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  1. My innermost bitch has risen, I'll take no more shit from you!! You've lost the right to call me a friend, let alone a BEST friend!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leigh11


      Twice in a matter of weeks, I got the blame for HER saying loads of nasty things!!!  

    3. flirtykitten


      Sounds like it's for the best hun, you shouldn't have to put up with that! xxx

    4. leigh11


      I feel so much less stressed now!!! She even tried sending a friends request and a 'evening' message on night  before I blocked her. 

  2. It def took practice lol
  3. Dominoes I ink and add bits ( metal. Gems) then glaze. Wire I do all sorts. Mainly twist it lol
  4. It was indeed different back then. Your old name is vaguely familiar. I do very similar stuff to you. I also work with wire, resin and dominoes. Time is def a great healer. I'm hoping a new chapter will start soon. X
  5. Thought I'd say hi . I'm Leigh ( Lesley to family tho ) been here 9 years now. @RubyStarlight being one of my first friends on here. I'm almost 50 and i've been married to my soul mate for 16yrs now and we have a 14 ( 15 in June) son who is the light of my life, tho he's now over 6ft so I have to look up to him lol. I live in the lovely Hampshire, tho originally a London girl. Hubby is totally fine with my bi side, I have had a few girlfriends over the years, last one was a Nasty breakup a few weeks ago, so it's still a little raw! Im a crafter and regularly make jewellery in bi colours as they aren't that easy to find. Have been lucky to meet up with quite a few says over the years.
  6. No such thing as too wet ;) I know I get very wet and love to find out how wet she gets when we are together
  7. Can I smile again?? I think maybe I can 

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Awe you sure can smile :)

  8. What a fantastic blog! Finally! She was possibly one of my least fave shys ( think we all know who beats her, but only just lol) roll on May and a fantastic evening with friends. Yep that journey was def not fun. Not one word was spoken as she promptly fell asleep as soon as we started and only woke when we were finding the car park with a ' wow this place is a shithole!) reminds me I must sort out hotel lol huge hugs sweetie xxxx
  9. Hate this feeling
  10. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy the forums x

  11. Yes, and he's been totally fine. In fact he can't understand why some men feel threatened. As long as he knows I'm safe he's cool
  12. Are you going?? Why? 

    1. Hungry


      Oh you're late to the party - I just can't be bothered anymore and life is changing for me.. if you PM me, I'll happily share contact details. Despite me asking people to use those. I'm still getting PM's lol. 

      Look forward to hearing from you :)

  13. My hubby was exactly the same. Went very quiet til I told him HE came first, HE was my true love, that my bi side wasn't instead of him but as well, but if he wasn't happy then I wouldn't persue it.