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  1. *waves*

    1. leigh11


      Hey sweetie, good to see you xxx

  2. leigh11

    super excited

    I'll remove that comment for you xx
  3. leigh11

    first date

    So happy for you
  4. leigh11

    super excited

    That's fantastic. I'm in the same boat too:D
  5. leigh11


    Yay I see it
  6. Can't remember if I've replied here before lol. I love tattoo in general, but on a girl they are super sexy. I currently have 14 and plans for more lol. Xx
  7. Can I smile again?? Maybe I can :-) not exactly local BUT she is amazing 

  8. leigh11

    My Second Visit Over There

    Let me know and I'll meet you for lunch/coffee. Be fab to finally meet you xxx
  9. Popping in with a mug of hot chocolate ( with marshmallows) to keep you warm on these cold days. Xxxx

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    2. leigh11


      Ermmmm not too bad. Xxx

    3. #No1Crush
    4. leigh11


      Could be better, but used to it xxx

  10. Stopping by with coffee ;) how you doing? X

    1. leigh11


      Hey beautiful. Ooooh coffee-how did you know I meeeeed one. Huge hugs xxx

  11. Once I accepted it myself, I was wary to start with of telling others, in case they judged me, but once I told a close friend it was def easier. My hubby isn't worried as his oldest sister is gay and been with her partner for over 25 yrs. I've hinted to them but not been able to tell them fully-tho I do plan on it, tho another sister in law does know-which resulted in a bit of fooling around lol ( apparently I'm the only girl she will kiss and fool around with, as she is straight lol) I even managed to tell my mum, in a phone conversation about my niece being gay, tho she's not mentioned it since so whether she remembered I don't know lol. I wish I could tell more people but tbh I don't have many local friends who I see often enough to worry lol.
  12. leigh11

    My Breast Confession

    Oh I so wouldn't care about scars etc. I too need a reduction ( tho no chance as I'm not working, so can't find the £6000) I have various scars and think of them as battle scars :-) bio oil is fantastic, I have a huge scar down the side of my face, and using this everyday means it's virtually gone now
  13. leigh11

    hot & heavy messages

    Look forward to it
  14. You could wear the bi colours, I have a few bracelets I've made that def show I'm bi but only if you know what the colours mean. Had a couple of cheeky smiles from girls when I've been out pink, purple and blue for those that don't know