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  1. Distracting myself once again from the ache of goodbyes.
  2. Well hello - just peeking back :)

  3. Was peeking at your profile. So just stopping by to say hi!

  4. Hi!

    Welcome to Shy's I love Denmark and it is lovely to see someone on here from there I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  5. Oh how I wish it wasn't a school night!

  6. Just recently graduated with an MA in Marketing. Seriously considering doing a PhD but think I need to take a little time to chill first.
  7. Waiting for the New year..I struggle with the inbetween bit of Christmas and New Year.
  8. Oh how I wish for more spare time and money.... Something to work on?
  9. Hotel Room...Hot Movie.....then lets see what can happen.
  10. Just peeking back :)

  11. I don't like this thread. It made me really paranoid when I hadn't had any experience of being with a woman. I was self conscious enough about so many things and then to have to think if they would be judgmental about how I maintained my lady garden. As quite an anxious person this made me almost run away from even trying to be personal with a woman. Now I'm not saying I don't take care of myself for my own preference - of course I do but this just made me worry about something that in reality shouldn't have been a worry. There are already worries about smell and appearance that go around a ladies mind before the first time and this just added to the stress I already felt. I know that is not how the thread is intended - but some people (like me) may read it and it make them very anxious. So for any ladies that were like me and this makes them more self conscious and worried. Please understand once you are in the moment and with the right lady - none of this matters at all. With the right woman - they won't care either way........you are perfect just the way you are