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  1. Tomorrow I'll be landing in Chicago and straight into her arms

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    2. #No1Crush


      Thanks for the suggestions Hungry!

      Ha! Leigh you minx! ;) 

    3. tbare13
    4. #No1Crush
  2. My Wife is from the north island. NZ is beautiful!
  3. She is the kind of woman that makes your jaw drop, and your eyes open wide while mouthing under your breath "oh my f@cking God." - A.R. Asher
  4. Let today be a good day! 

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    2. leigh11


      It was good cos I sent good vibes your way ;)  I'm kind like that lol xx

    3. #No1Crush


      You are Leigh! ;) xx

    4. leigh11
  5. I wish I was a little bit tallerI wish I was a ballerI wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call herI wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a batAnd a six four Impala
  6. What do you all think of Scorpio the next console?
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3. I love Titus!
  8. Here if you need a chat sweetie xxxx

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    2. leigh11


      Hope no hangover this morning lol. Great to chat, fill you in WHEN we have lunch lol xx

    3. #No1Crush


      No hangover ;) and a bacon butty always helps. Xx

    4. leigh11


      Why didn't you say lol. Would have come join you lol xx

  9. Emotional, nothing is going right today. It's not the same because she's not here. She makes sense of things, she not here!
  10. I saw her in a play Treats a few years ago, there is just something about Billie Piper...
  11. Hallo! :)

    1. elliej
    2. #No1Crush


      Which part of Germany are you from?

    3. elliej


      haha I live an hour from Berlin