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  1. Just logged in for the first time in about a year! Still so grateful to this site for giving me the opportunity to meet my girlfriend and soulmate :) 4 years ago today, we exchanged phone numbers via PM on this site and we met up 2 weeks later! :)

    1. Mamandyou1964


      That's wonderful, congratulations to you both!

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Awesome so good to hear of others who have met on here. Me and netty did as well and we've been together now for 16 months. She's now my fiance and I'm hers.

    3. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      This really made me smile. Wishing you much happiness. :) muah xx

  2. Hey baby, hard to believe this day 4 years ago we exchanged phone numbers via PM on this site! Time flies when we're having fun and we have had so much over the past 4 years! Love you loads and loads xxx

    1. shybi001


      Awh, you're so cute baby!! Love you so so much!! So glad we found each other on this website! Forever grateful xxx