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  1. We don't delete profiles. Just remove any personal info on your profile and log out you only have this post post on your account anyway, so nothing to remove
  2. Popping in with a mug of hot chocolate ( with marshmallows) to keep you warm on these cold days. Xxxx

  3. Stopping by with coffee ;) how you doing? X

    1. leigh11


      Hey beautiful. Ooooh coffee-how did you know I meeeeed one. Huge hugs xxx

  4. I'm sure you can turn off notifications within your settings. I never get anything except a notification on here when I get a PM unless that all changed with the latest upgrade.
  5. Tell me about it lol
  6. They can't be deleted. If you need a break, just remove anything on your profile that you don't want seen, then log off.
  7. Once I accepted it myself, I was wary to start with of telling others, in case they judged me, but once I told a close friend it was def easier. My hubby isn't worried as his oldest sister is gay and been with her partner for over 25 yrs. I've hinted to them but not been able to tell them fully-tho I do plan on it, tho another sister in law does know-which resulted in a bit of fooling around lol ( apparently I'm the only girl she will kiss and fool around with, as she is straight lol) I even managed to tell my mum, in a phone conversation about my niece being gay, tho she's not mentioned it since so whether she remembered I don't know lol. I wish I could tell more people but tbh I don't have many local friends who I see often enough to worry lol.
  8. Oh I so wouldn't care about scars etc. I too need a reduction ( tho no chance as I'm not working, so can't find the £6000) I have various scars and think of them as battle scars :-) bio oil is fantastic, I have a huge scar down the side of my face, and using this everyday means it's virtually gone now
  9. Look forward to it
  10. You could wear the bi colours, I have a few bracelets I've made that def show I'm bi but only if you know what the colours mean. Had a couple of cheeky smiles from girls when I've been out pink, purple and blue for those that don't know
  11. I don't see why you can't start a thread, tho if it gets out of control it will be closed (x rated pics of members) , as it's not 'protected' ( I.e anyone can see it) :-)
  12. When you go into your inbox, you can click in a box next to each message, to delete which messages you want
  13. This headache /lethargy can do one. 5 days now!!!
  14. Currently in the bath and can hear the Friends themetune coming from my son's room lol
  15. U ok sweetie??