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  1. Never have but would like to both receive and give.
  2. raeoh

    Ohio Bi Group

    Cincinnati here.
  3. raeoh

    hot & heavy messages

    I think I would love hot messages from a woman!
  4. raeoh

    I’m new here from pa!

    I’m in the same postition as you. Been turned on by the idea of being with a woman for a long time but haven’t done anything yet.
  5. I have only been with men, as of now, but I do love slow, romantic sex. I think I would like it with a woman as well.
  6. raeoh

    Beautiful breasts

    This is me exactly! What do they feel like in your mouth? I need to know!
  7. raeoh

    Craving a woman

    I’n In the same boat where I have been curios for a long time but afraid and unsure of how to act in it. I’m so turned on by the idea of having a woman’s breast in my mouth but have been afraid to act on it for a long time.
  8. My hands are down my pants right now as I read some of these posts.
  9. So sexy. I want to know what it’s like to give and receive with a strap on.
  10. raeoh

    Newlyyyy curious

    I feel the same way. Been curious for years and the older I get the more I realize the curiosity isn’t going away and I need to act on it.
  11. Hello ladies. So I have been bicurious for awhile now, as I have mentioned in previous posts. I’m about to have a breast reduction and possibly lose sensation in my nipples. One of my fantasies about being with a woman is having her spend a lot of time on my breasts. I will still be able to do that if I ever work up the nerve but now I am worried it won’t be the same without less sensation.