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  1. For me the ultimate is a beautiful woman pinning up her hair while holding the bobby pins in her mouth !!! also love the hair tuck behind the ear and lip biting
  2. I'm a screamer :-)
  3. I'm ready anytime of the day. Must say I like morning sex. Well planned with cup of coffee and some chatting first
  4. Ok so I made a new friend on website, we just friends nothing more. She's so nice but not my type. She always talked about her other friends a lot, those who knew she was gay. One day we met for drinks and her friend joined. You know that moment when you lay eyes on the most beautiful girl you ever seen?? But younger than me and totally straight. She was so comfortable around us making gay jokes and stuff so I very innocently flirted with her and she did so back. It was all a big joke ... apparently!! so we kept in contact and met up as a group for drinks the one night. Now is she beyond gorgeous ... also in personality. Her day job is a Marilyn Monroe impersonator so that will give you an idea of her beauty. All of a sudden as we stood by the bar she slides her hand up and down my leg and into my jean back pocket whilst I attempt to hold a straight face #fail. When nobody was looking she would slide my hand up and down her thigh and made sure she mentioned that she was going commando that night !!! Yes I was now super revved up. We stole a kiss when nobody looked a few times and played it so cool when they did. We didn't go home together but at the end of the day when you've had an epic night like that you needn't complain. She now has a boyfriend but doesn't pass up any chance when we alone......
  5. You so f*****g lucky !!!! Good for you hun !!!!
  6. I'm just out of a three year relationship with a woman who is 17 years my senior. It wasn't at all a problem for us at first she certainly didn't look her age. The moment 50 arrived she became distant and an ass. Don't know if it's mid life crisis or what there wasn't much explanation but it was good when we were together. I don't mind the older woman they have experience so sex is good and kinda treat you like a princess on the good days. If you want a family though or anything more permanent it could become a massive problem. This is just my case not generalizing for all older women !!
  7. Damn.. so hot
  8. 2 fingers max. Don't entertain the idea of fisting. If it works for you.. Great !
  9. Fellow South African here.... Hi !!! Greetings from Jozi