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  1. I prefer circumcised but I think that's just because I got accustomed to it. Although I find it more aesthetically pleasing I am very bothered by the idea of cutting on baby boys.
  2. Neatly trimmed bush. I prefer some hair on a lady. I think it's quite beautiful, actually. It's perfectly clean if you keep it clean. I'm not a fan of the bald look.
  3. Is this only happening in England? I haven't encountered it in the US.
  4. I've seen all the films mentioned here and of them I loved "I Can't Think Straight" and "Imagine Me and You." "Kissing Jessica Stein" is another that comes to mind. But my all-time favorite now is "Carol." I've seen it 5 or 6 times and it never gets old. Plus I would eat Rooney Mara with a spoon! It's just been added to Netflix.
  5. It sounds to me like she has a drinking problem. It looks like she can't handle this part of herself without the lubrication (ha!) of alcohol, and then she can blame her actions on being drunk. Her behavior is toxic for you. If I were in your situation, I would tell her that you won't talk, text or spend time with her when she is drinking, and take it from there. I've had two relationships end over drink, when I made it clear that I didn't want to be around someone who had to have alcohol in order to have a good time. There's a time for a little alcohol indulgence here and there, but it shouldn't be every time and it shouldn't be allowed to be an excuse for hurtful and disruptive behavior.
  6. My first was when I was 17. We were each other's first. We had been friends for awhile and had gradually developed a sexual attraction, and had talked about it for some time before it finally happened. It was utterly and completely amazing! I'm 52 now and still remember each and every detail as though it were yesterday.
  7. Honestly, it sounds like there's a lot of potential for drama. While you are in an open relationship, she is not and it sounds like he is already having problems with it. If I were you I'd steer clear of the situation. These things only work if everyone involved, meaning not only the two of you but your primary partners as well, are on the same page. Since there's already some distance it's a good opportunity to fade away gracefully. Best of luck to you.
  8. Kate Bush was my first celebrity crush and is still #1. Then Emily Deschanel. Then Tuppence Middleton the way she looks in Sense8. And Max Riemelt too.
  9. Content
  10. A couple of days ago my husband came in the house from outside and asked me if I'd taken down our rainbow flag. We have been flying it for two years, since the ridiculous anti-transgender bathroom law was passed in North Carolina. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, our former governor passed a bill stating that people must use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender they were at birth. Thankfully this has been repealed. Anyway, I went out on the porch and saw that the 3 x 5 foot flag and the pole attaching it to the corner of the house were gone! We live out in the country. We are surrounded by Trump-supporting conservative neighbors, but we are all respectful of each other here and I don't think this was done by anyone on the street. I am so mad I could scream. Part of me wants to replace the flag while the other part of me doesn't want to invite any more aggression. I don't want any harm to come to our home or our rescue cats. It's getting scarier by the day in America.
  11. Fall is my absolute most favorite time of year. I feel myself come alive when it starts to cool off and the leaves start to turn. Best of luck with autumn *adventures*
  12. I am also an RN. Welcome!
  13. I can definitely relate to this. My husband is a sweet, wonderful partner and my very best friend, but our sex life is almost nonexistant at this point. Much of this I believe is due both to menopause and that I have had two back surgeries in the last year and a half. I'm very much on the mend from all of that, thankfully. He has always known I am bisexual and has said repeatedly that he's ok with my having a girlfriend. I'm just really afraid that if I experience a woman again I won't want to be intimate with him anymore. I don't want to give up on my marriage. Ugggghhhh. . . so confusing!!
  14. I am struggling with this too. I am 52 and my parents are all 80. I feel guilty that I've never told them, like I haven't been completely true to myself. I am married to a man and thus always able to easily never have that conversation. All 3 of my folk are liberal and accepting and I don't even know what holds me back. Except for one time when my mom said she could understand being gay but not being bi. My dad would most likely be ok and might try to say he figured it out when I was in college. My stepmother would probably be completely unphased. As I mentioned in another post, I am feeling greater pressure from myself to be out. I'm American and I feel that I am not adequately supporting the LBGT community in this horrendous political climate by keeping this secret. Had I ended up in a long term partnership with a woman instead of a man I would have been all out. I wish I knew why it feels so complicated.
  15. I'm sorry you had to go through all the pain and craziness but it sounds like you learned a lot in the process. Moving forward you'll know what you do and don't want. You'll be stronger and more able to forge the relationship you want and need when you meet the right woman.