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  1. Lesbians have beards, just not the hairy kind.
  2. Something about being here tonight is bringing me all kinds of peace.

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Awe glad you have peace, everyone needs that in their life :)

    2. Hungry


      Long may it continue! :)

  3. Happy New Year!

    1. SupergirI


      Happy New Year, Friend!!!

  4. Yoooooooooooooo

    1. Shei


      y'know..... we've been friends for many moons... and i had no idea you changed your name 7 years ago.

    2. SupergirI



      I see you're utilizing your time on my page wisely.

      Miss you dude. Hope you've been well!

  5. I wish our partners could get inside our heads from time to time. I have yet to find a way to completely communicate the respect, beauty, and love I have for everything she is and brings to this world.

    1. trueme


      Happy for you 

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Awe that's so sweet and sometimes the way we feel can't even be expressed in words, only in the way we feel and the way our partner feels about us.

  6. This whole thread I was thinking exactly this. As the single girl who used to be with a married girl or three, I could care less what commitments the ring signified - my vagina, however, appreciated not being scratched to death. Ladies, it's really obnoxious hearing the single girl is after you for more than sex or what you both agreed to and signed up for (meaning more than sex here). That's what I see implied here (meaning Shys as a whole) often. I have had more than one committed person expect something more from me. Single girls aren't necessarily available to you any more than you are to them - respect that. There are parts of her life you're not invited into just like she's not invited between the bond of you and your partner. She doesn't care about your ring. If you feel the need to assert your committedness that badly to her, she's probably not a good fit for you. If she does care about the ring, you're probably not a good fit. If this is a question in the realm of your existence, it's probably not a good fit.
  7. Anyone called Shay is clearly so attractive it's painful. Some names are just like that. PS. it rang bells and things turned out alright haven't they :)

    1. Shei


      lol - yes to the Shay thing! I never found out how she spelled it, but I'm peculiar about how letters look in names so this way is mine.

      You ready for our town breakfast?

    2. Hungry


      I'm sure I could squeeze it in... what is the local speciality? This better not be a euphemism :P I'm particular about the ways names are spelt too. I feel bad for people with parents who tried too hard to make a perfectly nice name look strange!

  8. You lying liar.... have you never read my profile?
  9. This show was not the best in the first season. I dug the second season and suffered through the third and gave up on it entirely after that. They over-commit on the Jaha plot that's just completely terrible from the start around season 3 and Alie and the other plot pitfalls I found all tie into that. - A bitter gay
  10. I've definitely had a hard time in the past with 4 too. Oral's fantastic and I could take it for hours on end without finishing - ditto for many other parts of sex... For me, it's just too soft sometimes and needs to be rougher to actually get me past the "mm this is nice - just stay there" phase. It helps to be extremely comfortable and relaxed with your partner too. If you overthink the O, it will not come for even longer. Things to try: - strap on (vibe or no vibe) to hit that g spot - burying her tongue in you while you take control of your clit with your hands or a vibe - putting her fingers in you while she licks you - riding her face for full control and the weight of your body deciding the pressure you want on your clit - having her cover her teeth with her tongue and using the ridge to grind over your clit for extra pressure; Alice from L word likes teeth.... a little bit of biting or teeth actually does it for some peeps, but only do that upon request Strap ons are a lot more fun than I ever imagined when I was a baby gay. Don't be put off by the fake dick-ness of it all. It's extremely hot watching your girl fuck you and she stays hard for as long as you want or need! A feeldoe-type dildo with a harness to watch her get off on fucking you is even better.
  11. That is the dorkiest couple I've ever seen in my life.

    1. AllieLynn


      I know right? Jeezuz

    2. Rocker83


      That pic is fricken adorable!

    3. Shei


      You should've seen us at prom...

  12. Well, hello island-mate

    1. Hungry


      With such a small population, we should stick together :D Now if only I could go diving at this hour!

    2. Shei


      I knowwwww righttttt!

    3. Hungry


      Maybe I'll see you at the bay :P I'm totally buying into this.

  13. Psst.. Hello :) How did you manage to change your country mine still doesn't take on any device?

    1. Shei


      It looks like it flips back even when I do it, but then it actually did the change when I checked my profile. Don't click save or do... there's a step I skipped that seemed natural but if avoided kept it from flipping back.

    2. Shei


      I'm too scared to go back and mess it up now to find out what it was :blush:


    3. Hungry


      Genius.. so simple. I hope you're good!

  14. I see nobody's mentioned how long it goes... A lot of what I usually hear is here though: scent, softness. I can't say I've ever noticed a learning curve affecting the sex. The most experienced lesbian I was ever with, was probably the worst sex I've ever had. Zippo on the chemistry side - all the right tools, in all the wrong places.
  15. Bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug.

    Bug bug.