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  1. Featuring a young then-unknown Marion Cotillard, this 1996 short film is a gem: La Mouette
  2. A few months back I had no desire to meet someone. Now I am open to the possibility.
  3. This is a must read: Highly recommended! x
  4. To be in love
  5. Vague emotions
  6. Lower back pain. Donald Trump. Melania Trump. People who made comparisons between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, choosing the brainless one who fucked her way to the top, looks over content...
  7. Desperately trying to find a link to watch Lovesong a film that was released later last year...
  8. The bucket to throw up in the next time a clam is locking my mouth? Kidding! ;)
  9. For me physically the voice. I know what kind of timbre and pitch works for me. Personality trait... just kindness above all, gentle.
  10. I am about to turn 44 in a few months and... the pool is so small a cigarette butt couldn't even drown in it...