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  1. Thanks BiTriMama, my girl was over the other night, and I got to give her a massage. I was so turned on just by touching and seeing her partially undressed. She doesn't even have kids, but has gained weight and is in the process of working it off. She has stretch marks in a lot of the same places I do. I found myself thinking they were sexy, and wanted to run my fingers along them along with her scars. So, I completely understand now, that if I feel that way, and if she is really into me, she is not going to care. My husband and I have come to the place after 15 years that we can admit to ourselves that even though we have come to care for each other, that we were infatuated with eachother but the sexual feelings were never really what they should have been. I'll have to post more about that on another topic line. I completely agree, Vampire. What was sad was that I was asking him more about the sagging, and wasn't even worried about the nipples. It kinda got turned in a completely different direction than what I was intending.
  2. Thanks ladies. I do know my husband has some strange hang ups, and intense reactions to things. Strangely enough, with as many women as he says he has been with in the past, he says he has never seen this. Personally, I was never concerned, as it has been this shape all of my life. It's only become larger and a bit more pronounced after having children. My own mother has seen it, and so has my doctor, and neither have ever expressed any concern. . I was actually surprised when I asked my close friend, last night after our Zumba class, about nipple variations, and if she'd ever heard of my particular situation. She told me that she has a similar issue, and has never had anyone say anything like what my husband said. She and her boyfriend playfully joke about it, but he's never suggested surgery. She told me that my husband needs to go suck a dick!! HA HA It was pretty funny. I definitely feel a lot better about it, tho I do wish I could find an image. I Googled "split nipples",, and didn't really want to sift through all the crazy surgery and cadaver pictures.
  3. Ok, so I wasn't sure where to ask this question. I've only recently had this thought, after meeting a someone recently. We've been texting back and forth, and have been dancing once since, very close intimate. My friend tried to get me to stay over at her place last time we went, but it didn't work out. Now, we are supposed to go dancing again, and the thought popped up that if something did end up happening, when and how would I tell her about a possible deformity, and/or should I even worry about it? My husband has off and on suggested me getting breast surgery for a split nipple that I have. He's not even a breast guy, and it bothers him to look at it. He told me, when I told him that I was concerned about someone seeing it, that I might want to warn this woman beforehand, because he's had to try really hard to look past it. So, I'm wondering if anyone has come across this before, and has it been an issue/turn off for you? I have never really thought it was much of an issue until I asked him. I was initially more concerned about the shape if my breasts after breastfeeding two kids, and if their appearance would be an issue due to a bit of sagging. Not that I could afford to get them fixed on Medicaid. Just interested to hear the ladies opinions on the issue.
  4. Thanks ladies. I do know that my husbands' issues do tend to sway and confuse me ragarding how to go forward. I have been meeting new people through my Zumba groups, who have had bisexual experiences, and are completely comfortable knowing that about me. My husband has been very encouraging regarding this. We have recently spoken about an open relationship, and laid things out as far as expectations about safety, and the extent of involvement in our lives, and wether we want these people to meet our children. There are so many aspects to think aboit. It's just that I become emotionally attached to people very easily as it is in PLATONIC relationships, and I care, and wonder if it's fair to another person to be emosionally involved with someone who has a spouse who can be like Jekyl and Hyde sometimes.
  5. Ok, so it's been a while, but i'm really surprised Don't see anyone plugging Colorado. Maybe we're all just too busy being out and about and meeting people in person. I seriously want to make a discrete card for Shy's and place them my gym's locker room. See if I can get some girls in my area to check out this site.
  6. Ok, so it's been a while, but i'm really surprised Don't see anyone plugging Colorado. Maybe we're all just too busy being out and about and meeting people in person. I seriously want to make a discrete card for Shy's and place them my gym's locker room. See if I can get some girls in my area to check out this site.
  7. Omg. Tell me about it. I keep getting crushes on Zumba instructors. I am also licensed to teach, and have been taking a clasd with one instructor for 4 years. She is a CU Buff's dance alumni, and an ex-showgirl from vegas. She added a lot of classical dance into her routines. Some of the moves she pulls off give me butterflies. I'm sad her class just ended because they are closing our gym. Hopefully she'll get hired on at a new location. We've become good friends outside of class. It's clear tho, that she is not bi in the slightest.
  8. Omg! this only happens in my dreams. So happy for you. The word "pussy" can be totally ok depending on context.
  9. I love astrology and seeimg how personalities mesh. I'm a Sagittarius, and seem to get along best with Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorns. For some reason I end up being drawn to Scorpios tho, and apparently they are rhw worst possible match for me. GO Figure.
  10. So, my husband has been going to counseling which is great, due to a myriad of issues. I told him about my attraction to women about six years ago. He gave me a free pass to be with a woman and try it out, but due to being busy raising two young kids, and work, and dealing with his mental health issues, there isn't much time to figure out where to go to meet people. I signed up on OK Cupid, and had one person that messaged me to meet up, but after my response to her I haven't heard anything. My husband is more if the mind that I am not attracted to men at all, because i'm not constantly wanting sex. Recently, he told me he was frustrated that i haven't found someone to try it out with, and that he suposedlt knows serveral people that would help me out. I personally would rather allow things to develop organically, and meet people doing the things I already do. I need to feel something for a person before I would even go there, and honestly, I wouldn't want to invite more trouble into an already troubled relationship by "hooking up" with a random person. Just like everyone else on here, I really do want to find soneone, but I'm willing to be patient.
  11. I'm not shy about beinf a gamer. I've been playing since I was 10. I'm an RPG fan. I've played through the Mass Effect Trillogy. In fact that game is what helped me unburry my feelings for women, and really explore them. Right now, I'm playing Breath of the Wild, the new Legend of Zelda installment, and once I finish that I'll move on to Mass Effect Andromeda.