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  1. I'm glad you had fun!
  2. My heart is hurting......
  3. It depends what kind of thing you like? Ziplining through Freemont street, seeing Hoover Dam, Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon tours, Blue Man Group. So much to see and do!! Enjoy, and Happy Birthday!!
  4. shybi

    So, I echo the sentiment of what this site has been for me for these past years. It was a place I found when I was looking for myself. I could finally relate to others going through similar situations. Its now a place I come for a mirad of reasons and advice. I do run a website, but it's not forum based. I'm familiar with behind the scenes work, as well as coding. I would be happy to contribute. I got to thinking about reaching out to similar places and seeing what their plan of attack is for revenue and management. I know one thing is, the Admin has to be around and contributing. I'm thankful to La-Femme for getting this going, but it seems for reasons she is unable to keep going with it and I understand. The financials should not solely rely on her. Maybe the mods are for doing the other admin jobs, but how many do we have? I see BiTriMama doing an amazing job,thank you for that! I just took a peek and see the shybi guy admin all over the place. It wouldn't hurt to ask him for some insight. I do agree that a monthly membership would scare many away. The donation button used to be used though, and every little bit helps. I hope that shybi can not only survive, but thrive. I would love to give back!
  5. Oh coffee, how I love you.
  6. I get my fight and stubbornness from you, and I thank you for that. You don't have to fight anymore, it's okay. I love you!!
  7. Snow day for me,  woohooooo!! 

  8. Dreaming of a cabin in the woods, watching the snow fall as I lay on a fluffy, soft, comfortable bed listening to the crackle of the fireplace.
  9. I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon. So much going around.... blah.
  10. Amazing after that meditation session.
  11. I do pilates a couple times a week, but I need to do more. I always seem to come up with an excuse.... oh, and I love food. I need to start meal prepping, so I don't eat things that I shouldn't.
  12. I'm more of a beer girl. Would you rather live in a big fast paced city, or is calm country living more your thing?
  13. Hey you! Any snow days lately? I could use one!

    1. SimplyTrouble


      None lately .. Did have 1 a couple of weeks ago .. It was be nice to have another one.. I agree..