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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. :-)

  2. It took me 4 days to read the entire story and I gotta tell you Loulou, you are truly an incredible woman. And never doubt for a moment how amazing and strong you are. What you went through to find yourself and so many realisations along the way. The heartache (yeah been there) the happiness (truly blissful) the addiction (been there too) and knowing and feeling love (I think I have been there too) all on a road in search of the ultimate gift, love. I am so glad you found someone who isn't afraid to show and feel everything with you. I am so glad you found love. One that you can show the world and don't have to hide. Thank you for sharing all of that with us. Your story touched me deeply and I know it has touched all the ladies here who have read it. Truly incredible. *hugs* Tommy
  3. So it's not just mine. *smh* it's crazy. It's like they don't understand - or they feel rejected or insecure? They don't understand that it's not about them.
  4. It was hard. And I started coming out to my close friends because I needed them to understand that I didn't want to have to hide myself and yet I hide myself daily to my dh. I think one the hardest day to day parts is when we're watching a movie or a series or something like that, and he asks if I like a character and then says, right she can be our girlfriend. And I think to myself, why? He thinks its a personal joke between us and he doesn't understand that it's not a joke and I am not laughing.
  5. The first time I told him, he was cool with it. Second time I told him, he thought the first time was a joke and then told me that we should never have gotten married in the first place. When he sees me unintentionally flirting with a woman, he teases me. I don't talk to him about my feelings or a woman I find attractive cos I don't trust him.
  6. I've tried to answer this imagining I was straight, and unfortunately I can't. Reason? Because whether I was straight or not, my answer wouldn't change. I would want him to be happy. I would want him to try stuff out. Follow his desires. I'd want him to live fully. I wouldn't want to be the cause of him not experimenting and then one day regretting things cos of me. For me that would be unacceptable. We all only get one life. It's not like we gonna get a redo and then get to try stuff out again. My only request from him is that he would remain safe - condoms, blood tests, and all that stuff. If he turned out to be gay, I'd be cool with that cos I've always wanted a gay friend. At the moment I am stuck cos I'd like to experiment and he wont let me. So unfortunately, the way I feel isn't the way he does.
  7. I am so grateful it's Friday and the weekend is here!! Need loads of chill time. :D

  8. I am so grateful it's Friday and the weekend is here!! Need loads of chill time. :D

  9. Breathless You stole my words Stole my breathe away I was transported to a different world A different day It's like I saw The outside of me I'd never seen before In front of me The words that I read The words that I feel Right there to see Right there so real
  10. I see you standing there looking like you don't care you actively pushed me away I told you that I wouldn't stay Then from out of the blue I get a message from you Telling me that you still care And that you will always be there It's time I do the pushing away Be ready cos it will stay that way It's the way that it has to be I have to be true to me
  11. Hey there

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    2. tomboygal


      No, and it still hurts every day. Wow only over night? Did that with Dbn once but there was no concert. lol. We drove there, stayed overnight in a hotel and drove back the next day.

    3. LesbiReal


      I know the feeling. Its really hard. Oh. That sounds fun. Thats a long drive though just for the night. Fun nevertheless





    4. tomboygal


      You lost someone close to you? :( Yeah it was a loooong drive but as you said, fun. How was your weekend?