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  1. I wouldn't say we really have a "type". We are both free to see other people of either gender (in practice, I don't think either of us is likely to get involved with a male). Sometimes casually, sometimes more seriously. We have veto power if someone seems truly problematic. A three-way relationship is, in theory, a possibility, but not something I think is likely to ever actually happen, as it isn't a great desire of mine and we tend towards different taste in women.
  2. Yes, those people certainly exist. I'm debating whether I'm one of them. But to reduce it to "can't face it" or "pretending to be straight" is a rather condescending way to put it, nor does it fit well with my personal experience. The sexual fluidity model fits better - I don't think my past attractions to males were "fake", but they don't reflect my current reality, and haven't for a long time.
  3. Whichever one had a good teacher. I've liked and disliked pretty much every subject depending on how good or bad the teacher of the moment was.
  4. I haven't specifically discussed the site with my husband (nor do I know the details of all his internet activity), but he is supportive of me being bi, I'm not outside the bounds of our relationship in participating, and I'd imagine he's seen it up on my screen sometime in the years I've been on here since I don't really hide it. @elliej This rings major alarm bells for me. He may be using a keystroke logger or something to monitor your activity. The internet is a big place. Finding you everywhere you go without somehow tracking what you're doing isn't realistic, especially if he doesn't have physical access to your devices anymore. If this sounds like it could be the case, I would suggest immediately shutting down all your devices (computer, cell phone, anything you use to access the internet), going somewhere else (for example, a library, or the house of a friend or relative he wouldn't have had access to) and changing all your important passwords, and not using these devices again until you've had them checked out by an expert, or at least reinstalled/restored to factory default. If you have a wireless router or anything like that, get that checked too. Getting checked by an expert rather than just reinstalling gives you proof if you wanted to file a police report, which could be a good idea from a stalking/identity theft perspective. I hope I'm being alarmist, but people do stuff like that.
  5. Or poly-erasure, if she's thinking that bisexuality means that a bisexual person should be totally satisfied in a monogamous relationship with either a male or female, and that desiring anything outside of that means the person is not actually attracted to the person they are with.
  6. It would be more properly stated as a risk factor rather than a causative factor. Obviously, the organism in question is the actual causative factor, and you're right - if you don't have contact with the causative organism, you're not going to catch it. But you can't say that the difference is *just* lifestyle if the person who removes hair has a higher risk of contracting an STD over someone with similar sexual habits other than hair removal.
  7. No. Skin is a barrier to infection. As the article states, hair removal methods tend to cause breaks in this barrier, which can increase the risk of infection, sexually transmitted or otherwise. They aren't clear how much of the effect is correlation vs. causation, but causation is definitely plausible. That said, "Stop it. Just stop it right now." is a very journalistic, extreme reaction to the study. The recommendation to wait a little for any injury to heal instead of having sex immediately after hair removal makes more sense.
  8. This is my problem as well. I can find tall pants, but sleeves that are long enough on women's shirts are rare. Often the waist isn't long enough, either.
  9. She read my mind.
  10. Actually, mine was a really good experience. Just not in a sexy way
  11. I could come up with some theoretical preferences, but in reality I don't really seem to have a preference. I've been interested in people from thin to significantly overweight, short to tall.
  12. It is definitely not quite that simple where I work.
  13. I haven't gone to a naked beach, but I did go to a naked spa once, and this was pretty much how it was. Not traumatizing or anything. Just nakedness kinda loses its impact when everyone is doing it.
  14. That's confidential information But nowhere near the deep south. (I don't particularly care if anyone identifies me, but if they recognized me, they'd easily be able to identify other people I talk about sometimes, and I don't want that.)
  15. How can you be too old for something that no one is going to see unless you're letting them see you undressed? And if they want to see you undressed, presumably they find you sexy, your age isn't an issue to them, and therefore sexy underwear is totally appropriate to the situation. Wear what makes you happy