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  1. Pasé la noche escribiendo cosas sobre ti y para ti que jamás llegarás a leer. Hoy hubiesen sido 4 ...

    1. bluebell
    2. Mofgirl


      te echo de menos aquí, x

    3. rgold72


      Don't worry! You'll get to say them to me on the 5th one. I love you!!!

  2. Myladylove, we have never talked but you seem to be so sweet and caring with the people you know, you must be a very lovely person
  3. One where I could be Maria Callas or Audrey Hepburn but I look nothing like them. I just admire them very much. To risk professional goals in order to achieve love or to risk love in order to achieve professional goals?
  4. Don't worry, it might all be in your head but do tell her how you feel about it
  5. Soft, slow, passionate, sensual, playful, inviting. She then moved to my neck and it led to something else. Biggest current fear?
  6. People with no manners, especially at the table. I can totally fall out of love because of that.
  7. Of course! What is the closest you have been to dying? Any dreadful experience?
  8. How awfully sad it is not to be there with her. Craziest experience in life?
  9. Let's say political strategist but I could think of at least 5 other careers. Craziest experience in life?
  10. This is me! Exact same thing happens to me.
  11. I always liked Deneuve's and Blanchett's.
  12. Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, Shys.
  13. No but had two bosses that fell for me. A total nightmare! Hardest goodbye?
  14. 28
  15. Great taste in music, love that you speak Greek and you are also really nice.