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  1. Saw Elton John in concert he was wonderful ..

    1. ChemFem


      Whoa! Very nice. What's your favorite song by him?

  2. Wolfie hope your enjoying your days off.. Lucky you I get a week off the week of Thankgiving I can't wait.. I need a break from the kiddos .. :-)

    1. wolfbigrl88


      It bounces from week to week, like next week I'll be working with only 2 days off. I do enjoy it when I get three days off in a row, but my paycheck suffers. I get to spend more time with netty when I'm not working though :). Hope all is well with you, have a great day!

  3. I call it pussy footing around enough is enough you take the lead .. You go girl you can do it.. One thing so on your side is you know she is into girls so what the heck is stopping you ...
  4. Ok tell her to save you a couple and you be over to eat them tomorrow and some wine would be nice to wash them down.. U gotta be bold..
  5. You go girl.. I'm sexy and I know it.. Lol good luck Hun
  6. Sucker
  7. I truly hit the jackpot when you came into my life .. Thank you for all you are and all you do .. Hugs sweetheart ❤️

    1. thesebrowneyes


      Thank you sweetheart and you too for everything we share ....You've made me so happy the last 4 years L .. I love you more each day if that's possible 


  8. After a few tonight decided that alcohol does lower blood pressure.. :-)

  9. Nice to have you as a peep.. Have a awesome night.. Hugs :-)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SimplyTrouble


      It sure is Ms. Wiser lol

    3. ChemFem


      Oh you don't have to call me Me, you're not nasty :P

    4. ChemFem


      Oh you don't have to call me Ms, you're not nasty :P

  10. I would love to go through a day pain free..
  11. Penetration
  12. I really don't feel Polkadot meant any disrespect to anyone by saying the word "breeders" I felt she meant it as male/female typical gender role.. I thought it was cute when I read it.. As I to was a breeder.. But except I am gay now..
  13. Calling by to leave my lovely girlfriend lots of love ❤️ Miss you baby xxxxxxxxxx muah muah muah muah .... 

    1. SimplyTrouble


      Miss you back my love.. Xxxxx❤️