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  1. La Femme is alive! Wow totally different site. The naughty forum is gone? So what are the clubs about? Like groups on topics?
  2. This would be a lot nicer. I feel like if I talk to a couple online, it is almost always initiated by the man. And they want to chat me up and talk dirty, and it makes me really uncomfortable. Of course online, a lot of single men pretend to be a couple looking for a third. But even if there is a woman in the picture, she makes the decision, not the man, so to me it is a lot of wasted time having the man chat me up.
  3. Don't know how long you have been here, but I would read through threads of married women trying to figure out how to approach their husbands about being bisexual. So many couples try a variety of things. The men sometimes don't want the woman to be sexually involved at all without being present. I mean maybe the man is worried the woman will estabilish a strong emotional connection with another woman and leave him. So there are so many different kinds of dynamics which arise if a married couple tries to broach the topic of the wife being bi and what steps they take regarding that.
  4. elliej

    Dom / sub

    no I like both sides to give and take. The role playing dynamic doesn't do anything for me.
  5. elliej


    Yes, couples do not seem to focus on what the woman wants at all most of the time. Though I did have a threesome with one couple where it was pretty equal. And hot. Best of both worlds. Except I find even with couples like this who are experienced enough already to know their own boundaries, the women can be really inexperienced and timid toward the woman. Like not giving as good as they get. This was the drawback in this scenario for me. Talking to couples however it is very hard to find a connection because they do not know how to treat the single woman at all. I have some jokes that couples will whine and complain how hard it is to find single women interested in them. Well, this is why. Some of them are as much drama as talking to a single man would be, except there are two of them, so they gang up on you. Like really abusive sometimes too. And then can they seriously wonder why single women aren't chomping at the bit? Really?
  6. elliej

    Single Adventures

    She is back in Europe, and I was worried when I said I felt like she was far away that it came across as off.... but I invited her to come join me for skiing one weekend, and she declined. I have tried to call her twice and she didn't pick up. So I let her know I'd like to call her. She said she was under the weather this week, so Friday I said I could give her a call when she got home to see how she was feeling, but she had plans. So I am not sure what to do here. I do need to send her some tea I picked up for her.... The guy was radio silent for over a week, and I started to get concerned. I felt like if he had met someone he wouldn't just ghost me, he would tell me straight up. So I thought maybe he was sick or something happened. So I was relieved when he got in touch Thursday, and he really appreciated that I cared. It was cute. I felt really happy after he emerged from a rough week and we connected. He and I are both athletes, so we do have a lot of sport activities and interests in common. The local handball team is very good, and I have wanted company to see a match, and that was something it definitely felt very natural to suggest we could do together. I've just tried to have an open mind and see which relationship develops more smoothly. I have to say this week, it tipped in the guy's favor. She was just so positive Friday, and after connecting with the guy Thursday night, I really just wanted to chat on the phone this weekend with one of them after a rough week, instead of being kind of pen pals. It didn't happen though.
  7. elliej

    Single Adventures

    you definitely should!
  8. elliej

    Single Adventures

    Well he kind of did impress me... I gave him a chance of telling him the "lost in translation" excuse has gone badly in past relationships. He told me he really likes me. I felt like it was a good sign that we could talk about it. And I like the fact that he told me he liked me. He is a nice guy, and attractive. I feel better about him after that conversation. She got back from Christmas vacation, and I made this comment which I was worried came off as off. I said I was glad she was back. That was true. Then I said it felt like she was so far away, but we have never met. I guess I just like having her back in the same time zone. I don't know. But it looked off when I saw the message. This week has been rough. I am feeling burned out. But had a good day Friday. Had an important opportunity I had been postponing because I was in the weeds, and it went well. She was so positive. I tried calling her. This is my second time trying to call her. The first time I explained why. This time I didn't. I wanted to wait to see how she responded. Yesterday I was skiing and sent her pictures. She went with friends to an escape room, so today I suggested it would be cool to hear about it, but she had to go into work. I have been taking things slowly and not trying to put pressure on myself to move too fast, so calling her feels more intimate, but whatever else was going on in life, Friday I just wanted to talk to her after the week and the feeling and attraction I felt to her about her positivity. I have met a few other women on dating apps who are also viable romantic interests, so that takes some pressure off for me until I have some clear direction or see where things go.
  9. she sent me mistletoe :blush:

  10. Well you clearly were aware 10 years ago, before you ever met him. then you were still attracted to him and clearly have invested and enjoyed 7 years together. Honestly is good. I think being open with him about your process has the potential to draw you closer. My ex I am sure gets on here and reads my posts. What an ass
  11. Whether or not I would agree with the practice, I think consent plays a big factor here. There are ways to excercise poly behavior which are honest with all involved, and are contingent on the consent of all involved. To have intimate relations without the knowledge or consent of all involved is totally different than doing so without knowledge and consent.
  12. I do not get involved with man OR woman if married if the spouse does not give full consent.
  13. elliej


    Yes. I am not currently in a relationship with a man, but I definitely have different standards for relationships of my own. I am also not a sharer. I cannot date men who expect me to share them with other women, whether I am involved or not. I do not have double standards. I do not expect to be in a relationship and expect my partner to share me with anyone of the opposite gender. When I join other couples, it is their issue to navigate. I was with a couple recently where the woman got very insecure in the middle of the night because he and I were rubbing up against each other and trying to be quiet because she was asleep, but then she felt left out.... I am not part of that relationship, so the jealousy and insecurity is not mine to deal with.
  14. elliej

    Romance Movies

    Since she and I have the same guilty pleasure, this is so appropriate
  15. she sent me a text that she sent me a package with homemade cake. Such a sweetheart. I can't wait to meet her in person!