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  1. Tough day x 

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Awe so sorry to hear that hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

    2. femmekat


      Hugs lovely xxx

  2. Hey you. Thanks for the call. Meant a lot. Tell Kelly I'm def on her side lol xxx

    1. #No1Crush


      Still not told her :P lol

  3. Been a difficult week. Still lots to do tho 

  4. Welcome BTW lol
  5. I'm a crafter too. I know what you mean about keeping sane lol. What do you do? I'm a jewellery maker, scrapbooker and love mixed media
  6. Scarily I'll be 50 next year, but def don't feel it
  7. Thanks for the chat earlier sweetie xxx

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leigh11


      Meeee too. Keep me going til our next lunch lol xxx

    3. #No1Crush


      Would you be up for a Jan/Feb meet?

    4. leigh11


      I'd be up for a meet anytime lol xxx

  8. Huge hugs sweetheart xxx
  9. Hello Trouble!

    1. leigh11


      Me???? Never lol xxx

  10. WTF. Someone else getting too big for her f*cking boots now!!! Had ENOUGH! The job is ALL YOURS MISSY

    1. BellaMynx


      Oh dear. I hope things are a little better now. I may not know the situation, but I hope you're feeling better. 

  11. Think I'm out of here!!! Obviously not doing my job properly!! 

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      What's wrong? Don't leave! 

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Wait what? I think not don't leave please :)

  12. BAM and I start crying :(
  13. Where's the off button. I need to stop thinking things will change when clearly they don't! 

    1. femmekat


      Hugs me lovely x