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  1. You're amazing, I love you more and more each day my beautiful wife. So thankful to this site for bringing me to you xxx

    1. CC*


      I love you so much gorgeous! Five years ago I never ever thought we'd manage to get where we are but I'm thankful every day that we did! xxx

    2. Rocker83


      :wub2: You 2 are the cutest!

  2. Happy anniversary wifey! I love you more and more each year xxx

    1. CC*


      Aww baby me too! You make me so happy, thank you for being my wife! I can't believe we've been married 3 years!! xxx

  3. To to be fair, I wasn't complaining people were married. Just feeling ain the minority amongst a lot of women married to men and exploring their sexuality. I still feel extremely lucky that I was single when I came to terms with my sexuality and met the wonderful @Callie T (who WAS married, and actually commented on this thread telling me I deserve someone great!). And lo and behold, here we are! 5 years later things are pretty different! Happily married, living in England and coming up on our 3rd wedding anniversary!!
  4. Hello gorgeous, just exploring the new site and wanted to come by and say I miss you, can't wait to see you when you get home from work! xx 



    1. Callie T

      Callie T

      Aww hi beautiful! I miss you and can't wait to see you either!  I love you xxxx

    2. elliej


      are you still making cupcakes CC? (pumpkin?)

  5. Hi wifey, this new setup is so different! Just wanted to say I love you to my star and back ❤️ Xx

    1. CC*


      Awww yay I love you too! (Said in person and on shys so you KNOW it's true lol). Stop watching me write this weirdo! xxx

    2. Callie T

      Callie T

      Hey! You love my weird
    3. CC*


      You know I do!!! xx

  6. Five years ago today, thanks to this site, I fell head over heels in love with the most amazing (unavailable!) woman who lived across the ocean. This morning I'm laying in bed next to that beautiful woman,my wife, celebrating 5 years of our love for each other. Thank you shybi for changing my life. I love you Callie T xxx

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    2. Confusedin2013


      Love this! So happy for you both!

    3. bi-the-ocean


      Congratulations! It's great to hear success stories!

    4. Beaulieu1


      How lovely to hear.

      Well done you two. X

  7. Hello gorgeous, play on playa! ;) xx

    1. Callie T

      Callie T

      Hehe, you stopped my playing days long ago beautiful xx

  8. I love you so much, you know xx

    1. Callie T

      Callie T

      I do know :) and I love you so much, always xxx

    2. elliej


      hope you two had a special valentine's day

  9. Hiya friend! Xxx

  10. I hope you know how much I love you.
  11. I love you beautiful xxx

    1. Callie T

      Callie T

      I love you too baby xx

  12. I love you, my gorgeous Harry Potter nerd!
  13. Lying in be with wifey, both on shys...just like the old days!

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    2. FlannelFish


      You two are so cute!

    3. wolfbigrl88


      Awe how sweet, I can't wait for that day to come for netty and I, then we can say the same :)

    4. SimplyTrouble
  14. You're beautiful ❤️ xx (try putting it here instead of as my status lol)

    1. CC*


      Awwww hello gorgeous! I love you so so much! (Now I'm going to roll out her and kiss you!) xx

    2. CC*
  15. Welcome to shys! Just wanted to come by and say I love your username! :)