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  1. "Days" by Kirsty MacColl. Great by the Kinks but this is a whole different interpretation.
  2. Freckles are skin deep. What so matters is what's inside.
  3. Just seen La La Land. I don't enjoy weeping in front of strangers! :(
  4. A great sense of humour and an ability to laugh at oneself before laughing at others.
  5. :yes: :yes: Gemini here too. :yes: :yes:
  6. Hi everyone. Saw some advertising recently extolling the virtue of this product and wondered if anybody had tried it.
  7. Must be the state of Amnesia!
  8. Four Weddings and a Funeral Doctor Zhivago (original with Omar Sharif and Julie Chistie)
  9. Completely agree with Girlygirl. I Kissed a Girl by Jill Sobule is far superior to Katy Perry's version.
  10. Hi Steph. The website is totally global although you will find the majority are UK and USA.
  11. I ended up 45%.
  12. Japan is amazing Mitch. Tokyo has a great buzz whilst the other cities are packed with glorious temples and old world buildings. What so few people realise is how beautiful the countryside is when you leave the cities.
  13. Iguazu Falls National Park in Brazil/Argentina. A Garden of Eden in a tranquil setting containing many toucans and coatis not to mention the Falls themselves, one of the Wonders of the Modern World.
  14. "My boy Bill" from Carousel which for some strange reason, he calls "Soliloquy". Over 8 minutes of pure magic.