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  1. Getting this horrible torture device cast off.
  2. She leaned her boobs on my arm. I think I will die now.

  3. Thing is, it's something that comes up regularly, not one particular person, so it was more of just a general curiosity question. One is at work. She appears to be openly lesbian outside of work, but has distanced herself from the subject when it's come up at work. I've got no clue what she thinks about me. One is an old FB friend. We've never been that close, don't interact regularly, and haven't seen eachother in person in like 10 years. One is a former (like 25 years former) teacher. Also keeping touch only through FB, and not close. And another, more local FB friend, who I'm also just not all that close to. In other words, people where randomly coming out to would be nearly as awkward as asking. I did ask someone once. It worked out well enough in the long run, but was one of the most awkward conversations I've ever had, so not something I'm anxious to repeat. Plus, she was someone I was much closer to than any of these people.
  4. Say you have an acquaintance. Someone you get along with well enough, but aren't particularly close to. They are totally pinging your gaydar, but they've never directly said they're queer. Do you say something to them? If so, what? Assume you're not trying to hit on them, just acknowledge that you see and appreciate them. I have SO MANY of these people in my life. But saying, "Hey, you seem gay, and I totally appreciate that because I am too" is rather awkward, you know?
  5. I'm out to most people I'm close to. I like knowing that I don't have to worry about acceptance and that I can be myself around them. I put off the coming out way too long with my best friend, and spent ages absolutely agonizing over it. Would have reduced my stress a lot if I'd done it before she got to the "best friend" point. For others... it's difficult when you're married with kids, because everyone just assumes you're straight, and it doesn't tend to come up in conversation. I don't tend to go out of my way to hide it. It just doesn't come up. I'm pretty sure everyone I know via FB has managed to gather that I'm not straight, but who knows. I haven't actually said "I'm not straight", so they may assume I'm an ally.
  6. I did look on youtube for the artist I heard, but unfortunately couldn't find it. There are plenty of other versions out there, though.
  7. Um yeah, been a member here for 8 years, and active online for much longer than that. I understand how it works. This is a blog post, not a post on the general forums. Prior to the software upgrade, blogs had more security options - they could be open to the general public, open to members only, or only viewable to friends. Now the members only option is gone, so I'm simply trying to find a balance a desire for privacy with a desire for an audience.
  8. Watching her work. Don't get a chance to often anymore.
  9. Brown Eyed Girl covered by a woman. It was one of those defining moments that convinced me I'm not straight, because it was by far the sexiest thing I've ever heard.
  10. Finally feel like I have a real goal.

  11. Wish the blog system would go back to the old, more configurable, privacy options.
  12. "Have I told you I love you?" she says. Yes, you did. It didn't go so well. So I'll just ignore that.

  13. It really isn't. At least not for the past several years. It has the potential to be, but it isn't heavily used at all, even before they stopped giving out the password.
  14. I came into the thread knowing that I dreamed last night, but not able to remember what it was, and this jogged my memory, at least a little. There was a screen, and it said something I didn't like. Something absolutely horrible. I can't remember what. I thought, "If this is a dream, and I look away and back again, the screen will say something different." It did - pictures of flowers. So I realized I actually was having a lucid dream. And then it must have gone non-lucid again, because I can't remember much of anything else about it.
  15. I think perhaps they changed it recently. After seeing your post, I went and found the PM I had with the password, and it didn't work.