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  1. 'Deep sigh' why do I bother?!?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leigh11


      Just another day in the dating life of a bi girl!! 

    3. Squirtle


      Oh no, hope you're okay. Dust yourself off and look after yourself hun xx

    4. leigh11


      I'll be ok hunni, but thanks xxx

  2. Watching hubby pack for 5 days away with work to Shannon.
  3. Son's first day of college. Scary times. 

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    2. Shannongir_2


      What’s he studying 

    3. leigh11


      Law, criminology and ancient history 

    4. Shannongir_2


      Good for him.

  4. leigh11

    What Did U Study?

    My son about to start criminology at college, wants to join the police dog unit eventually
  5. leigh11

    New here

    Share?? We are a support site and happy to share experiences and help
  6. Def sounds like it lol. Mine is 16 now, but knows not to even think about it lol, luckily have a downstairs loo so that def helps.
  7. I read erotic short stories and get extremely wet, which doesn't get washed away til after ;)
  8. Just finished feeding the baby bat, so sat looking through the threads to see what's what lol
  9. Last night in the bath
  10. Looking after my first baby bat! Will only eat when snuggled down my top lol. My son has named him Vlad 

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    2. leigh11


      That's the aim yes. Back where he was found 

    3. Shannongir_2


      That's good.

    4. these-broken-wings(TBW)


      Oh ma gwaaard he's gorgeous! In love.

  11. Been in Hampshire a long time now ;)
  12. Awwww you still have them ❤❤