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  1. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    It has 99% helped me move on. I work with some of her friends, so she sometimes comes up in conversation. I told my husband about her, in a round about way, as the crush was happening. I told him more details later on, just before I met up with Kelly. It was during our conversation on whether or not he would be okay with me having sexual experiences with Kelly.. For example, I explained how I wondered if there was really any chemistry between my professor and I -- or if it was just in my head. I was honest in saying that I knew I was attracted to her, but I didn't know if I was confusing an adoration for her as a person (and wanting her to like me back) as attraction. He said he thought it was the latter or maybe just a girl crush. I also told him that I knew I couldn't make the first move, but if she did, I would give in to temptation. It was a great conversation between he and I. He wasn't bothered. He said he wasn't bothered that I wanted to explore my sexuality with Kelly. But after it happened, he explained that it felt different because he didn't really think I could be with a woman. He just thought it was a huge fantasy and when I came face to face with the opportunity in real life, I wouldn't be able to be sexual with a woman.
  2. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    I heard from her today. She said she still wants me, but is hesitant because it seems like there is a lot of tension in my marriage. She doesn't want to be the cause of it. I guess I'll see how things play out.
  3. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    My husband seems to be okay with it now. Today, we talked about our fears . When I told him that I didn't want to be with multiple women or move from woman to woman, he felt better about it. The problem now: I think the Domme is done with me.. After her message regarding not wanting to hurt my marriage, I sent her a reply, asking if that meant she wanted to end what we started. She messaged back and said she was just evaluating the situation. That was 3-4 days ago. She used to message me every day. I sent her a text yesterday and explained that I didn't want to be a creepy person by continuing to message her if she wanted no further contact. I asked if she could just tell me if she decided to end it...for closure. No response yet. I know I just met her and we had one in-person encounter, but we messaged a lot about what our next experiences would be like. I was very much looking forward to it. Something was unlocked in me and I was so eager to experience more. Ugh...
  4. Curious Jane

    Girls vacation

    What destination are you thinking?
  5. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    I haven't had the chance to read through your posts in detail, but I just want to point something out: My husband and I are not fighting. We don't yell at each other. We talk with each other. We also know how to effectively communicate. It's just that during the past two weeks we have been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to really discuss things in depth. We talked about it a little more after we took took lunch together. I even told him about some of the posts ( from you ladies) that are in his favor. I think he is leaning more toward not wanting me to continue anything with Kelly. Also, I recently received a message from Kelly. She said she is really worried about this is doing to my family and she doesn't want to be responsible for problems in my marriage. I'm not sure if she was breaking things off. I messaged her back and explained that she shouldn't feel that burden as I am responsible for my marriage. I apologized for giving her more details than I should give -- and that all I really should have done was wait until I had a final discussion with my husband, then tell her either "Yes. I can continue" or "Sorry, I can't go forward with this after talkikg to my husband."
  6. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    My husband and I went to lunch together today and on the drive back to work, he out-of-the-blue said something like, "By the way, I don't want to keep you from exploring your sexuality. I don't want to hold you back." I explained to him, again, that I won't do it if he doesn't want me to. He told me that he is actually a bit curious as to what other Domme/sub things could happen beyond what she and I have already done. We didn't have a whole lot of time to talk, but he said he wanted to talk to me about it further. He also said even though he doesn't think it's fair, he doesn't think that he could bring himself to have sex with another woman, so "it doesn't matter." I'm hoping he and I can get some alone time to talk more tonight.
  7. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    I told him every single detail because I was a little freaked out by it. He said he appreciates that I told him everything.
  8. Curious Jane

    He was okay with it at first, but now...

    I understand what you're saying. As for harming the marriage, here is my biggest fear, which is something that can't happen in a same sex relationship--- pregnancy. I know he would be careful, but there are accidents. We have a young child and that would definitely affect our kid's life if dad accidentally got someone pregnant. I have no intention or interest of running off to live with a woman. I've fallen in love with a woman before and I still chose my marriage over her.
  9. I told my husband about a Domme I met online. We wanted to meet. Prior to this, he and I talked here and there about my curiosity to be with a woman. When I told him about this Dommen woman and asked if he would be okay if she and I had a sexual experience, he said was he was totally fine with it. Well, it happened. I called him as I drove home and explained how I was feeling wrong about it (which I got over after a few days of chatting with her). I thought he would tell me the same thing he told me when I mentioned my curiosity-- that it was nothing to be ashamed of and lots of women want to seek out other women for sexual experiences. Instead, he was shocked. He said he didn't think I would be able to be with a woman...due to my "straightness" and shyness, I suppose. But after a couple weeks, he seemed to get over it and teased me about it here and there. I told him that I'd like to see the woman again. He asked if he could join. I explained that she and I wouldn't want that. Then he went into a thing about how it isn't fair that I get to have sex with someone else, but he can't. He meant he can't go off and have sex with other women. She and I want to meet up this weekend. She is a little drive away, so it takes a bit of planning of our schedules. I told my husband that I might see her this weekend. He went into teasing mode, then it changed back to how "it isn't fair." He said something like, "First you say you're just curious. Now you want to keep doing it." Then he said that she is just using me. I explained that I didn't want to do anything to hurt our marriage, so if it bothered him, I wouldn't go. He didn't say the words -- that he didn't want me to go, but his reaction was that of relief. I told my lady friend about it via text. I haven't heard back from her yet. So...I don't know if I should just drop it with my husband and lock up my desire for my new lady friend...or try to talk to my husband about it more. I feel like he is just simply jealous. I'm the only person he has been with sexually. I told him that I wouldn't be able to let him have sex with another woman, so I understand why he says it's not fair. At the same time, it's different. I know I will put him first and I don't want to run off with a woman and leave him behind. What if he falls in love with another woman and wants to leave me or start having secret affairs all the time? I don't know. Thoughts?
  10. Yeah, I probably missed the mark there. I'm sorry you're having such odd experiences.
  11. I'm sorry, but I am LMAO off at the last two sentences. I would be confused, too. "I'm hideous, but my friends call me beautiful." Well, she is definitely insecure. I can relate. Maybe she just needs confirmation that you find her attractive...?
  12. LOL I so very much wish that was the case. That woman was wonderful in every way.
  13. @caliwoman I wrote a little fantasy story about it in the Erotic Stories section titled, "All Those Who Wander." Not my best writing, but the stuff in the beginning (before touching happens) is what really happened.
  14. Curious Jane


    I had my first sexting experience with a woman recently and I couldn't believe what an absolute turn on it was! I didn't think it could get me going. I have to agree, it depends on writing skills, and I guess I got lucky. Every once in a while she will text me something super naughty and it drives me wild. And knowing that my texts to her will get her going is a turn on in itself.
  15. Curious Jane

    Strap-On Or Dick?

    I have only been on the receiving end of a strap on once so far, but it was so freaking amazing. I love real penis because you and your man are feeling pleasure at the same time. Not to brag, but my husband really knows what he is doing, and he is very focused in how he is making me feel. So, I can't say it's all about HIS pleasure. However, once I make it known that he is making me feel good, he has to slow down or stop because he doesn't want to cum too soon. But all of that build up on my end disappears. With the strap on, my lady partner had pure stamina. She could keep the same pace and rhythm, or even go harder, without having to worry about cumming before I climaxed. I really love going down on my husband, and his response gets me going. So that's another plus for the penis lol. But, damn, there is something to be said about the prolonged pleasure experienced when a woman gives it to you with a strap on.