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  1. I use an app called Simpleresize and that too shrinks your photos choose the smallest version..
  2. Mine is more of the physical since just having health issues.. And I'm sorry of your emotional pain .. Hugs dear
  3. Laying in my freshly washed bed enjoying the fabric softener smell.. Listening to my dog snore..
  4. Your a good person .. I think because I deal with a lot of pain I would not want others.. only two people in my life I would take ..
  5. Kairi love the avie those buttons look fun.. Lol need to buy that tshirt for my girl so I can practice my typing skills..
  6. We went up to the lady at the store the same day to check out are snacks we were buying and I looked at the clock above her and I said that can't be right she looked at us as to say what planet are you from we had no idea of the time we thought it was still morning we laughed about it a long time.. I'm sure you will find time when it's right to spend with her..ya sometimes nerves get the best of us in those situations .. Hopefully it was a lovely kiss.. Wink
  7. Anything that isn't country I totally agree with that.. :)

  8. Omg don't get me started.. Lol my gf and I joke about how we lost a whole day and had no idea of the time it went on for a whole day it was fantastic .. Wink
  9. I feel the more dominant person in my relationship with my gf I love courting her and buying her flowers and gifts.. I feel all women need and should be treated as queens .. I've heard so many women complain that their men don't fit the bill on the way they treat them .. Taking them for granted.. It's a shame
  10. Personally I feel I was side tracked by society and family to fit into the norm.. When I was gay all along.. Always had crushes on my female teachers not males as the other girls ogle over the handsome male gym teacher I just couldn't see what they saw .. Lol lesbian sex out ranks heterosexual sex in my eyes doesn't compare.. It just confirms I'm GAY ..
  11. Hi Pink just wanted to welcome you to Shy's and hope your enjoying the site I saw you were fairly new here..Happy Friday .. Hugs :-) 

    1. pinklotus


      Thanks @SimplyTrouble! I am enjoying the site - love it here!!

    2. SimplyTrouble
  12. My gf has boosted my confidence to know end to except myself and know it's ok to be me.. I live in a community that is very small and closed minded an even though I see gay women like tonight at the fitness club they stay to themselves .. I don't think people have fingered me out.. At least never been questioned.. Btw I feel like a teenage boy since I've meant my girl here on this site over 5 years ago as we for now are in an LDR as I'm headed this summer to see her.. So I felt that I didn't want to pass on with not knowing what it was like to love and be with a woman it became a need that I had to fill and I can't go back to how it was for its not being true to myself as I don't want to live a lie..
  13. Nervous I have a doctors appt tomorrow..