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  1. What they said! Find those that will accept you for who you are and you will have a much easier time in the dating world.
  2. Here is a mini update. I just a had a conversation with my mother and she thinks that I should hold off on moving out for a number reasons. One of them I can live with her rent free. T She believes that trying to find housing and then adjusting to grad school will be too stressful. She says that all I have to clean the house and not spend my money on stupid things like a tattoo when I can save up driving lessons and a car. She thinks that once I am done with my degree and have a good steady income I should move. Does she make good points? Should I stick it out until I finish school or leave now?
  3. This is just what I needed to hear! I have kicked depression's butt before and I can do it again!
  4. Hi girl. Hugs ( Blowing kisses) from Ohio. Let me know when they get there.

    1. HulaHoop444


      Thank you so much for the kind words! I have a plan and it starts today!

    2. Freckle Faced Mamma
    3. HulaHoop444


      I updated my topic. I am achy and stressed out.

  5. Thanks for all the advice. I am looking into alternative housing and trying to stay positive.
  6. It's not always me telling her things. My nosy relatives tell her what I post on social media. I unfriended a bunch of family members over this latest incident.
  7. I need to make some big changes and soon before everything I have worked for crumbles.

  8. I don't love my mom right now. She is being a controlling, emotionally abusive shrew. I have resources. I'm seeing my job coach later today and I am going to call my therapist as well to see what my options are.
  9. I have lived with my mother basically my entire life with short breaks when I went away for college and career training. As I have grown and formed my opinions, my mom and I disagree on particular topics. I came out as bisexual at 21 and she still has not accepted the part of me that loves women. She has said that if I marry a woman she will not be supportive. I have attempted to become a part of the local LGBTQ+ scene in my city and she "forbids" from attending pride. Every time I try to go says she will kick me out. Mind you I just turned 30, not 16. This threat happened again when she discovered that I made an appointment to get tattooed. I currently have a per diem job with a staffing agency so I am not making a lot of money. I start graduate school soon and I want to get my own housing so I can be in the best mindset to finish school. I have clinical depression and every time my mom puts a halt on something I want to pursue, it crushes my spirit. I really have to try to find a better job so I can move out, get an apartment and finally be free to be myself.
  10. Insomnia and negative thoughts are a terrible combination.

  11. "It's not your job to be likable. It's your job to be yourself. Someone will like you anyway." –Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  12. How are you Hula?

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      Thank you! The cake is out the oven and I am getting dinner ready.

    3. HulaHoop444


      Thank you for the friend add! My cake was soo good!


    4. HulaHoop444


      Thank you for the friend add! My cake was soo good!


  13. He is! I want him to take a hike!
  14. This thread is bittersweet for me. The pictures are amazing and cute but it at the same it makes me realize how lonely and single I am.
  15. A poem I literally just wrote. I was feeling lonely and bored and this just popped out. The Battle with Mr. Lonely As the sky darkens and the moon says hello, I am greeted by Mr. Lonely, a creature with rough skin that fills like a Brillo pad. He leans in close to me, his hot breath roasting my ear. “Hello,” he snarls. He drags a long, dirty nail along my shoulder. “You might as well get used to me. Everyone in your age group is finding someone, be it a random hook up, a long-term relationship, and don’t forget marriages! Your time is starting to run out. You say you’re only 30, but soon 30 will become 40 than 50 and BANG! You’re 80 in a nursing home hoping your nephew and niece visit you!” “Shut up!” I mutter, kicking him away. “You know I’m right!” His nail digs into my skin. “You’re too shy, too withdrawn, too fat, and too scared! The people who do bother with you take advantage of your softness. You let people walk all over you. You’re better off dealing me. I’ll keep safe. I’ll save you from heartache, disappointment. Don’t trust. Protect your heart. You’re better off with me.” I punch his stomach, slap him away but his heavy weight pins me down. We brawl away as the night passes, I trash around struggling to get him away from me. We both grow weary and he eventually shoves me away saying, “You won this round, but I’ll be back.”