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  1. Giving, definitely! I could live giving
  2. Cancer, moon in Leo. Super intense when in love. I can't help it!
  3. Yes and I think she might have a crush on me too
  4. Waitress said she liked my hair color, then she said she liked my nails color, then dinner was on the house. Weird.

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    2. Courteney L

      Courteney L

      lol I'm sure you weren't that bad. Thank you for the compliment ;) Beautiful pic, btw 

    3. lsroses


      Thank you. Yours is beautiful too. Love a B&W photo.

      I admire your optimism about my waitressing skills. I think I lasted about 4 shifts before accepting that I had no tolerance for rude people. Figured I should quit before I threw food/drink over someone!


    4. Courteney L

      Courteney L

      Thank you :)

      Don't even get me started about rude people...

  5. Yes. Amen. lol
  6. How we can spend the whole day in bed, how delicious going down on her is and how safe and comfortable it is. It feels so right. It's home.
  7. I'm very open about how I feel but I'm too shy to act. I write things about her that sadly, only I read because I'm too shy to show. I even compose music for piano and strings when I'm too absorbed by what I feel for her. I think she has no idea lol I'm too cheesy to be openly romantic, it's overly pathetic so I keep it to myself. I don't even know if she would enjoy it so I don't risk it.
  8. Returning the peek :) Saw that you surf. I've given it a few tries, and man it's harder than it looks! Anyways, hope you're having a nice day.

    1. Courteney L

      Courteney L

      To be honest, I haven't surfed since January. I really miss living close to the sea. Being back in the US makes it harder. Thanks for passing by and lovely day to you too :)

  9. Just saying hello :)

    1. Courteney L

      Courteney L

      Hello!!! :) how have you been?

    2. tnmom


      Great! Busy! Checking in on shys a little more often. Missed these girls :) We need to catch up soon. I'd love to hear how things are going for you. :-)

    3. Courteney L
  10. Hey Courteney, saw you stopped by my profile, just stopping by to say hi. It's great seeing you so happy and loved up! :)

    1. Courteney L

      Courteney L

      Thank you, lovely! :)  How have you been?

    2. #No1Crush


      I'm good thanks  all work, work, work at the moment alas. How have you been?

  11. Watching her sleep
  12. Daniela. My first grade teacher? Lol