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  1. A math whiz ... Specially with her glasses on lol
  2. Emotional
  3. Baby only 8 more sleeps .. Since your sleeping only 7 for u.. Lol love you xxxxxxx:air_kiss:

  4. Strawberry
  5. Omg this cracked me up I feel the same way it's been since August 1st since I saw my girl but she is coming in 16 days for a short stay ..
  6. Motorcycle have always been a passion of mine since middle school around 13 I have had a few bikes from dirt to street .. I have a Honda Shadow my second one I've owned .. The best day I had on it was when my gf got on the back we put helmets on and I took her for a long ride in the country and we ended stopping in a small town had a beer at a bar and played a game of pool.. I drove her back to my place because of a thunderstorm brewing in the midst..
  7. I don't wear mine anymore I don't feel right under the circumstances..
  8. Nah it wasn't for me I got motion sick and fell off.. I much prefer the slides...
  9. Sorry u lost yr puppy dear that sucks.. Maybe someday u can get another when time is right.. 

  10. In my bed ... Lol tonight I have my long short sleeve night shirt on I got in England ..
  11. They are but my pug is pretty old and he just doesn't settle at night always barking or needing to be let out.. Very needy.. I feel bad he's not himself .. He was enjoying me wrapping presents tonight for his four legged cousins .. He wouldn't stop poking at the gifts and smelling them it was little raw hide bones his favorites.. Yes of course I bought him one but he still wanted theirs.. Lol
  12. All those suggestions are great and wish I had that in my area.. I was going to say just lesbian / bi friends I can relate too..
  13. Only 32 more day before my sweetheart comes .. 

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    2. SimplyTrouble


      So happy for u and yr girl. Roll on April right.. :-) she counts down by sleeps which I think is cute 16 more.. Happy Holidays Wolfie.. 

    3. wolfbigrl88
    4. SimplyTrouble


      Wolfie only 8 more sleeps... :D