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  1. I think he moved to London a few years ago to be honest. But we used to live in the same area.
  2. Aidan has a gorgeous voice and almost made it through to the finalists for X factor UK last year. I've known of him for years (since he was about 15 and sang in local singing competitions) and have been waiting for him to breakthough! Talk about a small world - being discussed here
  3. I relate to this so much. I have had to take step back and minimise contact with my own mum so that the impact she has on my life is minimised - but due to this she has missed out on many many times she could have spent with her grandchildren too (I felt they needed to be protected too) Hugs to you. You are enough - just as you are - remember that.
  4. Thanks for sharing - this is one I may just go to if possible. Could use a little support just now.
  5. I just watched this movie this week and I think it has become one of my favourite ever movies. Stunning love story. I did feel jealous pangs a little as it would be the perfect life if only I could learn to share DH. I cried my eyes out at the real pictures at the end of the movie - it made it so much more real as somone's life. (I'm such a wuss!)
  6. I love musicals - Wicked is still one of my absolute favourites and the one I have seen the most times. Next on the list for me is Hamilton or Book of Mormon (I have seen this on a video but not live yet)
  7. I don't know how to do this.
  8. Hugs to you - I hope that helps, to get it out of your brain and onto the virtual page. It's awful that someone can treat another in that way. You deserve so much better. I hope this time around you have the fab night you should have had
  9. Distracting myself once again from the ache of goodbyes.
  10. Well hello - just peeking back :)

  11. Was peeking at your profile. So just stopping by to say hi!

  12. Hi!

    Welcome to Shy's I love Denmark and it is lovely to see someone on here from there I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  13. Oh how I wish it wasn't a school night!