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  1. SimplyTrouble

    Never ending , Would you rather

    Definitely a great singing voice become rich and famous.. Would you rather be wealthy financially or be rich in love ?
  2. Go Cubies !!!! They actually won tonight.. :love0030:

  3. Hello Wolfie thought I'd stop by and say hello and hope all is well.. :-) 

    1. wolfbigrl88


      All is well, netty is here with me until Thursday.

    2. SimplyTrouble


      How awesome.. enjoy each other.. so happy for u both.. :-)

  4. Well luckily in June all will be better when I spend the summer with her..
  5. In life I'm a very dominant strong woman so when it comes to sex I like being submissive.. But sometimes with my gf I'm dominant because I think she may prefer that.. Wink wink
  6. SimplyTrouble

    What type of art do you pursue?

    At school I'm in two art classes ones a drawing class and the other is painting on canvas ... I help out students that need it...
  7. SimplyTrouble

    What Do You Sleep In ?

    Usually on top of my Denver mattress.
  8. SimplyTrouble

    Never touched a girl but I’m curious

    It's so tender and amazing and sooooooo soft nothing compares
  9. SimplyTrouble

    Anyone going to Dinah?

    My gf and I talked about it someday sounds like fun... I remember LWord looked awesome..
  10. IGNORE HER!!!! Before you get turned into HR again...just saying
  11. Baby only 8 more sleeps .. Since your sleeping only 7 for u.. Lol love you xxxxxxx:air_kiss:

  12. SimplyTrouble

    Missing a woman's touch.

    Omg this cracked me up I feel the same way it's been since August 1st since I saw my girl but she is coming in 16 days for a short stay ..
  13. Motorcycle have always been a passion of mine since middle school around 13 I have had a few bikes from dirt to street .. I have a Honda Shadow my second one I've owned .. The best day I had on it was when my gf got on the back we put helmets on and I took her for a long ride in the country and we ended stopping in a small town had a beer at a bar and played a game of pool.. I drove her back to my place because of a thunderstorm brewing in the midst..
  14. I don't wear mine anymore I don't feel right under the circumstances..