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  1. I think freckles are beautiful, as are beauty spots! Sometimes when I have a tan I get wee freckles coming out on my face too, they always make me super confident
  2. So last week, I went to the doctor after telling her I didn't feel my depression wasn't getting any better. Like it was always getting better so I would come off the meds, then it would get worse so I went back on them until I was on the maximum dose and the horrible feelings started, the doctor would blame it on the meds and take me off them again. The GP said it sounded like I had this but it usually needs a Psychiatrist to sign off the diagnosis and then explained there is no cure or treatment, so effectively a diagnosis would do no more than pigeonhole it. After reading the symptoms I am surprised it didn't get picked up quicker, I have been displaying them since a teenager. Especially the abandonment one. There are days where it is so intense... I alienate everyone... especially my good friends and my gf So I guess I am asking for a few things here Do any of you have this too? If so, what do you do to cope on bad days? If not, do you know anyone who does? What do you do to support them?
  3. Hi Thought I would ask the question? Be interesting to see what people see themselves as. I confidently now associate myself as a lesbian after years of feeling all the wrong things with males. What about you?
  4. Hi ladies!! I thought I would start a thread so we can share any amazing beauty or make up buys, something that you maybe bought that was really super cheap but gave you the 'wow' factor!! I'll start!! Nivea daily essentials range.... I use the gel facial wash and rich moisturiser, both cost me round about £2 each and they work so much better than more expensive brands like No7 and benefit... plus are compatible with my combination skin!! Also I am a BIG fan of liquid eyeliner and used to buy Benefit eyeliner at £15 a go which took ages to dry and fell off throughout the day... after a friend recommended to me the Collection (formally Collection 2000) liquid eyeliner called Faststroke. Well it was £2.99 and is more like a felt tip eyeliner and lasts all day long until you want to physically remove it!! What are yours? x