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  1. I no longer identify as bisexual. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that since I have preferred my experiences with women overall, I am gay. I feel so relieved and at peace!
  2. I have come to the conclusion that I am not bi after all, I am just a huge lesbian. Happy pride month everyone!

  3. So here I am back again, asking for advice about how to deal with my overbearing mom, this time, in particular, its about my school work. I am a new graduate student,stuyding to become a teacher and my mom is putting all this pressure on me to get my work done. I am actually doing a good job at getting everything done on time and my grades so far are high. Since my classes are in the summer season they are not as long as a fall or spring semester of classes, due dates are strict. As a result, my mother is full of anxiety over my heavy workload and sits up at night worrying about if I will get my assignments done on time. She even made a study schedule for me. Her anxiety rubs off on me and I am putting enough pressure on myself to get all my work done. I try to tell her to back off but she persists and gets involved anyway. What can I do to get to give me some breathing room so I can work in peace?
  4. Hi girl, how are things?

    1. HulaHoop444


      Grad school is keeping me busier than a worker bee! I have so much work, there is no time to be depressed!

    2. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Glad to hear. Keeping myself busy too.

    3. HulaHoop444


      Busy is good. I also came out again to myself as gay. Denial just isn;t a river in Eygpt 

  5. Where is my prince/princess charming?

  6. To buy pride converse or not buy pride converse, that is the question?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. HulaHoop444


      The white ones with rainbow laces!

    3. Rocker83


      I like the high tops, I have wobbly ankles so I like high shoes and boots. But the designs are all great. I dont think I could choose just one xD

    4. HulaHoop444


      I got the white tops. 

  7. I am getting messages on the lesbian dating app Her but none of the girls that are messaging me are local! It's just my luck that the women who find me attractive are in totally different states than me. No one local wants me? Maybe I should move.

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      I used to use HER. I quit it about a year ago. I found that most people on there were incredibly superficial or just....boring. which is what happens with pretty much any dating ap. The encourage one to judge others on face value alone. It really makes actually meeting people very difficult it creates high expectations. That's why no once wants to meet you. Not because there is anything wrong with you, but because you are not absolutely flawless. Trust me, I lived in NY back when I was using the AP and meeting people was still NY! I just stick to sitting at the bar I frequent and talking to the people there not matter if it's a women I'd be interested in or not, just mingling and meeting PEOPLE! That's how you do it! That's what works. But that takes work and patience, its easier to just sit on our asses and swipe left or right lol.
    3. Hungry


      I think people get some weird rush from talking to people online, I hope you're able to move things along as you get ever closer to the real world. I personally have no time to sit around swiping and texting. I also find people who enjoy that to be boring, so I hope you find someone or a few people actually interested in something than a screen... good luck!

    4. HulaHoop444


      Thanks for all the advice and tips. I want to go out more but I just started graduate school so all I do now is school work. I barely have time to sleep and eat, much less go to a bar. Maybe once I get a better handle on my school work I can try to meet new people and I am making sure I go to my city's pride. A close friend of mine and I are going to pride. I need a connection with my local community.

  8. I am officially a graduate student and boy is the workload intense! 

    1. widesargassosea


      Well done Hula and Congrats!

  9. What they said! Find those that will accept you for who you are and you will have a much easier time in the dating world.
  10. Here is a mini update. I just a had a conversation with my mother and she thinks that I should hold off on moving out for a number reasons. One of them I can live with her rent free. T She believes that trying to find housing and then adjusting to grad school will be too stressful. She says that all I have to clean the house and not spend my money on stupid things like a tattoo when I can save up driving lessons and a car. She thinks that once I am done with my degree and have a good steady income I should move. Does she make good points? Should I stick it out until I finish school or leave now?
  11. This is just what I needed to hear! I have kicked depression's butt before and I can do it again!
  12. Hi girl. Hugs ( Blowing kisses) from Ohio. Let me know when they get there.

    1. HulaHoop444


      Thank you so much for the kind words! I have a plan and it starts today!

    2. Freckle Faced Mamma
    3. HulaHoop444


      I updated my topic. I am achy and stressed out.

  13. Thanks for all the advice. I am looking into alternative housing and trying to stay positive.
  14. It's not always me telling her things. My nosy relatives tell her what I post on social media. I unfriended a bunch of family members over this latest incident.
  15. I need to make some big changes and soon before everything I have worked for crumbles.