to wander into all sorts of scenarios. It was on my very last night that she revealed that she had once scoured the internet for a date with a lady, to no avail. And when we parted she said the most beautiful things to me. We had two wonderful lingering hugs and I swear she looked at me like she wanted more (our friend was waiting for me in the car, so it was tres awks). Or did I just imagine it? I messaged her that night and said how glad I was to have spent time with her, and she said what a lovely young woman I'd grown into, how we would definitely see each other again, and "lots of love always". The next day, she said that the weather had gone overcast because it was sad that I'd left. Just like my previous flirtation, this one is also a very self-involved and unreliable person. Was there something between us? Is there something between us? I'd want nothing more, but after lots of messaging after I left for New Zealand I now haven't had a response from the message that she received over 24 hours ago. When I described the situation to friends in the UK they said it sounded like it was a case of intrigue. Like, she was quite excited about the thought of some girly fun but probably she doesn't have the depth of feelings that I do. I don't know... I just know that my heart is in her country and the hugs were so unreal. Some context: she's single and has been for four years. She said she's not interested in having a partner and she's always maintained that she doesn't enjoy sex but just sees it as a necessity for the company that a man can offer. Notably, Stephen Fry said that this was true of most women. More context: She's quite a solo person and everyone finds her hard to keep in touch with. When I was first in Oz I was 18 years old and lived with her and her auntie. This time, she had moved out and I was living with her auntie and her mum. I feel as though we should be really special friends because she was my number one pal when I travelled around Oz and SE Asia aged 18. But I'm not sure whether she saw it the same way, as she has been over England way in the years since but never visited me :( PS, did anyone recognise the title of this post as being a direct quote from Love Actually? A lovely Christmas movie, IMO. Edit: like a love-lorn obsessive I have gone back to earlier messages, and in 2009 she called me "my pretty girl xxx" Is this woman a charmer with no substance behind the chat, or is there something there??? Edit: She replied to my message. I'd asked her to send me some photos she took on my last night, which she has duly done. She said she couldn't get them to send first time around. I replied with a thank you and a "kiss" emoji. Nothing like a kiss emoji for sending ambiguous signals, hehe
  2. Me too, and I get so easily irritated with boyfriends. Poor fellas x
  3. Yes, I laughed the first time I came through oral, and the first time that my ex-girlfriend made me cum. The release was so powerful and I was so overwhelmed that laughing was an involuntary reaction.
  4. Wow, that sounds fun! Bi- stories by moonlight, you couldn't do that in the UK, hehe (too cold). It sounds like you'll have a hoot
  5. I downloaded the series on All4 and was hooked. I found it a bit ridiculous, the amount of sex she was getting, and the poor Irish girl who was her friend and who she slept with then dumped... but on the whole I thought it was a gripping watch.
  6. Fabulous! I did see that you'd been to the UK, yes. That's some trip I visited Sydney when I was last in Oz, 15 years ago. I bet a lot has changed, since. Everywhere will no doubt be a lot busier. From where in India does your family originate?
  7. Ah, thanks Rani I'm only going to Perth, en route to New Zealand. My nephews are half Indian but, no, I'm British. It must be baking hot over in NSW at the mo?
  8. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi Maggie, Are you out in your running circles? I'm sure there'll be some ladies who aren't straight, there. Or in a Ramblers club. A fellow outdoorsy lass will be out there
  10. I want a permanent relationship with someone who has a positive outlook on life and wants children. It would be fantastic if I could find what I want in a man but I have to face facts and accept that I can only hold down a relationship with a woman. I've hurt too many boyfriends by being cold towards them. Being with my ex-girlfriend felt so right. I enjoyed cuddles and kisses, and that's how it should be.
  11. Definitely come out, yes, to make it easier. Everyone knows someone who is gay, and hence you can be introduced to friends of friends. I met my first serious girlfriend on an online app. There were loads of people online.
  12. Hi, is this still the case? I used to have access but forgot the password and wasn't given it again.
  13. Hello, My profile has always displayed the flag for India. Is there a way of changing it to the union jack, please, as I am a UK citizen.
  14. According to your profile you live in a beautiful part of the world! My family is from N Wales. That is all