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  1. Sounds like the life story for a lot of us. Not as easy to meet women as it is for us to meet men. At least we have each other.
  2. I love being wet and turned on for someone. It doesn’t always happen though. I can get pretty wet alone too.
  3. Never had a strap on. I rarely cum with just penetration. I love oral with the few female experiences I’ve had. If I’m relaxed enough with certain guys oral can be pretty amazing also if they don’t jump right into it. I’m not against the strap on though.
  4. He sounds not worth arguing with. Still he’s probably saying what a lot of single guys would like to say maybe the alcohol helped him with that he was at a bar. Either way it’s a strangers point of view. I agree that I wouldn’t want a threesome in a committed relationship it would be hard to watch my boyfriend with another woman.
  5. I’m divorced and haven’t met a woman to date. I’ve never tried online dating maybe I’m too old school. I really should get out more though. It’s Pride month and our parade is this weekend. Hopefully I get to see more like minded women there.
  6. Yeah it can be nice. I even enjoy grinding leg to clit
  7. 14 first time I didn’t even know how to open my legs, still it happened though. We made some attempts before and it didn’t work. After that it was all history. Too young though it taught me a lot and matured me quickly. Several friends started way before then.
  8. Very difficult situation. During my marriage I actually joined this site. I’ve been officially divorced for a year and half plus. We were separated for awhile. During that time I didn’t enter into a relationship with a woman even though I really wanted to pursue that side of me. I never spoke to my husband about it as we were long time friends before dating and the fear of exposing way too much was a lot for me. Right before my divorce was final I met the sweetest guy and we’ve been together pretty much ever since. He’s totally against cheating or sharing etc. He knows I’ve had sexual experiences with women in the past. I really wouldn’t want to even bring up a three some with him because I don’t want that for us I care about him too much as a person and I know that can change a lot most of the time not for the better. He’s been cheated on before and hurt. I feel as if I’m missing out though because part of me yearns for a romantic female relationship even though I’ve never fully had one. I think it’s something a lot of us struggle with. I planned on being single after my divorce and figuring myself out. Things don’t always end up as we plan so for now I have to see where this path leads. My ex husband and I didn’t have any kids, he’s now re-married with a baby on the way. Good luck ladies we’ve all been there.
  9. I regret never really dating women. I’ve slept with a few each one only once and two were my friends at different times.
  10. I’ve never met anyone online in person. Other than here the only other sites I have a social media insta, FB, snap, twitter, and most of my friends there I know in real life. Never had any casual encounters from it. I’m sure it could be cool though I’m just really leery since I’ve heard a lot of times it’s weirdo guys.
  11. Sometimes the connection isn’t entirely on you. The chemistry has to go both ways. Men aren’t always the most loving passionate creatures and not every woman is either. At times your male partner may only have the end result of sex in mind and for a lot of women it’s more than that. It starts before the bedroom. I’ve had recent issues actual connecting with my current live in boyfriend as well. He came into the picture right before my lengthy divorce was over. I feel I haven’t had the chance to explore women and at times would prefer to be totally single. I think taking it one day at a time helps.
  12. It is possible to be a beautiful unicorn inside and out. I’m sure it can feel bad to anyone being judged by looks. I’ll take a unicorn and wouldn’t reject a headwrecker as a friend. Unicorns and headwreckers are both in need of a solid person in n their corner.
  13. Oh how I’ve missed you ladies!! Happy Pride Month! 

  14. I’m hardly ever alone. However I’m very feminine looking long hair curves, big boobs etc. No one ever really looks at me, well not women. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a bar though and I was married for awhile.