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  1. leigh11

    Introduce yourself

    I have a very neglected page on FB, called Leigh's crafty bits.
  2. Below her Mouth--what a mmmmmm film 

    1. femmekat


      I enjoyed it too! :)

  3. Hello there! Just dropping by to say hi! *Waves*

    1. leigh11


      Hey stranger. How's things? Xx 

    2. Squirtle


      Not bad thanks, send me a message and let me know how things have been with you :D

  4. leigh11

    Introduce yourself

    Hi. I'm Leigh. I'm an avid crafter, most days can be spent with paper and ink lol. I'm a scrapbooker first and foremost. I don't make cards as I find it too small an area to work on. I started in 2003 when I saw a workshop in NC while visiting friends, came home and the rest is history lol. I have about 25 filled albums and my son ( 15) loves to look through them. I also make jewellery, many in Bi colours of which I've sold to many Shys lol. I also love mixed media, and love getting painty lol.
  5. Hey you xxx

    1. Shy_Bi_Butterfly


      Well hello there! My brother just came out as bi yesterday so I figured I would come visit my old haunt!

    2. leigh11


      Lots changed for sure xx

  6. leigh11

    New and bi-curious

    Welcome, please remember we are a support site only. If you are looking to experiment you would be better off on a dating site
  7. leigh11

    Married and want a threesome

    You won't find one here as we aren't a dating site. We are a support forum. I'm locking this thread
  8. *waves*

    1. leigh11


      Hey sweetie, good to see you xxx

  9. leigh11

    super excited

    I'll remove that comment for you xx
  10. leigh11

    first date

    So happy for you
  11. leigh11

    super excited

    That's fantastic. I'm in the same boat too:D
  12. leigh11


    Yay I see it
  13. Can't remember if I've replied here before lol. I love tattoo in general, but on a girl they are super sexy. I currently have 14 and plans for more lol. Xx
  14. Can I smile again?? Maybe I can :-) not exactly local BUT she is amazing