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  1. I would like to do this but I know no one to do this with, I'm not that girly but I am trying harder. Slumber party sounds good
  2. I am up for being in a flash mob. I'm going to watch Xanado tomorrow as this song I as made me think of it. Has anyone else watched it? Back to the post, I would definitely travel the world visit many places including the ones you have to pay for. Not sure who with
  3. Mabon

    New and a Biwife

    I am married for 12 years, 5 years in I figured out that I am bisexual, my husband has been supportive. I had a thing with one of our friends (I was used) she does not speak to us (I get on with her ex husband lol he was here this weekend) I met a lady from shys but it did not work our husband's got on really well. I met R at a festival and it sort of happened while drunk, we have been together for 3 years (both husband and I known her for a while before it happened) R is amazing she is a student who is passing everything so far. I miss her so much. My husband and I have now opened our relationship, he now has a lady friend who we both know. We have set rules that we keep to. There was so many things we talked about after the 2nd lady.
  4. Mabon

    5K Training!

    Hello Ladies, I decided to tackle the c25k again (last time I got to week four and stopped as new job) as I have gained weight again. I am using an app, so far I have completed week two and it has made me happy. I am pushing myself even when my knees complain lol (I know how far I can go) and I intend to complete c25k and continue to run 5k for a while then go up to 10k .
  5. I think being married can make it harder to approach another ladies. I think I need a badge for my bag as well. I have no idea when a woman is flirting with me, dh points it out. He is a great support and has said in the past that it's time to find you girlfriend and makes suggestions of beautiful ladies lol.
  6. Mabon


    Ok I have been suffering from depression since about 13 years old. Most of the time I have it under control. These last 8 years have been hard, my dh has depression that requires medication and has had 4 bad episodes that has ment I have had to step up and sort everything out. The the ptsd started 4 years ago with depression. While my husband has been bad I have found it really had to cope with the depression of my own some days I get through really well. My husband is doing amazing and back in a job that he loves (was working somewhere he was just earning money) and he has light in his eyes again. Now he is better (I know it will never go away) than he has been in so many years I think all the depression that I have had to stop from coming through is now showing its ugly head. This last 2 months have been so hard. I have wonderful children and dh. I have an amazing job that is different every bank shift I do. I am so tired, tearful, distracted on doing things (not at work), my memory is shocking which is not good, not sleeping well enough and I can't stop feeling hungry. I think I might have to bite the bullet and go back to doctor, explain that it's getting worse (seen them before and did courses to try and help) and that I might need more input on what to do next. Or I could get an appointment to see works councler (I don't want to tell them) to see if they can help but it's not work related so I'm not sure if I want to. I don't know my brain is all muddled and I feel rubbish. I was washing the dishes and I started to cry, the phone went and it was a friend calling to speak to dh but all I heard was my 3 year old God daughter saying Auntie ****ty its you, were coming to your house soon and I want to show you ......... she told me all about the kinder egg cars she is collecting and loads of other things. She makes me smile. She took over the phone call dad didn't get to say much. She cheered me up. I should tell my dh about the depression but I'm worried that it might trigger his off. Time to try and sleep Night x
  7. Hi all, it's been a while since I  last used this. Hope you are well xx

  8. I'm happy, a lovely lady stayed up and chatted with me all night. I hope she sleeps well tonight. 

  9. Mabon


    Ok here goes I met this lady at a festival and we have been friends for two years now. She has also stayed at our home with others. Nothing has ever happened between us apart from the usual banter (Dh saying things like he normally does ) while sitting around the fire. I had just put snapchat on my phone as Ds1 was on it all the time. So I asked if I could add them, loads of banter between us all on a group chat This time she was down it seemed she was flirting a little bit. We carried on chatting in the group snapchat. I messaged her and we have been chatting about everything, sending silly photos. I even told her about me admitting to my niece that I'm bisexual. I thought she already new, she took it well. I am working nights from Friday so the night before I stay up till about 3 am then sleep in the day. She has offered to keep me company by phone for as long as she can stay awake. I am hoping that she would like something to happen between us and be more than friends . I needed to write it down as I don't want to say much to Dh yet. He is so supportive with everything and I will tell him before anything starts but I just need to know from her that she wants me. I hope it will happen but if it doesn't I still have an amazing friend forever. 10/09/17 update We had an amazing time at the festival, some nights we stayed up till 5am just talking. One night we got to go back to her tent and spend time alone ;D she made feel amazing. It's been two weeks and talk every day. She is the one for me. I am so happy that she chose me. I think I managed about two hours sleep every night and a few naps in the afternoon. Dh is amazing, he is the most supportive man and he has my heart. I love him more than words can say. Thank you for reading
  10. Hi Camilla, 

    How are you?  Just come to peek, I noticed we like some of the same music. Have a great day. 


  11. Hi Katie,

    Just peeking. How are you? 

    1. katiebear92


      Hi thanks for the peek, I'm good, how are you doing? :)

  12. Mabon

    Loads of Bis out there

    That is great news, I have not been able to attend any so far as I have been at work
  13. Mabon


    Hormones are driving me mad, I am sure this is why my mood keeps changing from happy to tearful. At 36yrs old I don't think it's the change, well I hope it's not. Dh is so supportive and has noticed the changes, my sexy drive is back, I'm more cuddly as he put it. I think I need to do other things other than family stuff and work. Like going out with friends or meeting up with other groups that have the same interests.
  14. Mabon

    Beautiful Lady

    Thank you for your comments xx
  15. Mabon

    Beautiful Lady

    I miss the beautiful lady I was having a relationship with, today I have reread her blogs including the breakup one. I still feel guilty for not meeting up with her as much as we wanted. I wish i told her that my depression was back and i gone into myself and dont talk to anyone unless i need to. The depression is still here but i'm having better days. I still comment on her facebook and make make sure she knows I am proud of what she is doing. I made huge mistakes by not talking, I have learnt a lot from her and I am very happy that we had this time together. I want her to find a women who can give her all that she needs and makes her happy. All the best x