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  1. "Come back soon Liara..."

  2. allegrettol
  3. >.> <.< the cutscenes for my favorite video game character romance...
  4. Oneiric
  5. 4th grade, student teacher for my spanish class. petite, italian ancestry, gorgeous dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. Her name was Stella.
  6. Since I posted here I've not been able to get the "femshep" + Liara T'Soni storyline out of my head so today I go a fangirling and just thought I'd let you know... i blame you :p
  7. sometimes some days start out well. simple joys :)

  8. I play adventure rpg games usually on playstation 4 but lately i've been reliving the old mass effect series because (le sigh) Liara T'soni.
  9. toss up: Ali Hillis (voiced one of my biggest fantasy crushes Ever: Liara T'Soni) and Summer Glau
  10. paved ribbon bands of black sinews weaving through over and around tangled paved you think until you see its blood running rivers lost souls grinding chaos you cannot know until you're stuck inside wading through the muck uniquely yours alone. next word: atrophy
  11. A poet/songwriter
  12. I am, have been, and ever shall be a Willow fangirl... le sigh.
  13. o.o everything Changed. 

    1. HulaHoop444


      Yes. la femme is back and the site is getting a huge upgrade!

  14. "foster" they say it takes root even in a shallow bed but i never saw shallow really lose their head or heart if the truth were told it makes me wonder why they think they know standing in the stream to just to feel the flow or block it with their thinking Know how do you raise up maybe make a fuller cup foster all the bits inside when it feels like all your dreams have died new word: "clasp"
  15. I remember this girlllll