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  1. Returning for a second peek! :lol:

    1. femmekat


      I am privileged :blush:

  2. Counting down the days - 2 more days until Christmas break - bring it on!!

  3. Great Topic and it is always great to look forward Mine is to travel more after a hard 2 years with moving 4 times and not taking timeout for a holiday or even a break. I will only move once next year - for the last time for a long long time so therefore will spend some time travelling to new places for leisure.
  4. Distractions only work for so long....! I need a new one!

    1. leigh11


      I'm yet to find one!

    2. femmekat


      I usually distract myself looking for a new job or new home. these are sorted now so a bit lost lol x

  5. These things are so hard to discuss with our DH's. I remember having many long conversations ..... sometimes through the evening and into the morning and it can be tiring and hard work although for me personally it was worth it for the growth and increased understanding on both sides resulting from the conversations. Approaching a conversation with phrases like "I have ammo" etc does not set the conversation up to be positive however. This sets it up as combative and I am not sure it will really help you to get the understanding about being bi that you need. Honesty, calmness and the desire to understand the other person is what I think works best with tough conversations like this. We are all just a ball of insecurities, ego and fragilities wrapped up as a human. When these are triggered we end up talking defensively and this often is not productive. I wish you luck with your "discussions" and hope you find resolutions
  6. Black lace pants and a spray of Chanel
  7. Craving again - maybe this is what KD Lang was singing about?

  8. One of those days when I am targeted for divorce lawyers and engagement rings with online marketing - neither of which are relevant - unless FB knows more than I do about something!!

  9. Maybe it is time to get back in the game? Never was a game player tho!

    1. leigh11


      Know that feeling 

    2. Ice


      Yes you should! :) I am in the game too. Is it the same game? :P

  10. Oh my goodness - what a dream *blush*

  11. I've watched the first 2 episodes and it is bloody hilarious!
  12. I've watched the whole series now on 4OD. I do think it was interesting to see the "awakening" reversed to the usual way it is portrayed on TV / Film. Good to see the sex scenes weren't fetishised and just normal sex (no trumpets or angels!).
  13. I think he moved to London a few years ago to be honest. But we used to live in the same area.
  14. Aidan has a gorgeous voice and almost made it through to the finalists for X factor UK last year. I've known of him for years (since he was about 15 and sang in local singing competitions) and have been waiting for him to breakthough! Talk about a small world - being discussed here