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  1. Hey Girl,  saw you dropped by.  I don't make it here too often.  I hope you are great!

    1. Athena423


      I did...lol. I don't really come here very often myself.  I've just been looking around for anything interesting. I miss talking to you!  I'm doing awesome!  Hope all is good for you too!!

  2. I'm happy to hear that you are thinking of yourself, and pushing forward to living your truth! I'm sure it's scary, but you will be ok! Sending positive thoughts your way!
  3. Fun

    What Made You Smile Today ?

    Her. Everything about her.
  4. Fun

    Profile pic

    Adorable profile picture btw @Fluffed I love dogs!!
  5. Fun

    Loss of Hearing.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this. A little over a year ago I dealt with something similar. Ringing, dizziness, hearing loss, etc. When I would chew food it was super loud. I went to an ENT. I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. I was put on meds, and had to come back in 2 months for another hearing test. Thankfully it was just short lived and the symptoms only lasted maybe a week. I had also fallen off of my kids hoverboard really hard a few days before the symptoms started so I'm not even sure if it truly was Meniere's disease or if my rocks just got off balance. Regardless it was so scary! Have you checked into any alternative therapies with an inversion table or with an acupuncturist?
  6. Fun

    Staying together For My kids

    Hopefully you will come up with some answers that only you can answer during counseling, and by doing some self evaluations on how you truly feel. If it's just staying for the kids, I say that isn't enough. Staying together just for kids won't do them any favors. They end up living in a home filled with negative energy and not seeing parents in love. Then, they will typically end up in those same types of relationships when they are older. I wish you nothing but the best!
  7. Ahhhh, yes. This. It took some time, as in years to wrap my head around it. Once I had finally felt comfortable with myself and my skin, my relationship fell apart, leaving me question things. It's like an always revolving door, with many changes and emotions to keep up with.
  8. I would pick something amazing for humanity, because it's the only thing that would leave me feeling fulfilled and happy that I was able to help in some way.
  9. Fun

    A Shout Out To My Ex

    (((Hugs))) beautiful! I'm sorry you went through all of that. I really hope Karma is real!!
  10. Yeah, it's my internet. Sorry! I'll check it out later! Thanks!
  11. Is anyone else having troubles with the link? It's not working for me
  12. Fun

    Should I just tell her?

    I don't really think telling her would make the crush go away. Since its your boss, I would honestly error on the side of caution and keep it under wraps. It could turn really awkward for you both otherwise.
  13. You know my thoughts on this friend. I hope things work out for you whatever you decide. You deserve happiness, always remember that!
  14. Fun

    Missing My Mother

    Hugs to you! I'm having a tough day and would give anything to be able to talk to my Mom. She's been gone almost a year already. It hasn't gotten easier yet.....