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  1. First off welcome to our support site. You've come to the right place to look for help Im sure a lot of the ladies here will relate to their husband being fine with it, but only if they can be involved in some way. Some are fine with that and are happy to entertain the idea. Whereas others believe that their relationship with a woman should be seperate to their male partner. He can't choose the woman for you, that's not how this works at all Just like him you're attracted to different women in different ways. So yeah, that's not gonna work. Sounds like he's okay with it, but on his terms, which is common. I assume you would rather a whole seperate relationship away from your current one. If he can't accept that then you really only have a couple choices. You can accept his terms, which will make you miserable and so I don't recommend that. You could see if you can come to a compromise, you would have to explain it better to him, show him how this would be a serious relationship and not just about sex. If he's not okay with that then you need to decide what is more important to you, your husband or exploring that side of you. Coming from my experience, I chose the latter. I decided that because he wouldn't allow me to have a relationship with a woman while with him, I had to walk away and figure this out alone. But everyone is different. I'm sure most of the women here will post something soon with their opinion too, but this is just my perspective. I hope you find the site helpful and if you need any help at all don't be afraid to ask myself or another mod. Enjoy the site
  2. 4.5 years on, and I still get giddy and smile when her name pops up on my screen, when I hear her voice on the other end of the phone. I have literally smashed open my comfort zone and done things I never thought I'd ever do. For her. For us. If that isn't true love I don't know what is. I can't imagine myself with anyone else, for the rest of my life. 


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      So happy for you Rocky xx

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      Was having a sappy day :wub:

    4. wolfbigrl88


      Awe I totally know how you feel and I'm so happy for you :)

  3. Monogamy here too. I was curious about multiple partners when I was with my ex, but I soon realised that was because I wanted to be with a woman, not a man. Not both a woman and a man at the same time. I found the right person so I'm very happy now, and I have no urges to change that
  4. I agree with BTM. This doesn't really need resolving. You're attracted to who you like whether that be emotionally, physically or sexually. If it helps I have the exact same feelings as you. I always looked for that one man who was gonna sweep me off my feet. Have a family with. Get married. All the things most young girls dream of. When I had that I was just unsatisfied. I'm attracted to women physically, emotionally and sexually but with men it's just physically and occasionally emotionally, there's no urge to have sex with them. I can appreciate a beautiful looking guy, see his big arms, his dark hair, maybe tattoos, and think wow, he gorgeous. But I never think wow I would love to go to bed with this guy. I'm demisexual so I do need to be emotionally attached before sex anyway but even when I get to know the guy I still didn't want to sleep with him. There's just no urge at all. With women it's a whole different story. I tried to ask myself obsessively if I was gay and not bi, it really ate away at me. Then my gf told me something once, and it really spoke to me. I will quote her, she said.. "I don't feel the need to know "who I am". As I said. I love who I love. I'm not defined by a category or a number or a type. I'm sorry you feel as though you have to fit somewhere like that" That passage alone made me think that she's right. Why does it matter what and who I'm attracted to, and in what way. Can't we all just be open to the possibility. It's great that you see the beauty in both sexes, regardless of how far each attraction goes. Just enjoy being able to see the beauty in everyone
  5. Gwnanc I can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you. A young man like that, who has done so much for so many, losing his life, is just so wrong and unfair. I'm sorry you lost someone so special to you. It's so lovely to hear he was so so highly thought of, I'm sure that helps to hear. Allow yourself to cry, sometimes it's what our body needs. Sounds like he was a very special guy. All my love to you and your family. X
  6. Oh yes, all of the above, and laminated with a strip of carpet between xD
  7. I was gonna say a living room and a kitchen....
  8. Well you found the right place to explore that side of you Welcome to shybi! We're a little quiet at the moment but I'm sure there's plenty for you to read on the forums while you get to know everyone. If you need any help please drop me or another mod a message and we'll help where we can. There's a topic called how the forum works which is full of useful information about how the site works. Have fun!
  9. "I’d never lived before your love, I’d never felt before your touch, and I never needed anyone to make me feel alive, but then again, I wasn’t really living"

  10. First off welcome to the site Glad to see you've managed to make an account. If you pop over to the how the forum works section it's full of posts on how to use the site as well as things like post count and rules. Any help you may need reach out to me or one of the other mods. Im sorry to hear you had such a nasty break up. That can't have been easy. I hope you find the support and friendships here that I did to help you through it. Im so glad your hubby is accepting, thats fantastic. As I know not all partners are so understanding. So enjoy the site and feel free to start looking around and posting Rocky x
  11. I am now your follower. It's a nice word for stalker. 

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      Punk Maneuverability

      As long as you're being nice about it :lol:

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      I saw your welcome post. X files, Buffy and Dawson's creek were pretty much my favourite shows xD and your bio shows we have stuff in common. I can be another friend from around the globe too :P

  12. Howdy! and Welcome! If you haven’t already, check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and lots of other useful posts on how to use the site. If you need any help, then don't be afraid to ask. Enjoy the site! Rocky x
  13. I had the same issue with my previous partner. Things were okay before I came out, but then when I started admitting to myself that maybe I preferred women or maybe I was actually gay, then this happened to us too. Everyone's situation is different, for some they're able to talk it out and either move past it or come to some arrangement where you're both satisfied but still together, like an open marriage or a third. But in my case we had to split up. The arguments were just too much and we couldn't go on that way. I was unhappy and I was making him that way too. When you make each other unhappy then sometimes it's better to let each other go. Now I'm not saying you should leave your husband, but you need to seriously consider if he still makes you happy. Have you maybe considered couples counselling? Would he do something like that with you?
  14. I've had a report to say that you are being deliberately beautiful and thus distracting the other members on the site. If you continue to flaunt your good looks, great personality and witty sense of humor I will be forced to take action in a disciplinary way, possibly involving spanking. 


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      This is hilarious :lol: Love it.

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      These two girls are adorable together :)