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  1. Lovesong
  2. England V New Zealand in the women's rugby final. It's a split decision who to support!

    1. HeartChakra
    2. #No1Crush


      NZ were amazing in the second half! 

  3. Somewhere hot for Christmas? Don't mind if I do! 

    1. leigh11


      Ooooooh exciting

  4. Enjoying the sunshine up in central LAAANDAAAN today. 

    1. leigh11


      Enjoy. Stay safe xxx

    2. BenedettaC


      Yes, what a lovely day! Just keep your wits about you in the centre of town...

    3. #No1Crush


      Had lunch at a lovely place called Smoking Goat in Soho. 

  5. I really enjoyed Atomic Blonde, Ms Theron is great in every role she chooses. Hopefully there will be a sequel. I don't usually go for blondes but there's something about her, she is stunning.
  6. "You know what I'm like if I don't get to eat in the morning!"
  7. Any suggestions on lunch? I can't decide.....

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. #No1Crush


      I'm in the mood for chicken and apricot curry

    3. #No1Crush


      Or if you're cooking Hungry...... EVERYONE! We're off round Hungry's. 


    4. Hungry


      @#No1Crush I promise one day it will happen. Just gimme a little while. I'm hosting curry night tomorrow actually. No apricots though :P @celeste teal that's a great tradition, hope you have a lovely time!

  8. My wife has beautiful long curly hair, I LOVE HER HAIR. She gets frustrated with it and every so often teases me she might get it straightened. But I think she can tell by the sheer look of horror on my face not to do it. Curly hair rocks!
  9. The wife comes home tomorrow night! I'd better tidy up the house lol.
  10. On the 29th it will have been 10 years. I miss you mum.
  11. I was listening to this song today! Good choice
  12. Hey you. Hope you managed to avoid the rain?? Hugs on their way anyway :-) xx