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  1. Reading back over my post, I know it sounds a bit manic. I wasn't intending to sound like I was going mental over it. I'm totally fine. I just felt pretty dumb. I mean, it's not as if I 100% believed anything would happen between us. But, as with any ending, it's going to make you a bit sad.
  2. I deleted my other thread. I felt so stupid because it occurred to me today that my professor is just indifferent toward me. I don't know why I only picked up on it now, but (with the exception of a few times she has talked to me) she doesn't seem to care to talk to me. I came in early today because I had something I actually wanted to tell her -- I genuinely had something to say, not just because I am finding excuses to talk to her. Well, she was talking with another student in the room and saying some very poetic things about math. She mentioned something that I had knowledge of, and when I interjected, she didn't even look at me. She just kept talking. And I wanted so badly to add on to what she was saying. Not that it was any more profound, but just to give my thoughts on it and hopefully get her opinion on my thoughts...but it's like she didn't want to acknowledge me. Or already forgot I was in the room. And I'm pretty sure she was only looking at me during those times during class because she was waiting to see if I had an answer. But I am so freaking quiet that I think she had to look at my mouth to see if anything was coming out. THAT'S why it seemed like she was staring.. I realized this because today I just mumbled an answer, but she "heard" it because she was reading my lips -- which is what I think she always has to do because I don't speak up. Yeah, so I am an idiot. And for anyone out there who is wondering, "Does this mean she is into me?" Just know that if you have to guess and wonder, she probably isn't. And if you aren't in a position to just flat out ask, save yourself the heartache and move on.
  3. I can relate to how you feel. For what it's worth, though, I have only been attracted to women who are on the heavy side. My current crush is much thinner than the women who usually catch my eye, but it is never about looks. That's absolute honesty. Sure, I admire those who are stunningly beautiful, but aesthetics only go so far. It's the person's quirks, mannerisms, personality, and unique physical attributes that I become attracted to. One time, I was completely infatuated with a coworker who was quite overweight, had a crooked smile, and didn't really care about what she looked like . I was taken by her intelligence, sense of humor, and all the things that made her, her. Also, it's a big plus if someone is approachable and not closed off. (Something I need to work on myself.)
  4. There is something beautifully magnetic and mysterious about Helena Bonham-Carter.
  5. Well, this looks very promising! Good luck and I will be looking forward to an update. I am pretty shy myself, so it will also be interesting to know how you take your approach. :-)
  6. Yes, I find that I am attracted to two specific types of women. 1.Dark curly hair, warm brown eyes, and curvy. 2. Red hair, blue eyes, curvy, with a strong or prominent jawline. And that perfect blend of assertive, but humble that you mentioned. Not every woman who fits the physical descriptions above catches my attention, though. There is something else that is hard to describe. I think it has something to do with how much attention they give me. Not sure if that makes sense.
  7. I awoke to the sound of Dana's voice. "Jane, I think it's time you wake up." She had opened the sliding door, pulled back the curtains, and sunlight filled the room. It was smaller than the room we had kissed and fooled around, but still quite large. "I could hear your phone ring several times," Dana explained. "So, I thought I should wake you." She was standing with her arms folded again, nervously rubbing one arm. I looked at my phone to see several missed calls and texts from Brad. Then I noticed the time. It was already two in the afternoon! I sent Brad a text to apologize and told him I'd try to be home soon. Flashbacks from our sexual encounter played in my head. I wondered if she wanted to talk about it or forget it even happened. I usually don't blurt out what's on my mind, and I don't know what possessed me to say it, but I calmly asked, " this the part where you tell me you don't remember anything from last night?" Dana laughed, "Absolutely not, but I'm glad you asked because I wondered the same of you." She sat down on the side of the bed, next to me. "I have to admit that it wasn't the way I thought my night would end. It was a little go that far... so quickly, but..." I began to say. " regret it?" Dana asked. "No! Well...part of it. Wait - do you regret it?" I asked. "What part do you regret? And then I'll tell you my regret." Dana was assertive, but still maintained that pleasant tone as she did in the classroom. "I just...felt uncomfortable with another man in the room. I feel like I cheated in a way. Not me and you. Just, you know, a naked man in the room." I shyly explained. "I thought you'd say that. I felt your uneasiness and I'm sorry. That's actually part of my regret --not turning you away." Dana looked down at her hands that were nervously fidgity. "Oh...okay." I said. "No, I just mean...waiting until you and I had a private moment. Waiting until we talked more about feelings instead of jumping right to sex...and in front of my husband. I don't know why I'm embarrassed to tell you this after what we did last night...but I think..." Dana paused and her face flushed with embarrassment. "What? You think...?" I pressed. "I think I was just.. happy to see you. I was...thinking of you even before you showed up. I was thinking of us and it an incredible turn on. And there you were. If I hadn't been drunk I probably would have hid. But I don't want you to think I was just playing out some sexual fantasy. Jane, I have feelings for you and it's confusing, but then it's not, and I just don't know where this could go." (To be continued...)
  8. Anyone else feel paranoid about putting their photo up? I put one up, but then worry someone I know will notice me. 

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  9. My entire body felt flushed and I could feel the swell between my legs was growing. Dana was still on top of me and she seemed to have not come out of her drunken and horny stupor. I was very much still turned on. Dana's fingers moved to my panties again. She moved them to the side and this time, slowly pushed two fingers inside me. She kissed me, then whispered, "Is this okay? I have never..." "Yes," I breathed. I would have let her slide her fingers in and out of me all night, but I felt uncomfortable that Chris was watching. I just needed to get off. I used my own fingers to stimulate my clit while Dana continued to ease her fingers in and out of me. The intense orgasm was almost immediate. My back arched and I tried to hold it in, but a soft moan escaped. Dana pulled her fingers from me and leaned in for a kiss. "I'm getting in the shower, "Chris whispered to Dana before kissing the back of her neck. "Want to join me?" He was using his white t-shirt to clean up the semen off her back. "I'll be there in a moment," she said softly. Chris moved to the bathroom and shut the door. Dana waited to hear the sound of the shower, then laid down beside me. "Were you looking for me?" she asked. "I was surprised to see you." Yes, she was still drunk. I couldn't help but laugh. "No," I giggled. I was looking for the restroom. I'm glad I didn't have to go badly." "Me too, " Dana laughed with me. Our giggling faded and it was silent. Dana ran her fingers through my hair. "Did that really just happen?" I said aloud. Dana let out a sigh as she replied, "My exact thoughts." "I really don't want to...But I should go, " I said. "Why don't you stay in one of the other rooms?" I didn't know how Brad would feel. I didn't want to leave him alone alone in the morning she. I knew he'd have a terrible hangover. And I was sure Laura was looking for me. She had my purse and phone. I explained my worries to Dana. She got up from the bed and fumbled with her purse, which was on a dresser. She found her phone and called Laura. She made up a story and said she found me vomiting in the bathroom and thought it was best that I spend the night. She also confirmed that Christy, who took Brad home, called Laura to advise that Brad sobered up and had gone to sleep. Dana instructed Laura who to leave my phone and purse with and said that person would have them brought to the room I would be staying in. It was right across from the room we were currently in. I was relieved that Dana had extra clothes I could sleep in. I was even more relieved when she told me that the other room I was staying in had a full bathroom. Dana handed me a set of pajamas. "There's something else in there for you," she said with a wink as I began to leave the room. "It's new, don't worry." It was 4am and I was exhausted, but I definitely needed a shower. I immediately went to the bathroom when I got into my assigned room. I carefully unfolded the clothes Dana gave me;they had been rolled up into a cylinder shape. I was curious as to what kind of surprise she could have rolled up with the clothes. When they were completely unraveled, I was looking at a purple vibrator. I let had out a chuckle. The vibrator was about 6 inches long and had a nice thickness to it. There was a small extension off the side, which I figured was for clit stimulation. I left the vibrator on the sink and got into the shower. The heat and the steam felt wonderful and my mind began to replay the events from the past hour. Dana's curvy body and perfect breasts. Watching her fuck Chris. Dana on top of me while Chris fucked her. Dana's fingers inside me...then tasting me on her fingers. Thinking of it turned me on all over again. I quickly stepped from the shower and grabbed the vibrator. The shower was huge and had a ledge that was big enough to sit on. I sat there, turned on the purple massager, and opened my legs. I pushed it inside me until I could feel the extension touch my clit. The sensation was amazing. It felt even more incredible as I thought of Dana, helping to bring me climax just minutes ago. I thrusted the vibrator in and out of my pussy a little faster. Each time the vibrating extension rubbed my clit, I became closer to orgasm. I thought Dana, touching me. When I knew I was very close to climax, I pushed the vibrator inside me and kept it there. I imagined that the fast vibration on my clit was Dana's tongue. My legs quivered as I came, and to my surprise I blurted Dana's name.
  10. Please feel free to provide any constructive criticism, btw. I don't edit much and I am writing in the early morning hours, so I know there are huge improvements to be made.
  11. Laura moved closer, but I stopped a few feet behind. I worried that Dana wasn't ready to see me. "Dana!" Laura shouted excitedly. "Laura! I'm so glad you made it" Dana said cheerfully as she went in for a hug. "I think you know Jane." Laura presented me like Vanna White showing a prize. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. Dana's eyes widened and a mixture of sadness and longing flashed in her eyes. I knew she didn't want anyone to suspect we knew each other in the way we did. Dana held out her hand, and as if we were strangers, shook mine firmly. "Yes, I think you were in my last class. How are you?" She, Chris, and Laura began to have a conversation. Dana wouldn't look at me. She barely acknowledged me after the handshake. It was difficult to tell if she was simply frightened that her feelings would show or if she had decided that she no longer wanted anything to do with me. I couldn't help but worry that the latter was more likely. I quickly whispered to Laura that I needed to find Brad and walked away. Brad had been watching from a distance. He walked toward me and met me half way on the dance floor. He took me in his arms and kissed my forehead. "That must be Dana," he said. "That's her. And her husband." "Why do you look so sad?" Brad asked as he looked into my eyes. "Did she say something bad?" "No...she just acted like she didn't really know me, " I answered, looking up at Brad' s blue bloodshot eyes. He was quite drunk. "Well, it's New Year's. It's time to celebrate, not to be sad, " Brad slurred. "Let's dance!" Brad led me further into the sea of people packed onto the dance floor. The lights were dim and the live band was playing "Footloose". Brad had me laughing hard with his drunken dance moves. He swung me around, dipped me down, and wasn't really keeping rhythm with the song, but we were having fun despite the way the night started to go. I saw that Laura had found a dance partner. She wouldn't let him touch her, but they both looked to be having a great time as well. Brad twirled me around once more at the end of the song. As I turned away from him, I caught a glimpse of Dana. She was staring at me, and didn't look away when we made eye contact. She was not very far away. I was surprised I didn't notice where she had moved until now. The lead singer of the band said their time was up and they were handing it off to a DJ, who started his tracks right away. The first song he played was "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weekend. I grabbed Brad and we went back to dancing like fools. This time we danced to the rhythm and pulled each other close. I glanced in Dana's direction. She was dancing in similar fashion with Chris. She was still looking in my direction and as soon as she saw I was looking her way, she pulled Chris in closer. Each time she caught me staring, she would dance a little sexier and become more touchy with her husband. It made me a bit jealous. So, I did the same with Brad. The next look she threw my way, I kissed Brad's neck. She moved in closer to Chris, then leaned her head back, guiding him to kiss her neck. She never broke eye contact with me. It became apparent that she was jealous, too. She must not have realized that I was feeling the same way, because it seemed like she kept trying to get some kind of reaction out of me. It didn't make sense. She knew my feelings. Maybe she thought I no longer cared. The countdown to the New Year came and went. I gave Brad an extra long kiss at midnight and hoped Dana was watching. We were too old for these silly games, but there was a certain satisfaction that came along with knowing Dana was jealous. It meant she cared. I knew why she had to ignore me, but it still made me feel depressed. In a way, I felt she deserved to feel some anguish, too. Brad told me he wasn't feeling well. It wasn't a surprise. He hadn't stopped drinking since he arrived. We agreed on one last song, the we would go. The lights dimmed and the room was almost completely dark as a version of Radiohead's "Creep" began to play. It was a beautiful acoustic cover that I later learned was by Kina Grannis. Though the original was always a favorite of mine, I could understand these lyrics a lot better as they were sung clearly and slowy. They were perfect for the moment. "When you were here before I couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel You're skin makes me cry... " Dana was dancing slowly with Chris, and he was whispering something in her ear for most of the song. I lay my head against Brad's chest as I watch them. "I want you to notice When I'm not around You're so fuckin' special I wish I was special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here. Sheeeeee's ruuuuunning out..." I watched, deep in my sadness, as Dana gave Chris a kiss on the lips, then turned back toward the stairs. He hollered at her as she walked up the steps, something about finding wine. Then she disappeared out of view. Laura found us just then and I explained that Brad and I were headed home. She begged me to stay. She said these parties run until at least 3am and it was the only time she really got out to enjoy herself. A coworker, Christy, who lived near Brad and I overheard the conversation. She and her husband offered to drive Brad home. She said they would make sure he sobered up a bit before they left him alone. Brad was okay with the plan. Laura and I dance to two more songs before a guy asked to dance with her. I had to use the restroom anyway. Laura told me to use the restroom upstairs. "It's pretty amazing. It's like the size of a master bedroom," she told me. In a bit of a drunken stupor, I headed up the stairs, in search of this grand restroom. At the top of the stairs, I was met with a hallway that seemed to stretch at least a mile. I was pretty sure the floor was made out of real, polished marble. Expensive paintings and sculptures were on display everywhere. It seemed more like an art museum than part of a home. I opened a couple doors only to find bedrooms. The music faded as I made my way down the hall, until I couldn't hear it anymore. I removed my heels. The sound of them tapping on the marble in otherwise complete silence made me a little uneasy. I felt like I shouldn't be in this area and I imagined a maid or other occupant appearing to shoo me away. I came to another door. It had to be eight feet tall. Surely, a grand restroom would be behind it. I carefully pulled the door open. It was pitch black, except for the stream of light I was letting in. I carefully allowed the door to shut behind me. I felt the wall for a light switch and I tried to peer through the darkness at the rest of the room. It didn't have the acoustics of a restroom and I became aware that I was standing on carpet. It was a huge room. I could see it was connected to a second area, which seemed to be dimly lit. There was a faint noise coming from that area, and it intrigued me. I rounded the corner, still feeling for a light switch, and came to the other part of the room. A large sliding glass door was open, letting the bright moonlight shine into the room. Large flowy curtains were billowing in the calm breeze. I turned my eyes toward the sound I had heard. It seemed muffled and familiar. "Oh my God," I said to myself. It was the sound of people having sex. I could see them now, on a king size bed. I put both hands over my mouth to cover the squeak of embarrassment that was trying to come out. My eyes adjusted to the light. I could see a completely nude woman on top of a completely nude man. It happened so quickly; the time it took to look from the window to the couple on the bed. I realized the woman was looking at me. The man couldn't see me as he was faced the other way as she rode him. I was already embarrassed, but now I was frozen solid, hand still over my mouth...and I was looking at Dana. I walked in on Dana fucking Chris. We noticed each other simultaneously, but it took a moment to recognize faces. I began to back up to find my way out, but she grinned a devilish grin and kept her eyes locked with mine. She moved her hips harder against Chris and let out a soft moan. So did he. I was completely shocked and the embarrassment burned through my head. But I couldn't look away. Her body moved in the most sensual way against him. She had let her hair down and her dark curls fell around her face. Chris sat up, but I knew he still couldn't see me from my position. Dana was still on top of him, as he sat at the edge of the bed. She wrapped her legs around him and she was still looking into my eyes. Chris was in control now. He leaned back, one hand on the bed for leverage, the other on Dana's hip. He thrust into her. His movements became faster and Dana was quickly bouncing up and down. Each time she closed her eyes in ecstasy,she moaned, but still locked her eyes on me when she opened them. I could tell she was drunk. I couldn't imagine her being comfortable with me watching her make love to her husband while she was sober. I felt like I should leave for that reason. I turned to go and heard Dana, obviously drunk by the sound of her voice. "Wait." Chris turned around to see me. To my surprise, he nonchalantly turned back around and continued to thrust into Dana. I was the most uncomfortable I have ever been, but also insanely turned on. I know it was the alcohol which allowed me the courage to walk toward them. It felt much like the way people describe an out-of-body experience. I no longer had control. It was as if I was just watching myself softly glide my hands up and down Dana's back. She reached for them and pulled my hands around to her large breasts; I felt her erect nipples under my fingers as I massaged them. Chris slowed his rhythm, and Dana was slowly grinding her hips, letting his dick slide almost completely out and then back in. I kissed her back, up to her neck. I was careful not to touch Chris. My faithfulness to Brad didn't leave my mind. And while I was lost in the moment, there was still a slight uneasiness when I wondered where this might lead. I wanted her all to myself, but I wasn't strong enough to resist such the temptation before me. It wasn't long before Dana was building up to climax. Her breathing became heavier and her moans were higher pitched. Before she came to orgasm, Chris lifted her off of him. He stood beside her, stroking his dick.. I became tense, not knowing what his next move would be. Dana pushed me onto the bed, then straddled her naked body over me. She kissed me, then again, until our tongues met. I could feel that Chris was taking Dana from behind. She contined to kiss me as he slowly fucked her. The way her body pushed against mine, I knew he was thrusting long and deep. She tried to move one hand down my thigh, to my sopping wet vagina, but she was beginning to climax fast. One finger moved my panties to the side, while another brushed my clit. Her finger almost pushed inside me when she began to cum. Dana pulled her finger to her mouth, tasting me as she came. Chris pulled out with a deep moan and cummed on her back. (To be continued...)
  12. We didn't walk two steps before a waiter approached us and presented a tray of several glasses of champagne. Laura politely declined, I accepted a glass, and Brad took two. We made our way toward the music. We came to a room that was the size of small concert hall. A live band was playing a cover of "Get down tonight" and most everyone was dancing. Laura spotted three of our coworkers who were there with their spouses. I could tell that joining a group of familar faces made Brad loosen up. That, and the extra glasses of wine he downed on the way to the dance floor. He grabbed my hands and we danced wildly. The song ended and was followed by another uptempo song. "I'm going to find more booze,"Brad yelled over the music. I tried to tell him he didn't need another drink, but he drunkedly walked away toward an open bar. I caught his hand just as Laura got close to my ear and said, "Hey, there's Dana!" I let Brad' s hand slide out of mine and turned to see where Laura was pointing. Dana was very close by, and walking down a staircase. She was holding onto the arm of strikingly handsome man with jet black hair, tan skin, and the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. He was wearing a dark suit, but it was easy to tell he was very fit by his chiseled face and jawline. I bumped Laura with my elbow. "Is that Chris?" "That's him!" she yelled back. "My gosh, he is like a dark-haired Hemsworth," I said. My focus turned to Dana. She was absolutely stunning. Chris' looks may have caught my attention, but Dana's beauty was completely captivating. Her dark hair was pulled back into a bun. She wore a simple black dress, but glammed it up with earrings that dangled and a necklace lined with sparkly diamonds. The dress came to a 'V' in front and showed off her cleavage. Her lips were a shade between red and pink and her eyeliner was perfect. Her eyelashes were long and full, something I was just noticing now that she was wearing dark mascara. "Let's go say hi, "Laura said in my ear. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the gorgeous couple on the staircase. As we made our way through the dancing guests, I quizzed Laura as to why Dana even worked when her husband came from such a wealthy family. "Well, they haven't been married long. The short of it is that she doesn't know if it will last. Things have been rocky between their families, "Laura quickly whispered before we reached the staircase. She added, "Her family thinks he pulled her away from her Mormon values. She is trying to show them that she hasn't turned away from the church. I guess she took a day off from that tonight." (To be continued...)
  13. I sat in the darkness of my car and wondered if the conversation with Dana really happened. It did. I could still smell her sweet-scented perfume. I realized that she was still walking to her car, which was parked at the opposite end of the lot. I watched as she climbed into a newer black Jeep Cherokee and drove away. I had seen the Jeep parked in the campus parking lot before, but never knew it belonged to Dana. I always stared at the large white sticker on the rear window, which stood out against the dark tinted windows. It was a Lord of the Rings quote: "Not all those who wander are lost." I looked down at the inside of my wrist and ran a finger over my tattoo -- a compass which bore the same quote. I got the tattoo in my early twenties when I lived for road trips and travel. There was an exhilarating sense of freedom that came with driving from state to state or hopping on a plane to visit another country. Sometimes I didn't even make a plan or itinerary. I just went. Some people saw me and my love for exploring simply as: a young girl trying to find herself. But it was truly about the experience and possibly finding the place where I wad supposed to be. For the first time I noticed the parallels. Some people can't set off for a new place they've never been. They need to lay out their plans neatly, follow a pre-mapped route, and stick to an itinerary. It's much like living in a box. Some people do the same thing --play it safe --with their feelings...and attractions. It feels safe to play by the rules of society. You won't be judged or ridiculed if you do. So, get married to a boy, have kids, go to work, etc., etc. But God forbid if you find yourself attracted to the same sex. Push those feelings away, they say. You're confused. Step back inside the box. What if you're missing out on the greatest love of your life? Why narrow your chances of finding real love? The permanent ink on my wrist now had an even deeper meaning. ----- Every day I woke up, I immediately grabbed my phone to check for a message from Dana. I thought about sending her a Facebook message, but I could not find her Facebook page. It was difficult to focus on anything else but her. I tried to talk to Brad about what I was experiencing, but I could see that it worried him. He was more comfortable with me having a sexual attraction to Dana, but an emotional attachment was a bit of a threat to our relationship. I understood his worry and told him I would stop everything if it was hurting our marriage. He told me that I needed to have an experience with her and just "get it out of my system." It was the afternoon on New Year's Eve and I was still in bed. It had been two weeks and there had been absolutely no communication from Dana. Maybe she talked to her husband about us and he became mad. What if she changed her mind ? I heard my cell phone ring and almost fell off the bed as I reached for it on the nightstand. It was Laura. "Hey, Laura, " I answered the phone. "What's up?" "Sorry I haven't been in touch to confirm plans. You know how crazy the holidays get. But what time should I pick you up for the party? And is Brad coming?" I had been so wrapped up with Dana that I had forgotten about the New Year's party I had promised to attend with Laura! "I'm so excited!" I said, trying my best to not make it obvious that I had forgotten. " How about 8pm?" "Perfect!" Laura replied. "I will check with Brad to make sure he didn't forget. Whether be goes or not, I will be ready to go at 8pm." "Awesome! See you then, Jane!" I immediately called Brad, who was catching up on a project at work even though it was Sunday. To my surprise, he was happy to go to the party. Laura picked us up promptly at 8pm. It was supposed to be a casual party, but she was dressed to the nines. She was wearing a navy blue sequined dress with a black sequined top that covered her shoulders and black high heels. I was wearing a dark purple dress that hugged my hips, but became loose and flowy at the bottom. It was chilly, so I wore a long sleeve black dress- jacket that matched my heels. Brad wore dark blue jeans and a black shirt with a dark purple tie. We drove for about twenty minutes to a side of town I have never been. It was a rural part of the desert with one home every mile or so. The homes were huge and luxurious , with big gates and long drveways. We pulled up to the gate of one massively huge mansion. Laura pushed a few buttons on a speaker box and the gate began to slide open. As we waited, I looked around at the amazing sight before me. On either side of the gate there were tall rock waterfalls. The wall that went around the perimeter of the property was made of thick stone. A large plaque set inside the stone at the entrance caught my eye. I had to catch my breath when I read the huge embossed letters: WALLINGFORD. Coincidence? I wondered. The gate was now completely open and we were driving down a long concrete path to the mansion. Thick, tall, and perfectly trimmed trees lined the path. Each tree was lit up from it's base. I could see several cars lined up on both sides of the path. One in particular confirmed that the name on the stone at the entrance was not a coincidence. It was Dana's Jeep. A strange sensation of worry, shock, excitement, and anxiety stung inside my chest and moved throughout my body. " this Dana's house?" I said in disbelief. "Oh no," she answered. "This is Chris' parents home." "Oh..." I said, sounding obviously confused. "Chris is Dana's husband. I thought I told you where we were going while we were at lunch that one day, " Laura said. "His parents are some kind of real estate investors. Nice place, eh?" I looked at Brad, who seemed disappointed. I knew he didn't want to spend New Year's with the woman his wife would be reeling over. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it as if to say, "I'm sorry." ----- The experience was something I had only seen in movies. There was car valet, doormen, butlers, and several people serving things on trays. "I thought you said this was casual, Laura." I said as we walked inside and glanced around at the elite-looking people who were enjoying wine and conversation. "Jane, sometimes I think you don't listen to anything I say," Laura replied as she lightly slapped my shoulder. " I said it would be everything BUT casual." "Let's just find the booze," Brad laughed. He was trying so hard be a good sport. (To be continued...)
  14. I started the car, but contemplated going back to Dana's classroom. When I saw Jason get in his car and leave, I made up my mind. I was going back. I pulled out my mirror to check for smeared eyeliner and runny mascara. Except for bloodshot eyes, I still looked okay and not like the crying mess I was just moments prior. I turned off the engine, but before I could open the door I was startled by a knock on the passenger side window. A familar figure was standing outside. I unlocked the door, and Dana slid into the passenger seat. I wasn't prepared for this and couldn't find any words. We were silent long enough for the interior lights to fade. We were in complete darkness, just staring out the windshield. And then she spoke, her voice shaky and almost a whisper. "I just need time, Jane. I haven't been able to process this. And I'm sorry if my silence is hurting you... or confusing you. Please understand. I haven't been able to talk to anyone. I just need to sort this out. In my own way." "I understand. I really do, " I whispered. "Now that you're here, can I just read the letter to you...the one I tried to give you before that annoying little bastard interrupted me? Dana let out a laugh. "I swear, it's like he is getting paid to do it, " I chuckled. Dana laughed more. She covered her mouth as she giggled, "He just asked me out." "Oh my hell, he is like fresh out of high school!" I gasped. Now we were both laughing. When we caught our breath, Dana explained that she had to meet her husband for dinner in a few minutes. " But I would love to hear your letter." I unfolded the handwritten note and read aloud. "Dana, please forgive me for any pain or uncomfortable feelings I may have caused. But you need to understand that this is difficult for me, too. I don't know what it all means, but I think it would serve our emotional and mental health well if we talked about it. If you want me to go away, I will do that. I just need some closure. You had a part in this as much as I did, so I think you owe me at least a conversation...when you're ready." "I promise we'll talk," Dana said with sincerity. "I need to talk to my husband. It's a little complicated to explain why, but I have been putting off the conversation with him. It's a bit scary...I am not sure what to expect." "Your religion?" I asked. "Yes. That's a big part of it, "Dana said. "I need to get going. But I'll get in touch. I'm not sure when...just please be patient with me." "I will. I promise." Dana leaned over and quickly, but softly, kissed my cheek. Then she opened the car door and she was gone. (To be continued...)