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  1. Sorry to see you go my peep I wish you the best .. Miss you already
  2. Happy .. Got the next 3 days off work.
  3. When she spoons me...
  4. How's my Canadian peep? Staying warm I hope... :clapping:

  5. Aaaww I miss my gf even more after reading this thread..
  6. Helena You are a vixen crossed with an elitist crossed with a mother crossed with a risk taker crossed with a chef. Clearly, your talents appear to be unlimited. The question for you is how far should you take each endeavor. Primarily impulsive, you tend to make large decisions on a whim. The results are both magnificent and devastating. For a woman with such accomplishment, your aptitude falls somewhat short. Nevertheless, you are a bold and beautiful temptress, a siren no less. Like Calypso, you will have what you want despite temporary setbacks.
  7. Sheets
  8. Well I got that snow day today it was lovely..
  9. I have a first cousin that is gay..
  10. Wish the snow would come so I can get the day off ..
  11. Yin yang
  12. Hot
  13. Not a big chocolate cake fan so strawberries and cream would be divine.. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?
  14. Love starting out with cloths on then undressing her slowly while we kiss...