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  1. They're adorable, but so are tall girls and average height girls. Girls are great in general.
  2. Completely missing body language, not understanding proper boundaries, insisting on her own way, always wearing the same thing: Could she have some form of autism? It's highly underdiagnosed in women because a lot of its characteristics fall under that free pass you mentioned.
  3. I keep meeting people who are just not into it and I miss it so much. I find it weird that I have sex more often than I'm kissed these days.
  4. Way to go! I'd have been too nervous to kiss her.
  5. I want to feel someone else's bare boobs against mine so badly. It sucks that she wouldn't use any tongue when kissing you. I've been with a guy like that and it was such a letdown.
  6. Maybe you do need to do those things. Maybe not. It doesn't seem to me to have much to do with whether or not you should leave. He's a lousy husband, so his opinion isn't really that important. Do what you think is best for you and your kids.