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  1. I am only out to close friends and not even to family. My husband has less reserve about my being out to people than I do. We once had a fight in the early days of our relationship because he outed me to a friend of his I'd only just met. He's never done it again. Lately I've felt more pull towards being out because I want to be proud to be part of the LGBT community. I'm American and the political climate here is so horrible right now that I sometimes feel that I am not truly supportive of the community while keeping my own identity a secret. It's complicated because I am not out to family and that is a whole other can of worms. I'm trying to work this one out.
  2. I would advise you to get out now. I've been through both emotional and physical abuse in the past and I wish I'd left when it started instead of staying and hoping it would change. The longer you stay and the longer the patterns of abuse become established, the harder it is to leave.
  3. @NatashaYork How is your relationship going with such a long break in sexual activity? I'm really struggling with this in my marriage. We average once every few months and honestly I don't miss it. He'd like more but hasn't put pressure on me. I think it's partly menopause. I feel guilty sometimes because I don't lust for him anymore but do long for a girlfriend. How are you managing and how is your partner handling it? If you don't mind my asking.
  4. I'm 52 and so glad there are so many women here in my age group now. I like to think of my age as the F*** It Fifties. I just simply do not give a f*** what anyone thinks of me and my choices anymore. If I ever did, lol.
  5. My first girlfriend and I wrote long letters to each other. I still have a couple of them and I still take them out and read them from time to time. I don't know why I didn't keep them all; it's been 30 years and a few moves. I wish I had. There is an undeniable intimacy in a hand-written letter that is simply not as intense in an email.
  6. More than halfway through the 100 episodes of Midsomer Murders. Other shows I'm currently watching are Grace and Frankie, Shetland and Hinterland. Two of my absolute favorites that I've watched several times are Sense8 and The Borgias.
  7. If marijuana were legal where I live I would open a pot bakery. I also dream of owning a yarn shop.
  8. Rosie
  9. Anticipation
  10. I am not judging you, as it is not my place and I certainly have skeletons in my own closet. But I'm just gonna leave this here: sex addiction is a real thing.
  11. Tribbing!! Although I have been with a woman we never tried that, and I really really really want to!! Also just being with a woman again; it's been so long.
  12. I've always loved that. Before I'd been with a woman I liked it when a man did this with me because the taste and smell would make me wonder what it would be like to go down on a woman. It turned me on so much. I still like it when hubby does it because I haven't been with a woman in ages.
  13. WOW! I am really enjoying this story and I love the way it's unfolding. I'll be excitedly awaiting its continuation!
  14. I told him when I first joined and he didn't react at all. I did explain that it was a community of like-minded women and not a hookup site. He's always been accepting and supportive.