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  1. Same. Anyone who has tried to talk to me online has been dishonest. Not only that but, but the sites themselves have been dishonest. What I mean is...they use bots or fake people to try to make you think that someone is interested in you when it's just a computer program.
  2. Happy Valentines Day to everyone! 

    1. Rocker83


      Happy Valentine's day bookie x

  3. The first woman I can remember that I crushed on ? Her name was Loa. I only know her first name. I saw her while hanging out with some friends. I was too shy to say anything. I went back and saw her once again. She must have moved away. I never saw her again.
  4. I wish I could find the woman who is my soulmate,. A woman who knows who she is, what she wants.
  5. British, Australian and Scottish to name a few.
  6. I feel the same way ChemFem. I wish I didn't feel like I needed to hold on to her pics for insurance but she's shown that she can't be trusted and I really don't know what she would do. Like you said. It is a shame.
  7. Lying in bed sick, instead of being at work. Sigh.


  8. I have no intention of posting her photos. I'm not like that. But I won't get rid of them either because I don't know that she won't try to say I was harassing her. I just feel safer holding on to them.
  9. Well, today I found out that my Girlfriend was already dating a guy before I even got the chance to tell her that I think we should be friends. Wow! I'm not hurt but pissed now. She lead me to believe she was interested in a monogamous relationship with me. She even sat me down to tell me what she was "about." Meaning not dating more than one person at a time. She said she had " been with women" but not had a relationship with one but, that she really vibes with me and that it wasn't about what someone had between their legs for her but, what they felt. But then, when I'd try to ask her out, after we had been intimate, she was always busy. I had started to pick up signs that she wanted out but wasn't woman enough to admit it. So, that's why I ended it. Now she's following me around like a lost puppy, not because she wants me back but, because we work together and she doesn't want me mad or drama at work. She's afraid I'll post the many nude photos of herself that she sent me in the short time we dated. Sigh, I hope most women aren't like her. If they are, I'd rather be alone. 1
  10. Well, I talked to my girlfriend and told her that, I think being friends is better for she and I. She agreed. I wanted to do this before we started to get angry and end up not liking each other at all. She was nervous that I wouldn't be okay with it. I told her, I was fine. I'd rather be by myself than with someone who wasn't really into me anyway. I knew she didn't want to continue as a couple but was afraid I'd be upset.. She was hanging out with friends and when I'd ask her about going out....she was always busy. No one is always busy. That just means...they don't have time for you. Narrow their options by giving them one less option. I respect myself too much to beg for someone's attention. And, I've been down that road where you care and feel deeply for someone that doesn't feel the same. Life is too short to waste your time on people who can't give you any of theirs. Like I said in one of the forum posts, I don't have a problem being single. It doesn't bother me. If the truth be told, it's hard for me to have someone in my life because I'm quite satisfied all by myself. So when I do spend time with someone, that means I've made you and our relationship a priority. That means, you are important to me. I'm only asking for the same in return, that is...if I mean anything at all to you.
  11. I dated a 26 year old woman. I'm 51. We just vibe. We don't go out as much now. She's in a different stage of life. She's wild and free. A free spirit as she calls it. She is forever calling herself crazy. I'm more laid back. Don't see it lasting much longer. That being said. I think relationships with an age difference can last. It just depends on the two people involved and how they feel.
  12. Jeep, firearms, collectibles. I guess my favorite thing to spend money on
  13. Just thinking about....what comes next? Feeling thoughtful...Feeling philosophical. Wanting a new start.
  14. I'm okay with being single. I can't lie, for the two months I was dating...It was nice. The kissing, intimacy and just having someone to hang out with and doing things together was nice. But, I'm fine with being single. I'm not lonely when I'm single. I enjoy being alone. I would like to find my perfect fit one day but, if I don't...I'm not the type of person that feels incomplete unless I'm in a relationship. I feel fine/complete all by myself.
  15. Just say hello and ask me out. That's what usually works.