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  1. moonbynight

    Alternative Chat

    Looking at recent posts and what people seem to be wanting, we've decided to make the server more welcoming to those who are looking primarily for sexy chat. Most of us there now are the type who want a connection first, but if sexy chatting is your thing, please feel free to join and use it that way. The more the merrier!
  2. They have a chatroom on here once you reach 20 posts. It's just poorly designed and no one uses it much. Some of us here have an unofficial Discord that people are welcome to come use for some sexy chat. Most of the current users are the sort who prefer a connection first, but if people are looking for space for (relatively, it's still the internet) safe sexy chat, we've got it. See the thread below for more info.
  3. You all can fish around up there yourself and get stuff out. Doesn't really take a medical professional for that.
  4. Did she actually say something about making her gag? Because that's not how I read this at all. It sounds more like maybe she's been approached one too many times by people looking for threesomes and it's a sore issue for her, or something like that. If she did say anything about making her gag, then that's totally rude. I think the thing about rejection is you just have to try to take a detached view of it. Whether or not a given individual is attracted to you doesn't say anything about your worth as a human being. Attraction is totally subjective. No one is everyone's type - the hottest person in the world is going to have people who don't find them attractive. And most people are truly attracted to relatively few other people. Eventually you'll come across someone who is compatible, where there is true mutual attraction. Rejection is just freeing you up to be available when that person comes along.
  5. moonbynight

    Name something else WTF could stand for?

    There was a martial arts studio where I used to live called WTF Taekwondo - WTF is World Taekwondo Federation. But it always made me laugh.
  6. moonbynight


    A lot of cities have community choral groups of some sort. Community colleges are another good place to look (I promise it won't be all 20 year olds!). As far as churches go, Unitarian Universalist churches are one you might want to look at - they don't promote any specific religious views.
  7. I'm 40, and consistently attracted to women approximately 18 years older than me.
  8. In my personal opinion, if you're comfortable with being identified as gay/bi/whatever the colors you're wearing represent, and you're not trying to intentionally mislead people (like, wearing it with the goal of picking up a woman for the sole purpose of experimenting), then go for it. But it's also ok to identify as bisexual without having experience. Heterosexual virgins aren't considered heterocurious.
  9. moonbynight

    Anyone Brave Enough?!

    I'm 5'11", probably somewhere between 160 and 170lbs - haven't weighed myself in a while, but I haven't changed clothing sizes so I doubt it's fluctuated too much. Size 10 to 12 US sizes, or medium - must have tall for pants, and I do better with men's shirts for long sleeve because most women's sleeves are too short. I suspect 34DD is my true bra size, but 34D/36C is passable. Actually, I think what I truly need are Frankenbras with one side D and the other DD.
  10. I also want to say that if the person is right, the size of the boobs is an utter non-issue.
  11. moonbynight

    Movie Night!

    I took out specific times from the original post. People who are interested, let me know what times you have available between the 30th and the 1st (along with your timezone)! Morning my time (Pacific time) would be evening England time, so potentially good for most people, but I'm worried about people in the US having plans during the day, especially since it's a holiday weekend. We can also potentially do two "viewings" if there is enough interest. I am on-call for work that weekend, so there's a slight chance I'll either have to reschedule or have someone else in charge, but next weekend doesn't work for me and I'd like to try this, so I'll take the chance.
  12. Don't worry, plenty of people are into smaller! B or C is my sweet spot.
  13. moonbynight

    Movie Night!

    Would anyone be interested in a movie night? There are websites and apps that let you do a group watch of a movie, chat about it, etc. We'd use one that at least has a web-based option for people who don't want to download something. First movie would be the Broadway version of the musical RENT. (We can even potentially do a sing-along option if anyone is brave enough!) We're thinking sometime between evening Friday, August 30th and Sunday, September 1st. Anyone interested? Let me know when you're available and what time zone you are, and we'll work something out.
  14. moonbynight

    Thoughts that run through my head...

    I have absolutely no desire to live my life as a man, but if I could do a temporary body switch and find out what sex feels like for a man, I totally would.
  15. moonbynight

    Make Up Or No Make Up

    Interviews are really the one situation where I'll make the slightest effort of wearing makeup, and even then it kind of depends on my mood that day. I'll do it to show I'm willing to jump through the expected hoops. But on the other hand, it's kind of a reverse screening on my part to go without makeup. I don't want to work somewhere where I'm being hired for my appearance or expected to wear makeup routinely. And actually, every job I've ever gotten has been a no-makeup interview.