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  1. Thanks for sharing - this is one I may just go to if possible. Could use a little support just now.
  2. I just watched this movie this week and I think it has become one of my favourite ever movies. Stunning love story. I did feel jealous pangs a little as it would be the perfect life if only I could learn to share DH. I cried my eyes out at the real pictures at the end of the movie - it made it so much more real as somone's life. (I'm such a wuss!)
  3. I love musicals - Wicked is still one of my absolute favourites and the one I have seen the most times. Next on the list for me is Hamilton or Book of Mormon (I have seen this on a video but not live yet)
  4. I don't know how to do this.
  5. Hugs to you - I hope that helps, to get it out of your brain and onto the virtual page. It's awful that someone can treat another in that way. You deserve so much better. I hope this time around you have the fab night you should have had
  6. Distracting myself once again from the ache of goodbyes.
  7. Well hello - just peeking back :)

  8. Was peeking at your profile. So just stopping by to say hi!

  9. Hi!

    Welcome to Shy's I love Denmark and it is lovely to see someone on here from there I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  10. Oh how I wish it wasn't a school night!

  11. Just recently graduated with an MA in Marketing. Seriously considering doing a PhD but think I need to take a little time to chill first.
  12. Waiting for the New year..I struggle with the inbetween bit of Christmas and New Year.
  13. Oh how I wish for more spare time and money.... Something to work on?