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  1. I am ok with being single but I would love to have someone to go to dinner with, go to the museum with, go to an amusement park with... I am ok with being single, but I hate feeling like I will ALWAYS be single. I have never been in a relationship so I am used to being alone. I am also an only child, so I am used to being alone without feeling lonely for the most part. Basically, I can deal with being alone for the rest of my life if I had to, but I don't want to... Dating a man would be fine, but what I really want is a woman. There is a Shybi member here that I would love to date but we live far from one another. Le sigh...I'll stop here because it looks like I'm asking for a pity party. I'm not. Lol Anyway, for the single women here, how do you feel about being single? Sent from my iPod