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  1. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, wishing you all a wonderful 2017 full of sexy women ;-)

    1. Cheska9


      Thanks,have an awesome 2017 InaraGirl :)

  2. False Alarm by Matoma <3
  3. Ain't got far to go by Jess Glynne. Love this song!
  4. I had a similar situation recently. In my case a friend who is into girls, just not into me lol. It felt a bit awkward for about a day after I told her then we went back to being great friends and actually it's probably for the best as I really value our friendship. So yeah, it was a fun crush for a while but now I'm ready for other things, and feel pretty proud of myself that I had the guts to tell her, and so should you
  5. Aww that's lovely, so great to hear it all felt comfortable and right. It's liberating non?
  6. Rain rain rain. Just as well I'm off for a last-minute sunshine break! :D

  7. Russell T Davies made A Midsummer Nights Dream hella gay, woo!!

  8. Not heard of topamax before, seems like it's an anti-epileptic like pregabalin, I hope it helps. Sometimes it takes a few months to see the full effects. Periods tend to flare me up too I think it's the change in pH levels or something. If it keeps happening you could look into contraceptive options that stop your periods. And yes stress tends to aggravate any type of pain unfortunately. I have taken up meditation, helps me deal with the whole thing much better. These are the cushions I use, this website is UK though - Yep hypermobility is where your collagen (connective tissue such as bones and ligaments) doesn't form properly so your joints bend too far. It impacts on the way you use your muscles, I have discovered my core is very weak and this puts too much pressure on my pelvic floor, I also tend to get very tight piriformis muscles (muscles deep in the butt) and the pudendal nerve (the one that's irritated) runs right by the piriformis, so for me I think it's all related. Here is a bit about hypermobility diagnosis -
  9. Yes, I've had it since I was 16. My sympathies to you. There is hope, many women have found things that reduce or eliminate the pain. What drug are you trying? For me, pregabalin (lyrica) has been brilliant, not a cure but a serious help. For periods I use natracare pads, they're 100% cotton and I find they don't irritate. Sitting is a big trigger for me so I have invested in some pressure relief cushions which are a life saver. Unfortunately I have to be careful what trousers and knickers I wear, anything tight is a no no. I know it can feel really isolating but you're not alone, so many women struggle with this. There is a great support forum - and a related "secret" Facebook group which is very supportive. It is frustrating that it is such a poorly understood condition and there are probably different causes in different women. I recently found out I am hypermobile and this could be a factor in my pain so am working with a local physio on that. Do you know if you are hypermobile? Feel free to pm me if you have any questions and I'll try and help x
  10. Welcome! I don't think that is a widespread attitude, at least not in my experience! We all have to start somewhere after all. Perhaps some girls would have an issue with a lack of experience in a partner but I bet most wouldn't. You only have to look around this forum to see how many women discover their same sex attractions later in life and there is nothing wrong with that, we all deserve the chance to explore if we want to. I am 30 and met my girlfriend last year. We are each other's first girlfriend and there is something lovely about discovering things for the first time together x
  11. Life is pretty stressful these days. Whether because of job worries, sad things happening around the world or just having a bad day, sometimes we all just need some kind words and a little bit of time out from life's hectic pace. Unfortunately it's not always possible to get these in real life so I thought I would try starting a nice, gentle thread where we can leave each other some encouraging words to dip into whenever they are needed. So I would like to start by offering a heartfelt, gentle hug to anyone who needs one along with a warm beverage and a reminder to take good care of yourself x