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  1. I think freckles are beautiful, as are beauty spots! Sometimes when I have a tan I get wee freckles coming out on my face too, they always make me super confident
  2. Hi all thank you for bearing with me. I currently have no internet at home and very limited mobile internet. IN the meantime please seek another mod xx

  3. welcome
  4. All moved and settled into my new home! Hope everyone is well... shall be back on a bit more often now

    1. #No1Crush


      Have you moved south of the border?

      And welcome back!

    2. Clarabelle


      Nope just further south in Glasgow :) xx

  5. Hi and welcome back xxx
  6. stressing about something I shouldn't be
  7. Hey ladies and welcome to shys! Please check out how this forum works and have a browse around the topics
  8. As it has been pointed out, there is nowhere in the Bible that states all people who are not heterosexual are banished to hell So I guess it's the church people themselves that have came up with this mad notion! Years ago I was brought up a not even remotely strict Catholic... I was about to marry a man in the catholic church but I knew I was bi at the time, so thought it disrespectful to them that I got married there... plus behind closed doors I had been practicing Wicca... my so called husband to be thought I was a freak for loving nature and the elements but not for loving women anyway... my beliefs changed.... I threw myself into the pagan witch way of life... loving the god and goddess.. yin and yang... and appreciating that we are all beautifully different we as humans are not designed to fit into moulds!
  9. I'm a huge believer in the whole not coming out thing, the whole concept kinda baffles me Life your life as you like to It may have been said already but honestly who you fancy is no one else's business apart from your own, don't feel like you have to throw it out there for the sake of it but by the same token don't hide who you are that's how I 'came out'.... I didn't tell anyone,, I just got into a same sex relationship that I was tired of hiding good luck
  10. Yea absolutely. My best friend that I knew since I was 16... me and her parted company so to speak just over a year ago. I wished her a happy birthday on whatsap, hers is exactly 10 days before me, she read the message and never even wrote anything back It broke my heart a little inside. She has lost a lot of weight... I know she was working on it... but it's as though she has left everyone behind... like she has a new body so she has got rid of everyone associated to the old one in a superior kind of attitude that she was always guilty of having I came out to her, told her my innermost secrets... and she fell out with me over me accidentally sleeping in one morning to meet her. I think she was looking for an excuse really, because it was always me who made the first contact, made the effort, went out my way to see her. She had a daughter and it was like because she had a child the whole world owed her and had to make allowances for her etc So yea... sometimes I feel pissed about it and want to make up with her and now I just think you know what she's clearly not worth it
  11. Thank you for your kind words, both of you, from the bottom of my heart I will see what the referral brings, and I shall seek to see a psychologist and see what happens
  12. Wishing you all an awesome Easter Weekend!

    1. sweettotheheart


      And the same for you hun ! X

    2. Purple Rose

      Purple Rose

      Well ive woke up to the sun shinning so thsts a start :)

    3. Clarabelle


      Sun is shining here too! Mwah to you both x

  13. So last week, I went to the doctor after telling her I didn't feel my depression wasn't getting any better. Like it was always getting better so I would come off the meds, then it would get worse so I went back on them until I was on the maximum dose and the horrible feelings started, the doctor would blame it on the meds and take me off them again. The GP said it sounded like I had this but it usually needs a Psychiatrist to sign off the diagnosis and then explained there is no cure or treatment, so effectively a diagnosis would do no more than pigeonhole it. After reading the symptoms I am surprised it didn't get picked up quicker, I have been displaying them since a teenager. Especially the abandonment one. There are days where it is so intense... I alienate everyone... especially my good friends and my gf So I guess I am asking for a few things here Do any of you have this too? If so, what do you do to cope on bad days? If not, do you know anyone who does? What do you do to support them?
  14. Well best of luck to you.. if you have any words of support or wisdom then let us know!