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  1. I feel I have the look of not straight at least my gf saids I look gay.. I love it because none of my coworkers have the guts to ask.. But I'm out to my family and a friend kinda.. like to tell her I'm gay sometime when it's right she thinks I'm bi..
  2. Nothing wrong with being single something I've never been only for a short period of time come to think about it.. I felt relieved in the fact I only had to worry about me and not anyone else.. Taking it slow is always a smart move.. You got your whole life to get to know someone for who they are.. Good luck Hun ..
  3. I really enjoyed this.. He sounds so good ..
  4. I love Barry so much I CANT LIVE WITHOUT HIM I CANT LAUGH AND I CANT SING IM FINDING IT HARD TO DO ANYTHING.. Lol Btw I have video on my phone while I was at the concert .. He sure can get around for an older man.. At one point he even sat up on his piano..
  5. The day I'm holding her in my arms and will never have to let her go...
  6. I got that same problem .. The night that I do I will think something is wrong.. Ugh
  7. Elegance
  8. Hello Mizz hope your day went well... 

    1. Mizzmusic


      Hello. Yes it did. Busy but good. And yours ?


    2. SimplyTrouble


      Mine went well too..but sure looking forward to Friday.. Weekends go way to fast.. :-)

  9. Love you my dear... ❤️

  10. When it rains look for rainbows..
  11. Shimmer
  12. Nope I'm a Barry fan matter of fact saw him in concert last summer in England my gf bought us tickets loved every minute.. He's quite the performer...
  13. This this was so popular back in the day the radio stations wore it out .. Love it .. Thanks jade for posting brings back my youth..