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  1. Ok I admit it! Steps were on the radio and I started humming and swaying along......I liked their song! * Guilty pleasure *
  2. I have some free time end of July fancy meeting for lunch?

    1. #No1Crush


      K and I can come down to you :)

    2. leigh11


      Oooooh would be fab to meet up. Happy to meet either here or halfway xx

    3. #No1Crush


      Awesome! I'll send you some dates and we can arrange! YAY!

  3. I really want a yorkie bar! Raisin and biscuit! They're NOT just for men! Grrrrr
  4. Tired before I've even started....

  5. Congrats on the half Marathon, that's awesome! Not sure I could of done it in this heat though.

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    2. #No1Crush


      I started in January and I can run 10k. I've never been a runner until now. The other half wants to do running holidays! :O She's having a laugh I swear lol!

    3. Mofgirl


      Haha, you should both come over here, we have some great races all year round, it's a great Island for it with its winter sun! That's great that your already doing 10k since Jan, do you intend to do longer?

    4. #No1Crush


      Don't tempt us!  Still trying to figure out where to go for Christmas. 

      Ask me that question in a years time lol.

      Do you just run or are you into other sports?

  6. My cousin decided to tell me at my 30th Birthday party that she was bi ( and also incredibly drunk) and proceeded to blatantly chat up my (straight female) co-worker. The next working day was SO awkward. My co-worker then showed her complete ignorance and thought bi people fancied EVERYONE. So I turned round and said "I'm bi, and I can tell you I don't fancy you." I hadn't come out to my work colleagues until that point. Oh how things have changed!
  7. Sweet November
  8. Hello lovely lady :)

    1. HeartChakra


      Hi back from one lovely lady to another! :) 

    2. #No1Crush


      Which part of NZ are you?

  9. Kairi you're back! :D:D :D

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    2. kairi


      I am good too,i was bored today and decided to come in shy :P

    3. #No1Crush


      Good choice ;)

    4. kairi


      we'll see :P

  10. Out for lunch with friends in Beaconsfield with complementary champagne. Two glasses that's all I've had! Nap time now ZzzzZzzzzzz.