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  1. Hey girl, I'm back! Thought I'd hop on over to your profile and say hello!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. 



    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Merry Christmas Rocker!

  3. I sleep better with someone but I guess it does depend on who the someone is. If it's a family member like my sister or cousins in the past then no, I toss and turn and feel uncomfortable. But with a significant other I sleep my best sleep. I think the best nights sleep I've ever had is when I'm snuggled up with my other half, It's nice knowing she's there, it makes me feel safe and also I feel at ease knowing she is safe too. I'm a hugger and I love falling asleep on her chest, but I'm also a duvet stealer so dunno if my other half can say the same about sleeping with me
  4. Another groupie to add to the list haha. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Scleroderma (a mild form thankfully), IBS, IC, Allodynia possibly from undiagnosed Fibromyalgia, SI joint dysfunction, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. I've been asked questions from one end of the scale to the other from, Can you even have sex, isn't it dangerous? to Wow you're bendy! Does that mean you can get up to some real kinky shit in the sack? I think at the beginning of my relationship with my missus we got a lot of questions in regards to dating someone with a disability too, some people even think it's wrong or weird. To hell with them I say, I have always been proud of who I am and these conditions are just a part of what makes me me. Great to see so many ladies here being open and honest about their issues. We are all beautiful, no matter what chooses to inhabit our bodies. You can be loved despite your conditions and disabilities. I'm proof of that
  5. Welcome to shys! Lovely to see someone coming out and being proud. I felt that way too There's lots of great forum posts here to read, and be sure to check how our forum works for all the rules and helpful topics to help you use the site. Have fun most importantly Rocky
  6. I'm 34. I feel like my brain needs to catch up with my age though, so if I could stop aging for a decade that would be awesome xD
  7. Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

  8. Piercing eyes and strong arms. My 2 favourite things.
  9. If you love him, despite the past 16 years, and would be willing to give up a part of yourself to save your marriage, then it's definitely worth one more try. I hope he sees that you have sacrificed a lot to be with him and that things need to change in order to keep you in his life. Good luck. I hope however you choose to move forward Is the right thing for you and your happiness X
  10. Finding the strength to leave Is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It's very easy to just stay with someone because it becomes safe and familiar. It takes a lot of courage to do what you're about to do and I wish you all the luck in the world. For me it was heartbreaking and terrifying, but I think that only lasted a week or so before I finally realised what I'd done and what that meant I could now do. It's always great to see someone that has decided to put themselves first and pursue happiness. I hope you find what you're looking for, and that this change is something you look back on with a huge smile on your face. Good luck girl
  11. Welcome fellow ginger Nice to see you've decided to sign up and participate. We have a topic called how the forum works which is full of useful information as well as the rules and such. It usually answers any questions new members might have. If you need any additional help there's at least 3 or 4 active mods around to message. Have fun and enjoy the site Rocky
  12. Welcome to the site. As BiTriMama stated this isn't a dating site. We are purely support oriented. But I'm sure you will make many friends here. Have fun. Rocky
  13. Welcome to the site. I hope you find this place helpful on your journey If you need any help please feel free to contact myself or any of the the other active moderators. Have fun! Rocky