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  1. Hi, how have you been this month? I confess to being a little concerned about you based on what you have written in past posts about your girlfriend. What's up?

  2. It all began back in 2009 when I found this site, I hid it from my hubby for two days. Then confessed all, which forced me to make my first comment on my sexuality - that at the time I was definitely bi curious. After arranging to meet up with some of the more local friends I'd made on here. I went along to my first BiFest in Birmingham, that day after listening to everyone else and being able to freely discuss my thoughts and feelings I realised that yes I was in fact BISEXUAL all along. I started to come out to people who were the very close near and dear, but hubby asked me to be discreet, as he didn't want bitch fit waves started in his family. I respected that, wasn't too happy about it but I understood and went along with it for him, especially as he was open and supportive in every other way. I became like a teenager again, exploring online dating, discovering bi nights at swingers clubs - great for the more casual itch scratching with no strings and you can lock the men out! Even figured out I'd been harbouring BDSM leanings too, whole new discovery path of joy that has been. Went on my first two dates ever, with girls I'd met on dating sites. Both separately turned into short term casual involvements. The first a lovely lesbian lady who isn't bifobic, and I'm still friends with even now. The second was a short lived relationship of sorts, still not 100% on what went wrong but it was fun while it lasted. Not to mention a string a casual making up for lost time action here and there, with casual involvements. Every year attending pride and loving that I could be 100% open for one day and not care who knew. I even came out to my son, who has been hugely supportive from a young age. He sees no issue at all with my sexuality or relationship choices - I'm so lucky. Then a good year or two of not much, after the short lived serious involvement. A new dating app for girls came along, and I found my current gf. We've been together a year and a half ish now. And so much has changed, hubby eventually told some of his family - which I'm certain lead to his dad feeling comfortable enough to finally out himself too. I still don't dance naked shouting from the roof tops, but I am more myself and don't have to always make excuses anymore - which is way more comfortable for me. And means I can be fairly openly public with my sexuality, my neighbours being the last nosy fuckers who gossip and could do damage being left really. So that brings me to now. Where I think I'm approaching the edges of splits ville with the gf, more recently I've realised bits of us as a couple are really unhealthy, toxic even. I knew from the start we wouldn't last forever, as I was her first ... but I guess it's a watch this space and see how it goes.
  3. I have a Girlfriend! :D

    1. BellaMynx


      Awwww! Congratulations! That's always a wonderful thing!

  4. On the practical side of advice, if you are happy with the idea but feeling intimidated by the pressure from him to make it happen. There are options out there, but first I will say this - not all bisexual or even lesbian women out there are happy with being part of a threesome situation. Having no spoken up for those who don't want to be a third wheel for someone else pleasure, Ill move on to how to find those rare unicorn ladies that do exist out there for some to find. Option 1 - if it is to be just a one off thing consider attending a swingers club on a bi night. And see what pans out for you. Option 2 - if the idea of club doesn't take your fancy for whatever reason check out a website called fabswingers, there you can arrange a more private event. Option 3 - continue the impossible search on dating sites and apps for someone who is into it but remember there aren't many on dating apps as women there will be looking for relationships on a 1:1 basis or at least poly 1:1 of many. Hope that helps. But don't bow to pressure you are your own person at the end of the day.
  5. I haven't been back as quickly as I wanted to this. Thank you for all the advice - and you were all right by the way shame I didn't get replies in time and had to figure it out on my own, but I arrived at the same conclusion just took me longer on my own. To update, I found a way to confront my irrational issues, as that is really what they were. I spoke to her about my concerns, and was put at ease hearing her hubby was joking. Since got to know him better and he is very much a banter guy, which is good as we too have become friends. But the best news is that through a common interest we share the first kiss happened and I was sober - only peck kiss I know but its progress for me, and she then didn't think anything was wrong with me lol. Plus several months on now we are dating and she is a lovely partner to have. I would like to ask for wider knowledge and support to help her though, on her coming out not going well. She and her hubby chose to inform their children - who range from adult to teenage in ages - about her sexuality and her relationship with myself. I can see that it was a lot of information to process at once, but wish I could support both her and her hubby better with the fact their children have reacted badly to the news. Some are confused by it and anxious it could be the end of their parents relationship despite being told that is not the case, some are hung up on the extra curricular to the marital relationship, while others are really angry and disgusted by the whole thing. I've not faced this myself, as everyone I told was happy for me, had already figured it out on their own before I did or in the case of my own child, he was open and accepting of everything. Though I've recently discovered he's miffed I didn't tell him sooner (there was a 2-3 year delay in my telling him) - bless him.
  6. Hi girls it's been a while, I've been off site and out there living life or at least trying to. I have recently met a new lady through a dating app, she's a little older than me, which doesn't phase me at all. But I'm finding I'm starting to stress about things a little - for a bit of background; I've only had one actual girlfriend so far but a few casual friends with benefits and a good helping of mutual one night stands. Meaning as far as physical experience goes, I've done okay. But I'm worrying about the relationship side of things and can't work out why. I like lady we have lots of commonalities and we are a great but similar personality mix. I've met her family and we've had to lovely dates. So what are my issues? Well, I haven't yet deciphered quite her and her mans take on how it will all work, I thought I had. She is late to the party so to speak, which in itself is no problem. But the other day he said something about not wanting to be involved sexually and would be quite happy in the corner watching - this set off an alarm bell as I don't perform for others entertainment. I have a self conscious issue about the fact that I'm a size 18-20 and she's only a size 10. As ever I'm really shy with instigating first moves, especially if I'm sober - she's not a drinker so its hard for met to not seem like a drunk in order to move thing on to the physical side. Can anybody help my analyse my issues or help me move forward?
  7. I find I'm naturally attracted to younger women, but I apparently look 10 yrs younger than I am. So I guess I'm used to being the oldest in the relationship. But, I am also attracted to some older women to and had some amazing experiences with them.
  8. Hello there readers, followers or only just come across it'ers. I have loads to get off my chest - WOW nearly a year since I last posted anything to my blog eek! Well loads has happened and I have been away enjoying my life, not all of it has been good or lasting but most of it has been fun. So working from the most recent backwards seems like the best plan .... I have started a YouTube make up advice and recommendations channel, mainly aimed at the trans market but equally useable for those who are also into make up regardless of gender. Currently having camera issues as my iphone doesn't have enough free space and the new digital camcorder I bought now doesn't work! IT will be going back after the bank holiday!! I have started to promote my business to the trans market, I've always more than happily seen trans or crossdessing customers but recently one of my new customers told me I should advertise specifically at them. Which I am now doing, but have discovered in the process that I girl I met lately and seem to have had a bit of a messy whirl wind involvement with (more on that later), is also starting a business in my area aimed at the same market - now initally it wasn't a problem as she was approching it from a totally different angle and we didn't clash with what we offered. I have been in business for myself for the last 8yrs as both a professional freelance make up artist and a qualified beauty theapist (two seperate lots of training and both VERY different). This girl in my area it seems in the last 3 wks to have desided to under cut me and to promote other people who cover my expertise - Which if I totally honest has pissed me off a bit - I think she sees it as I don't live close so it's not my patch, but I have covered the whole of the county and neighbouring ones for years, I also suspect that our involvement that whent messy has something to do with her now stepping all over me .... I get easily offened when it comes to my job, what I'm good at and work hard at to support my family every day for the last 8 yrs, to some you may thing oh move past it - but the industry I work in is cut throte .... which I hate being but it looks like I'm going to have to so I don't loose clients. The messy involvement .... We met while both being catwalk models for a fetish/alternative market, we had instant chemistry OMG she was so beautiful and still is. She like myself has a partner and family.... I thought she is perfect. She was looking for samething to me, a female to be involved with who understands that our families will always come first ..... I thought more than perfect - exactly what I'm after, we get on similar interests sexually attracted to each other........ WELL after a whirl wind few weeks where we seemed to have grown very close, I was daft enough to take a good friends advice and ask her to be my girlfriend on her birthday...... Bold move you say - infact TOO bold it seems, I accept that taking it in and of course discussing it with her partner was to be expected - The responce I get is "I don't want anything excussive, because I have my own family" ... Well duh I know that, so do I and I'm married so that clearly cannot be .... I reply something along those lines but nicer of course and point out that as I consider myself to be poly (in my case only other women are involved be they casually or as an additional relationship) there is clearly no chance of exclussivity - on reflextion here I was maybe a little unintensionally harsh, as I feel like a knocked back teenager, I was certainly behaving like one according to my hubby. So I may have got her back up? I don't know, but this was the mess ..... She then didn't speak to me for three weeks or more (we had been speaking every day), so I figured too much too fast giver some space and see what happens. Well the other night she finally texts me a reply to a message then calls me out of the blue shortly after....I was meant to be staying over at hers so we could both attend an event where we were to promote our businesses, she tells me I'm no longer able to stop as she has family coming who will also be at said event - I think fine, will make it more difficult for me but not impossible (difficult is an understatement - bloody sunday service nightmere that was Good friday!). Anyway I eventually get there several hours late and can't stop long as getting back was being hell - Yep she was busy working promoting herself and her new business 'I accept that', but other than a comment of "you look like a doll" that was the only acknowledgement I got, I spoke more with her mother and mother-in-law (both also there) .... her own mum was suprised I wasn't staying at hers! Not to mention the distinct lack of the family she mentioned would be staying at hers ...... NOW I AM NO MUG, that was the rudested lying brush off ever! and to add further insult to injury ... she then starts promoting another business similar to my own, in the place that was supposed to be for me >>>> I know thats life and I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does and that hurt! For those of you who know me on facebook, you'll know my car broke down and I have been without a car now for the last 6 wks! :( I blew the head gasket, so public transport has become my only mode of getting about. I'm have a reall ball ache trying to get anyone indervidual or garage to fix my car as I cannot afford twice the price to take it to the main dealers. I seems to have been dragged semi willingly into the fetish scene >>>>There are lots of hot Bi women on the fetish scene<<<<<< I know it's not everyones cup of tea and like all tea can come at different strenghts, but I like it so far having found a few female play mates ;) but sadly nothing very lasting .... It seems I have a pattern of not being very commitable to even just for regular hook ups/booty calls. ANY WAY I have discovered the delights of sensation play, rope (tying people up) and the extreamly sexy things you can do to people with a sharp knife - WITHOUT cutting them, I'll add here - OMG SO sexy and of course consensual. I have dabbled with sex clubs - REALLY NOT my thing, but you don't know if you don't try. If causual sex with any old randomer is what your after then knock yourself out. My advice to those who may want to try them - do your research if possible don't go alone (certainly to the night club type) and SAFE sex all the way!! Designed and presented a talk for Victim Supports LGBT conference about bisexuality, went down really well and they are now using a lot of my links and details now around the country to help people and to educate volunteers. Erm yep I think my last post was along the lines of get out there if you want to find a woman as you won't find one hidding behind a computer .... VERY true I have met some lovely ladies, as friends as fuck buddies and random snogs on a night out - none of which would have happened sat at the computer pining for it. Well I think I will leave it there for now, have fun all x