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    My music section won't hold as much as it used to, so here's a longer list of music I love. :D

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  1. Logged in for the first time in years... looking back on old posts is fascinating. My journey keeps evolving... smiled as I noticed patterns from back then lining up with the happier Me of today. 

    Some content survived, but My contact list did not... Are any of you still out there? 

    1. JadeBleu15


      I don't think we knew each other.  I was away for Idk.. several years I think it was, logged back in last year to the new format and saw a couple familiar faces but the majority of my friends are new and very sweet and kind, I must say, I hope you find some of your older friends but I am sure a lot of new ones will come around. Welcome Back. 

    2. DiscoLemonade


      Heyyyyy, just seeing this now but what's up girly?!? I haven't talked to you in a hot minute.


    3. sasha420


      Hey! Just logged on after ages myself. How have you been?!