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  1. Can't sleep baby so thought I'd come here to leave you lots of love ... Only 6 weeks before we're together  eeeeeeeek !!!! so excited :D

  2. My dog had a spell tonight while I was feeding him .. Scared me half to death when I heard him scream and found him on his side lethargic.. I'm glad he's ok now.. Poor old man..
  3. All I got to say 94 is don't forget to use your teeth.. lol
  4. Doing a drive by to say Hi .... :) hope all is good.. X

  5. Personally I wouldn't have my boobs done I like soft and natural unless it was a health reason like reduction or breast cancer..
  6. Don't beat around the bush honesty is the best policy just tell him the truth.. He either is going to except it or not ..
  7. I've been in an LDR for 5 years me and my gf started slow meeting only 4 days the first time we meant then a week then 2 and this past summer I spent 8 weeks with her in England .. She is coming here in December for 9 days we try to see each other as much as our lives let us as we also have priorities.. Are goal is to someday spend 6 months together and maybe if things work out spending are lives together .. We both take one day at a time and cherish and hold on to them as a reminder of are love for each other.. And besides she's the best thing since bread pudding or was that slice bread lmao oh a bit of humor helps to.. Good luck Tree or was it Lover lol.. as long distance does work ...
  8. Ummmmm yes I did very sexy ass.. Wink
  9. When she sent me her black thong pic with her in it...
  10. Hello my new friend thanks for becoming my peep:) I love the Walking Dead too.. Can't wait for it to start back up in Oct.. Hope your having a good week so far.. Take care 

  11. Btw I like Norma ... Xxxxxx

    1. thesebrowneyes


      :)Yes she is very cute isn't she xxxxxxx

  12. Yes !! it's me babes !! Called by to leave my lovely lady many many kisses until I give you many many more in real .. Not too long long now love you :lips::lips::lips::lips: :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

    1. SimplyTrouble


      Fancy meeting you here my dear.. I love your kisses they are always so lovely.. :air_kiss: only 13 more weeks before u become Americanized.. Lol can't wait xxxxx

    2. thesebrowneyes


      It can't come quick enough baby to be in your arms again :Dxxxxxxxxx

  13. Very lovely words.. Kairi thanks for posting.
  14. Staging