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  1. I didn’t really have the chance while married. However if I did find someone in a similar situation that would have been nice. Possibly a friendship growing.
  2. I'm guessing if I had to start anything with a woman it would depend on our connection and what she was looking for
  3. I never told anyone I'm on this site except all of you ladies! When I was married he had no clue. Now if have a boyfriend that doesn't need to know either. I'm not sure they would be supportive of my feelings toward women.
  4. It's been way forever I miss you ladies!!!

  5. I think every situation is different and it depends on what stage in life we are in. While I was married I couldn't be in a relationship with a woman, it would not have been fair to anyone. Now I'm recently divorced and have a new boyfriend I'm into. If I had met the right woman first I'd probably have a new girlfriend, I wasn't looking for either at the time. Sometimes just what you need happens when it's supposed to regardless of what we are looking for.
  6. I'm on Paraguard my periods are heavier. I've had it for a little over 4 years and I'm glad I can't get pregnant. Sometimes my partner can feel it however I'd rather that than a baby right now. The other types of contraceptions usually had me gaining weight, retaining water, however I had shorter periods or at times none at all.
  7. Happy New Year Ladies!! All the best for the upcoming year!

  8. Hey ladies it's been awhile! Don't let me stay away that long again!

    1. tizoodle


      Hi there girly! You definitely need to come around more. :)

  9. I enjoy my alone time and have learned to spend amazing time with myself. Yes self love in so many ways. I do pick up my phone calls from friends theses days and doing better about meeting up. I just started my first audio book yesterday it's pretty cool.
  10. I guess I have written goals, and need to put it into action! Most of the things I dreamt of have been bigger for me than I could have imagined 20 years ago. Now I've gotta dream bigger, do a new vision board and start creating new memories. Definitely more fluent in Spanish is one that I am working toward I'm child like with the language. Finding myself all over again should be exciting! More travel!
  11. It isn't easy to talk about that's why you have us! You'll get tons of support here and lots of women who have been right where you are. This can be very confusing and it takes awhile to really know what you want. If you start the conversation be prepared for it.
  12. What would stop you from doing it again?
  13. The right touch at the right time in the right place by the right person. Too many rights to go wrong
  14. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! For US ladies!! In Tx we will BBQ

  15. At the right time. Never too early, if you lead with that or my beautiful box, before I'm comfortable ugh! Be a little patient and ooooh amazing night!!!