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  1. If I had any hope that they actually know where the story is going, I might feel like watching. But I'm not getting the impression they have any more of a clue of that than they ever did.
  2. I watched 10, and had mixed feelings about it. In some ways, it felt like coming home. In others, I agree with you - it felt like a satire of itself. Haven't watched any of Season 11. The first several episodes aren't available on unless you're a subscriber, which I'm not. Except I just went there and it's telling me to enjoy my Preview Pass for the next 56:58 minutes... so I guess I'm watching it right now? Didn't really intend to do that, but ok. I used to be part of an X-Files fan group. I heard comments on the first episode of this season, but not the rest, which makes me think people gave up on it.
  3. My parents separated literally the day after my younger brother graduated from high school. There were reasons for this beyond just "staying together for the kids", but the timing was still odd that way. The thing about my parents is that I NEVER saw them fight, or even disagree in front of us. They portrayed a very strong relationship. Yet the tension was there, and that led to a lot of cognitive dissonance for me. I knew something was wrong, but had no way to express it. I really don't think I benefited from them staying together. The initial divorce was a huge shock, but it didn't take long for me to realize that they were really better off apart. That said... as someone with kids now, I've realized that "staying together for the kids" is far far more than just staying together to provide a hypothetical ideal two-parent family. It's a financial decision - maintaining two separate households is expensive. It's not wanting to be routinely apart from your kids but not having the realistic ability to have sole custody (or desire to deprive your partner of custody). It's not trusting your partner enough for split custody (this isn't the case for me, but I've seen it), or fearing your partner will go for sole custody. I'm not trying to say it's right to stay together, just that I know it isn't as simple as "just leave".
  4. I regret dating my first boyfriend. I wasn't actually into him at all, just desperate for attention, and he left me with some major trust issues. I regret reacting poorly when my college roommate came out to me. I then felt obligated to be closeted for the rest of the year. I can see things having gone very differently if I'd come out to her, too. Not between us, because I wasn't attracted to her at all. Just in general. I very much regret being too shy with a friend who made it pretty clear that she was up for more.
  5. When she came in the office, her smile to me seemed a reflection of my own feelings. I have a hard time believing it, that I'm not just delusional.

    1. blueberry


      Ahh the smile.

      Sometimes, that's all it takes. 

  6. Moving to this state. Yes, that's a sexual regret in multiple ways.
  7. I first heard omnisexual in the context of Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who/Torchwood, and that seemed more "attracted to everyone" rather than "attracted to all genders". Or maybe it was all genders (including the alien sort) rather than literally everyone in existence.
  8. We don't call straight virgins heterocurious or say that they don't *really* know they're straight. So why would we call bi virgins bicurious? It's invalidating of bisexuality to say that someone can't know their own feelings without having experience.
  9. I saw it. I have a hard time with graphic violence in movies (which is a bit odd, because I've worked in an ER and can handle actual injuries well enough), so it wasn't really my thing, but I did appreciate the overall story and how well she controlled the situation.
  10. I have not acted on it. However, I understand what female/female sex involves. I've seen many naked females, and female genitalia up close, so I know that it isn't a turn-off. I've fantasized about it in detail. I have physiological arousal reactions when I'm around women I find attractive. This has been consistent for more than 25 years. Maybe I'll eventually act on it and discover that I've been deluding myself all this time, but it seems rather unlikely. At some point you've just gotta trust yourself. When I was younger, not really comfortable with the idea of being bi, and not at all sure if I actually would like sex with a female, I probably would have identified as bicurious if I'd known the concept existed.
  11. Causing a car accident where someone else is hurt or killed, making a mistake at work that hurts or kills someone (I'm a nurse - this is very plausible), that sort of thing.
  12. Harming other people.
  13. Having a medical problem does not relieve someone of responsibility for their behavior. It's one thing if you don't know about the problem yet - like someone having their first psychotic break or manic episode. It's another if they know this is a problem, but choose not to address it appropriately, especially if they know it affects other people. If he has a known allergy/intolerance to nightshades that causes anger management problems, then he needs to strictly avoid eating nightshades. Taking something to reduce the reaction is good for accidental exposure, but if he's having serious mental issues, he needs to actively try to avoid it. This is both for the sake of others, and for his own health, as mood swings are unlikely to be the only negative effect. I say this as someone who avoids certain classes of food myself - it isn't easy, it takes learning and effort, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The fact that he doesn't act this way towards you also implies that he does have a level of control over his anger which he is choosing not to exercise.
  14. I'm honestly more of a sceptic by nature, but have had enough experiences that really cannot be explained by science (other than the possibility of pure coincidence) that I'm inclined to believe that there is a spiritual dimension of some sort.
  15. I'm tall (5'11"). I seem to most often fall for people in the 5'6"ish range - people who tend to think of themselves as short, but not short enough that they really register as short to me. I used to feel pretty insecure with the idea of dating someone actually short because of the conspicuous height difference. Then I developed a huge crush on someone short and decided it really didn't matter. It's the person that's important, not the height.