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  1. gamerchic17

    Gamer Chicks!

    I'm a big Legend of Zelda fan. I've been loving Breath of the Wild. Recently Injustice 2 has become a favorite since they brought in the Nina Turtles. I love DC. But have been a turtles fan since I was 10. I loved Mass Effect 1-3
  2. Hey, I hope it's ok I follow you. New hear, so figuring things out! :)

    1. gamerchic17


      Hey, yeah it's ok. Kinda been in and off. Got busy with a new job, and life drama. Nice to meet you. 

  3. gamerchic17

    Finding that woman who can!

    I'm thinking that part of the reason for not getting many hits on dating sites is not making the first move. It's difficult for me to know what to say in my profile. I.E. giving out enough of the right amount information, without giving out too much. I feel like I'm the queen of TMI sometimes, and other times I don't communicate enough.
  4. gamerchic17

    Finding that woman who can!

    You're absolutely right. I find it pretty easy to meet women in general, but they are all straight. Lol I feel like at least I can hopefully make some friends in the LGBT community, and maybe get introduced to some other women. I've looked into Meetups here in denver. So far all i've run into was a group for 30 and under, and a speed dating meetup. It's unclear whom exactly it's for, though. One area states lesbian "singles", and the other says that any woman looking for a female lover is welcome. Slightly confusing.
  5. .... I'm also wondering with the slew of alternative lifestyles out there, how to identify. Maybe I'm overthinking it. I don't necessarily like labels, but it seems that in this case it is useful. Then again, not sure what to call it when you're married with children, realized you're only attracted to women, have a good relationship with the husband albeit basically non-sexual, and have agreed to an open relationship. Basically I'm a lesbian, married to a man, looking for a full on relationship with a woman. The problem is that the male support seems so rare. I recently met a woman online, who had been in the exact situation as me. Or so she thought. Once she had the experience, her husband was not ok sharing her, and they got divorced. I was with her one night, and after I told her that my husband knew about it, and was happy for me, she really backed off communication. She's a massage therapist, and my husband found her info through a mutual friend, and set me up an appt. She god a bit weirded out, and said she was worried that he was going to show up on her doorstep. Makes me wonder if she thought I was lying somehow, because of how her situation went.
  6. I personally feel like I'm drawn to people's souls also. I have felt connections with both men and women. Sexually though, I am only attracted to women anymore. If I'm honest, I was never really very attracted to men to begin with.
  7. Haunted is a good one. I'm sorry you had to go through this. This whole new world of dating seems so much more complicated then before. Granted there are more opportunities as well. I guess the more options we have the more opportunities for rejection, but I guess that's what makes us strong. I figure it's better to be able to learn to let go, than to be afraid of putting myself out there. It's definitely worth it to find happiness and fulfillment. A friend gave me some good advice. She said to just enjoy each new person/experience for what it is, and just keep putting yourself out there. You never know what's around the corner.
  8. Thank you Cloudburst. Thankfully, before I really started to pursue searching out someone to explore with, as several crushes on straight friends. I had made the decision to work through those feelings and maintain the friendship. I feel that those experiences have made me stronger, and also have made getting over this easier. Granted, I have still not been with a woman, and this was officially the first person who has really engaged in conversation, and stated that she hoped I would choose her to be my first. Then questions started getting very direct. She seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted, and was getting very flirtatious. I think just going there got me very stirred up and hopeful that this was finally going to happen. Plus she os a OB nurse, and a mother herself, and those things made me feel extremely comfortable that I wouldn't be judged for certain physical imperfections, because I'm sure she's seen everything. :-D I honestly only cried about it the day it happened. I appreciate everyone's kind words, and advice. I feel like I'm ok, and can move on.
  9. Thanks ladies. It's a lot to think about. I certainly appreciate the responses. It is a bit funny, tho, just in the sense that 20 years ago I was 18 and letters were considered a more thoughtful means of communication, and if I wanted to find out where someone lived, I could just look it up in the phone book, or call 411, and ask. In all honesty, she told me where she worked already, so it's not like I had to go digging for info. I had kinda gotten busy and didn't read these responses until after I sent the letter. I basically just said that if she still needs support while figuring things out, that she can find me on here. I honestly feel better after writing things out and dropping it in the mail. I figure if she wants to get back in touch, she will. and if I don't hear back, no big deal. It honestly seemed so abrupt, like right after she told me she was feeling extremely overwhelmed, and wasn't doing well. That's the only reason it seemed odd to me. It just sends up red flags for me, but that may be just because of the issues I've been faced with at times, with my husband.
  10. Thanks, yeah. She was telling me that she was in the middle of a move, and was feeling very overwhelmed. I'm definitely gonna send a letter. It's gonna have to go to her work, but at least it will get to her.
  11. I'm not sure what to think of this. I know I've heard about this from other members. I had met someone on a dating site, and we had been messaging eachother for a couple weeks. She asked me to chat with her on Google Hangouts. We had gotten pretty personal. And had been talking about doing a video chat before possibly meeting up. (She lives in Wy, and I'm in Northern CO.) Recently she told me she was moving to make it easier for her pursuing her Nursing Bachelor's. She had been feeling overwhelmed with her move, and her daughters were finishing school, so she told me she'd get back to me real soon about out plans. I messaged her a couple days later to see how she was doing, and she said, She wasn't doing very well, and very overwhelmed. She apologized for not being able to be a good friend due to being so busy, and asked how I was. So, I tried to encourage her, having been through a move myself recently, and told her she could call me if she needed to talk. I waited a couple days, and tried to message her again to see how she was, and now my messages wob't go through. I tried to email her, and is says the email address doesn't exist. She completely deleted her account. I'm a bit worried about her now. I know this happens, people get cold feet. I told her about Shybi when we first started talking, and even gave her my ID. She was trying to figure out her bi curiosity. It's strange that she would just disappear, because she's told me where she works. I'm tempted to send her a letter by snail mail just to make sure she's ok.
  12. gamerchic17


    Ok, so I found this article about flagging. Wondered what everyone thinks. I'm thinking of showing up to First Friday at Tracks, here in Denver, some night with a few bandanas on. There needs to be one for married, but open. Lol Flagging Is A Fierce Way To Show The World You're Queer AF | GO Magazine http://gomag.com/article/bring-back-flagging/
  13. gamerchic17

    Frustrated Husband

    Thanks ChemFem. He worked for housing and dining at CU. He was a maintenance tech for HVAC for the dorms and cafeterias.
  14. ChemFem, yes he goes to pick them up sometimes. He does take care of things when he's feeling physically able, and has been trying to do more. We are down to one vehicle since his truck broke down. He's been dropping me off at work, and them off at school in the morning. Part of the issue is that our auto insurance had lapsed last year, after he lost hos income, and my job was only bringing in 700.00 a month. I was hit by a lady trying to beat the red light, while I was making a left hand turn, taking my kids to school. He had to front $1200.00 of his backpay to buy us a new car off Craigslist, and now I'm paying 50.00 to the court, and 175.oo to the insurance every month. I do realize there's no excuse for him saying the things he says, whether he apologizes or not. He had actually been doing so much better when things were going well between him and his ex, but she has been backing off even from the friendship. I imaging that a lot of what he describes feeling with her is her desire, which is something that has never been there with me. Blueberry, thanks for that. Interestingly, I have already been through the depression, and me blowing up. About 8 years ago is when this all kind of came to a head. It was about the same time I fully realized my attraction to women,and also when I started counseling, and making healthy relationships outside of my marriage. I do have a plan. I'm just trying to make sure I can do this without relying on controlling family members. I have to get a job and save money to be able to move out. Thankfully, in the meantime, I have a lot of support from friends. I am also making voice recordings anytime he says we need to talk. Because I want to make sure i have proof of what he says when he's angry, in case he tries to use the kids against me in court, if it comes to that. Thankfully I would say he is only like this once a month. It's like man PMs. The rest of the time he is very sweet. At the very least he will hang out with the kids, and I can go out with my friends. They are trying to help me meet someone to explore with.
  15. We moved out of my in-laws' house about three months ago, after living there for three years. My mother-in-law triggers him to no end, but a lot of it is because she refuses to avoid him. Anytime he was triggered, I would end up getting snapped at and accused of starting arguments just because I opened my mouth, and my tone might have been off. We have been ok until the last few weeks. Any form of disagreement is seen as disrespect on hos part. If I present a differring opinion, he thinks I'm arguing, and goes off on me. He went off on me last week, threatening to make me get down on my hands and knees and beg to use the car. I have gotten to the point since then of recording every conversation on my phone. Just in case I need proof at some point. Sometimes the voice recorder doesn't work so well. Today, he came and told me that we need to talk, while I was in the middle of eating breakfast. He says he's come to a decision about our relationship, that if we get denied for our mortgage, he is going to disappear and never come back. It honestly wouldn't bother me if he just said he was leaving, but he basically said that because of all the constant pain he's in, he wants to die. He also blames me for his blood clot, and the physical pain he's in all the time, because I don't make it go away for him like his ex does. I guess recieving sex from someone who really has no feelings for you is kind of unsatisfactory. He says I owe it to him to stay and make the best of things, but them punishes me for being human. Ie: forgetting things because I have so much on my plate right now. Being a clutz. He has said that he can't stand me, or our son, because he feels that our son is just like me, because he lies. I don't want him to do anything to himself, but I really don't want to stay with him either, after all the verbal, and emotional abuse he's put me through. I'm in the process of applying for full time jobs, but it has to work with my kids' school schedule. I wish this was over. He tells me over and over that I have ruined his life by not realizing I wasn't into men before I married him, but then again, he's the one that was so in love with the idea of being with a virgin. I have followed the Abuse resources thread. I was just holding out that things would be different once we moved out.