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  1. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, wishing you all a wonderful 2017 full of sexy women ;-)

    1. Cheska9


      Thanks,have an awesome 2017 InaraGirl :)

  2. False Alarm by Matoma <3
  3. Ain't got far to go by Jess Glynne. Love this song!
  4. I had a similar situation recently. In my case a friend who is into girls, just not into me lol. It felt a bit awkward for about a day after I told her then we went back to being great friends and actually it's probably for the best as I really value our friendship. So yeah, it was a fun crush for a while but now I'm ready for other things, and feel pretty proud of myself that I had the guts to tell her, and so should you
  5. Aww that's lovely, so great to hear it all felt comfortable and right. It's liberating non?
  6. Rain rain rain. Just as well I'm off for a last-minute sunshine break! :D

  7. Life is pretty stressful these days. Whether because of job worries, sad things happening around the world or just having a bad day, sometimes we all just need some kind words and a little bit of time out from life's hectic pace. Unfortunately it's not always possible to get these in real life so I thought I would try starting a nice, gentle thread where we can leave each other some encouraging words to dip into whenever they are needed. So I would like to start by offering a heartfelt, gentle hug to anyone who needs one along with a warm beverage and a reminder to take good care of yourself x