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  1. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Hopefully you do get closer to your friend. If not start paying attention to other women. Smile on purpose, stare a little longer and see what happens with their reactions. Ask a girl out for drinks, or coffee you never know who could be into you.
  2. I’m more physically aroused by women. Still I’ve had amazing sex with some ex-boyfriend’s because the chemistry is there and they probably gave amazing oral for a guy. I like sex with men it’s just taking the time to relax and really get into it like with women doesn’t always happen it can be a bit quicker with some men which is fine at times.
  3. I’ve had experiences with friends and it doesn’t end well. I think I’m both separate situations they wanted us to kind of be a couple. I’ve never really dated a woman and both of those friendships they were overly clingy and sometimes too emotional even before we did anything touchy or sexual. Tread lightly and don’t hurt your friends feelings.
  4. Hi San Antonio is awesome. I’m usually there a couple times a year. I actually was on a float in your Pride parade this summer!
  5. Love coconut oil!! I use it daily. I’m from Trinidad, my grandmother has used it for years, she used to make her own. She’s 94 now and has the softest skin and beautiful healthy hair. I’ve definitely taken note and have my nieces use too! I cook with it, use it for hair and skin. Never used it as lube though. It’s great for eye makeup removal as well. I’ve bought it at Costco the last few times in bulk way less than the grocery store.
  6. I turned the big 40 in May that morning I stepped on the scale and realized I gained 5lbs I was happy thought it was cute! Fast forward 4 months and 28lbs heavier, not so cute!! I need to get the extra pounds off and I’ve decided to start today. Wish me luck and strength!
  7. Hi! Houston here! We all seem kinda close by
  8. It’s quite possible and I’ve found it’s more common for women than you think. There’s plenty of support here welcome!
  9. I’ve done it once and definitely made me cum. It was about 8 years ago. Oh well hopefully soon.
  10. I’m definitely more turned on by the thought of women. I’ve only had a few real life experiences though I really got excited by each one. Now that I’m older I am more comfortable with the idea it’s just that the option doesn’t come up. I’m in a heterosexual relationship for the past two years and never really dated a woman. I’m guessing I’d be submissive with a woman though.
  11. Sounds like the life story for a lot of us. Not as easy to meet women as it is for us to meet men. At least we have each other.
  12. I love being wet and turned on for someone. It doesn’t always happen though. I can get pretty wet alone too.
  13. Never had a strap on. I rarely cum with just penetration. I love oral with the few female experiences I’ve had. If I’m relaxed enough with certain guys oral can be pretty amazing also if they don’t jump right into it. I’m not against the strap on though.
  14. He sounds not worth arguing with. Still he’s probably saying what a lot of single guys would like to say maybe the alcohol helped him with that he was at a bar. Either way it’s a strangers point of view. I agree that I wouldn’t want a threesome in a committed relationship it would be hard to watch my boyfriend with another woman.
  15. I’m divorced and haven’t met a woman to date. I’ve never tried online dating maybe I’m too old school. I really should get out more though. It’s Pride month and our parade is this weekend. Hopefully I get to see more like minded women there.