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  1. As I'm learning more and more about myself and what I'm looking for through my dating escapades I'm wondering if I'm looking for something too specific? Being too picky? As I'm pretty new to being able to act on being Bi I guess I'm looking for someone who's confident with themselves and their sexuality to sort of show me the ropes, I think in my first experiences with women (in 6 years) I'll be pretty nervous so I'd want someone else to be able to see that and take control. I've also realised I like someone I can have a laugh with, whose not afraid to be a bit ridiculous with me- an immature sense of humour is a must haha. And someone who is at similar life stage- at the moment I'm enjoying being with friends, drinking, socialising, not really settled into a career yet but that's okay, right now I'm more interested in having fun and settling down once I've found the right person. In sense of relationships, I think I'd need something casual but if it turned into something more serious I wouldn't fight it. How about you? Are you open to meeting anyone and seeing where it leads or are you a bit more choosy? I'm pretty interested in hearing your preferences
  2. If you were single again and on the look out, would you change how you were to how you had been when you were previously single or go about meeting potential future partners in the same way? I think that I'd basically be less slutty- before I met my current boyfriend I had been in a serious relationship for 2 years and then loved being single and the attention that came with it. But I was pretty young and I think I thought sex is all guys would want & all I should want. I got to know that I didn't like one night stands. If I found myself to be single again I'd want to just 'date' more- only going further if I thought they were worth it, and set my expectations higher (I went for some real low lives), maybe experience seeing girls or guys I wouldn't usually go for. What would you do differently?