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  1. Hello my new friend thanks for becoming my peep:) I love the Walking Dead too.. Can't wait for it to start back up in Oct.. Hope your having a good week so far.. Take care 

  2. Btw I like Norma ... Xxxxxx

  3. Yes !! it's me babes !! Called by to leave my lovely lady many many kisses until I give you many many more in real .. Not too long long now love you :lips::lips::lips::lips: :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

    1. SimplyTrouble


      Fancy meeting you here my dear.. I love your kisses they are always so lovely.. :air_kiss: only 13 more weeks before u become Americanized.. Lol can't wait xxxxx

  4. Very lovely words.. Kairi thanks for posting.
  5. What my gf wanted to do on my new shag rug..
  6. I meant my gf on here 5 years ago I was in the Army 5 years i own a motorcycle I'm left handed im good in sports
  7. Sexual
  8. Love Facetiming my girl today .. And having the house to myself for a few hours..
  9. I just got back from the UK visiting my gf I have to say I saw many gay and lesbian people there so much more then in America midwest I was relaxed to be myself there.. Now I truly believe that we as a society is advancing in the way we think to the LGBT communities everywhere and someday soon we will be free to live our lives as we should and meant to without fear of others prejudice comments or hatred .. It's only going to get better..
  10. I was around 44 when I came out.. So a late bloomer I was.. Lol article was funny..
  11. Love your beautiful poems Jade and Blueberry thanks for posting ...
  12. Not very often she lives in England I live in the states.. It really depends on the year.. We talk on the phone every day and FaceTime .. I have Summer's off so I will spend almost two months with her and she is flying back in December to the states for a couple of weeks ..
  13. It was all that Hun beautiful , intense , tender, sexy she was so sweet and eager to please me I've not meant anybody like her.. I'm headed in June to see her for 7 weeks.. Every time is like the first time with her.. Simply amazing