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  1. I appreciate her support. When things are hard she always makes me feel like I'm never alone. I appreciate her patience. When I'm being a handful she always seems to keep her cool and lets me know she's still there no matter what. I appreciate her kindness. How she always goes out of her way to be sweet to me. Just a phone call in the middle of the day just to say she loves me. I appreciate the little things. Like when I'm in pain she holds me. Kisses my forehead. Gives me massages. Brings me tea. Wraps me up in a blanket when I fall asleep. Whispers sweet things in my ear. Rubs her nose against mine. Nuzzles my neck. I appreciate her humour. How when I'm down or sad she sings to me, or dances, or pulls silly faces to make me smile. I appreciate her love. Because I've never known anything like it. To be able to see how much someone cares about you just by looking at them. I appreciate her.
  2. It seems like every TV show you have listed I love as well. I need to catch up on Orphan Black.

    1. Rocker83


      My mom has a little dog and when I see him I say come to sestra xD I love that show. I dunno when it's back or if it is already. Must check. I like so much tv but they were the first to come to mind. I also watch big bang theory, family guy, sleepy hollow, supernatural, How to get away with murder, walking dead, OITNB and izombie. I also have catfish as my guilty pleasure lol

  3. Status rant... while being as vague as possible. 

    If you had something that not only drained your money, your free time, and your sanity, as well as make you endure daily emotional turmoil and sadness, why would you hold on to it for dear life? Is it because that thing reminds you of better times? Of a time when things were happy and there was a future ahead. Is it because you can't let go? Because letting go means it's officially over. Or is it just spite, punishment towards the other person for taking away that happiness, in turn ruining theirs.

    This likely makes no sense to anyone. Guess i just wanted to write it down.

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    2. Rocker83


      I'm gonna log out now and see what I can see haha

    3. Rocker83


      Looks like it's all open including my profile. Urgh. Makes me uneasy. I'm out to everyone so that doeent bother me. But hate writing anything too personal. Hopefully the update will be done soon. 

    4. Nidalaeh


      Hmm, now I might need to check to see if I mentioned any names. I try not to, just in case. 

  4. Hey cutie pie...loooooove yooooouuuuu

    1. Rocker83


      I love you too. Sorry about last night. I don't remember much of what we talked about and I'm pretty sure i kept falling asleep :/ Im wearing myself out I think x

    2. tbare13


      You're doing great babe xoxo

  5. Momma's little bank balance decreaser <3


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    2. RubyStarlight
    3. Nidalaeh


      He is so adorable, I hope he continues to do well!

    4. Rocker83


      @RubyStarlight They are! How is your boy doing? How old is he now?

      And thank you @Nidalaeh. He's finally had a good sleep so pleased with that :)

  6. I have a sick puppy. 

    And £100 less in my bank account.

    But he's worth it 


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    2. Rocker83


      Thank you. I hope the pills help. He's not been sleeping cos he's scratching so bad. Hopefully he'll be able to settle now :) like I said he's worth it. He's my baby. X

    3. #No1Crush


      My dads dog is the same she's 14 and for years she's suffered with skin allergies and has special shampoos, special diet and loads of pills. Haemorrhaging money. Good job we love them. Lol

    4. Rocker83


      I have a golden retriever and the breed is prone to it. I had a golden x collie mix before him who was 14 and she was fit as a fiddle and never went to the vets til the day she died. This one is making up for it but I love him. Hes on shampoo, 1 protein diet, antibiotics and steroids. He's almost 5 and hes probably cost me 5 grand over the years in pills :/ But we do love em eh? lol

  7. Hey pretty lady... Wanna run away and get married? 


  8. I wish this tie to my ex was over so I could move on with my life
  9. First off welcome to shybi. I hope you don't mind that I made your post into its own topic. Ive sent you a quick message to explain why. Shybi is the best place to be if you're bicurious or bisexual and are looking for friendships and support from like minded ladies. Although we aren't a dating site I find a lot of ladies simply enjoy being around other ladies who know how they feel. We have ladies here in all situations and it's nice to know you're not alone in this. Head over to How our forum works by clicking this link and reading all the posts which help you better understand what Shybi is all about. Our Rules post is also in there. Lastly enjoy the site. We hope you enjoy it here Rocky
  10. I was just about to post something very similar to this. Couldn't have put it better.
  11. I'm so sorry you had to hide who you were. I did this too and didn't come out properly my grandmother passed. I'm glad your husband was so supportive and you have come to an arrangement good for both of you. Although we don't allow women to actively look for other women we are a diverse bunch of individuals and all in different circumstances. I hope you find the support and friendships that we all have. Welcome to shybi
  12. Being nosey and following the romance :wub:

    1. Beaulieu1


      Fine by me....She's lovely isn't she!!


    2. Rocker83
  13. Thank you for keeping me company when I couldn't sleep. Pain hasn't really subsided yet but as you know that won't stop me. Won't push myself so hard today and will come home early if that helps. Thank you for putting up with me through this. I love you. X

    1. tbare13


      I will always do anything I can to help keep you positive and happy. You've been doing so great and working so hard. I am incredibly proud of you. I love you with all my lil pink heart sweetheart

    2. Rocker83


      Good. I am getting things done because you believe in me. You bring out the best in me :) *breaks into singing Gladys Knight* xD

  14. @Beaulieu1 I'm so sorry your dad disapproves as well. I hate when people say that it's their age and they were brought up in a different time, because it's not true. I believe it depends on upbringing but also them as a person. Ts dad is homophobic, but her mom and stepdad who are from the same kind of time both think the world of me and encourage me to be there with them. They accepted me without question. They accepted us. Ts brother spent a lot of time with their dad and maybe his views rubbed on him. I think what kind of person you are or how easily you can be talked into something plays a huge part in it. I'm glad your sister has a wonderful family and people around her who love her. That's all we ever need regardless of gender or sexuality, we just want to be loved and accepted. Also if your gut tells you something is right, if you feel that pull, listen to it. I did. I had no idea why I was drawn to T the night we met and our conversations after, however brief, but I made sure I stuck around and delved deeper. I'm glad I did because she became the most important person in my life. Don't give up x