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  1. I'm happy, a lovely lady stayed up and chatted with me all night. I hope she sleeps well tonight. 

  2. Ok here goes I met this lady at a festival and we have been friends for two years now. She has also stayed at our home with others. Nothing has ever happened between us apart from the usual banter (Dh saying things like he normally does ) while sitting around the fire. I had just put snapchat on my phone as Ds1 was on it all the time. So I asked if I could add them, loads of banter between us all on a group chat This time she was down it seemed she was flirting a little bit. We carried on chatting in the group snapchat. I messaged her and we have been chatting about everything, sending silly photos. I even told her about me admitting to my niece that I'm bisexual. I thought she already new, she took it well. I am working nights from Friday so the night before I stay up till about 3 am then sleep in the day. She has offered to keep me company by phone for as long as she can stay awake. I am hoping that she would like something to happen between us and be more than friends . I needed to write it down as I don't want to say much to Dh yet. He is so supportive with everything and I will tell him before anything starts but I just need to know from her that she wants me. I hope it will happen but if it doesn't I still have an amazing friend forever. 10/09/17 update We had an amazing time at the festival, some nights we stayed up till 5am just talking. One night we got to go back to her tent and spend time alone ;D she made feel amazing. It's been two weeks and talk every day. She is the one for me. I am so happy that she chose me. I think I managed about two hours sleep every night and a few naps in the afternoon. Dh is amazing, he is the most supportive man and he has my heart. I love him more than words can say. Thank you for reading
  3. Hi Camilla, 

    How are you?  Just come to peek, I noticed we like some of the same music. Have a great day. 


  4. Hi Katie,

    Just peeking. How are you? 

    1. katiebear92


      Hi thanks for the peek, I'm good, how are you doing? :)

  5. That is great news, I have not been able to attend any so far as I have been at work
  6. Hormones are driving me mad, I am sure this is why my mood keeps changing from happy to tearful. At 36yrs old I don't think it's the change, well I hope it's not. Dh is so supportive and has noticed the changes, my sexy drive is back, I'm more cuddly as he put it. I think I need to do other things other than family stuff and work. Like going out with friends or meeting up with other groups that have the same interests.
  7. Thank you for your comments xx
  8. I am gluten free and have been for about 3 years now. We make meals all gf and substitute where it's needed. We have loads of recipes, veg soup is easy and I made the hairy bikers carrot and sultana cake (Dh ate quite a bit of it, he doesn't like carrot cake or sultanas win win) from the hairy dieters book they brought out. I'll try and post a photo. Dh found in lidl 's today that they now do gf burgers, yesterday in Tesco we found their now selling Ipa £1.99 and old speckled hen £1.89. It will make Dh dad very happy. I have not got a favourite recipe but there are a few I will make again.
  9. I am looking forward to going to a music festival on Wednesday to Wednesday,  Loads of lovely people to work with, it looks like it will be great weather. I might have to sunbathe and try and get rid of my white legs lol they will not go brown 

    I wonder if any shybi's will be there or have been there before?  

    1. myladylove


      Sounds great. Nice profile piccy btw.

    2. Mabon


      Thank you myladylove 

  10. I am no good at Reading ladies lol I have had a work colleague be full on when we were out drinking but I think she is like that when she is drunk ok she was wasted (to many shots) I made sure she got home, lol she kept asking the same questions to the taxi driver. The funniest bit was some women walking past and then shouted nice Tits babe. One day I will work it out.
  11. I know many people who find colouring stressful, some like to knit, crochet, play in a band or walking in a wood. Everyone is different and life would be so boring if we were the same.
  12. I have the nurses one I have coloured two so far
  13. I just found out on my birthday that I have small fibroids when I last ha a scan. I was having treatment for changes on my last 2 smear, they didn't tell me about fibroids July 16. My periods are heavy and the pain is like I'm in full labour every time and getting worse. I spoke to my doctor on 23/03/17 who told me about fibroids. I have been on iron tablets for the last 4 months, so blood tests and I have just got my scan appointment through. Doctor said if the fibroids are large he will send me to gynae as I would like to have a hysterectomy. I have been thinking about it for two years now.
  14. I came to this site after a wonderful first experience with a woman friend, our husbands were happy for it to happen. I was confused with the fact I like both men and women. I found this site so supportive and even more when things didn't work out with us. Fast forward to two years ago I met and fell in love with a beautiful women from says. Unfortunately we are no longer together. She's has been a great support and I have met many amazing women at meets. I want to thank them all for the support over the Seven and a half years I have been using this site. 😙😙👭🍻
  15. I am so happy for you both of you