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  1. Well she just disappeared from the dating app now. Gone. Ghosted me. Guess not.
  2. She moved house, and sounded like she had a lot of drama. There was another girl who was really flirty, and I tried to put myself out there just after she had connected with someone new. I have been using HER more, and find it more straightforward. But a lot of women don't get into conversations with me. While I was home, I met two women on Tinder who was interesting. One was super cute, but 5'1" and that is really too short for me. I don't want to be hunching over. This week I met a super cutie who is stationed in London with the military, so that's a problem. flights to and from London are quick and cheap, but if she's not even there... She also seemed like she had baggage and was very guarded, but at least an interesting chat, and I'm bummed she's not more stable in her situation. Whew. Cute, with shoulder length brown hair. Immediately I was attracted to her picture, and the personality was nice. Shame.
  3. I had a dream about my ex girlfriend last night

    1. N00Bi


      Is that good or bad?

    2. elliej


      well it definitely included some of our intimate moments...

  4. A friend tried to take her life this week... :cry:

  5. oh my goodness. she has me wrapped around her finger, and I've never even met her yet....

  6. Also on a dating app, there's a lot less ambiguity if it's flirting... since someone said they weren't going to read into it. If you both swipe, then you know you want to talk to each other, and you're there for romantic reasons. Unless they state explicitly they are just looking for something platonic.
  7. well I have to say as awkward, discouraging and full of idiots as dating apps and sites can be, it's about finding the right one with the right combination or setting. A lot of women just stay surface level and never get beyond basics or their day or the weather. I like the ones who stand out and make an effort to flirt. This happened one time recently, I talked to one woman who wanted to get together for a coffee, but wasn't nearby. But then I found out she was only visiting on holiday until the next day, so I thought, ok, not interested, only looking for local women. But then when she asked me about work, I answered vaguely, and she got smart and asked some provocative questions. Not overtly sexual. Just not basic questions. More pointed than that, and it created some tension. It woke me up. Then I thought, this woman is sassy and I like it. Then I asked her not to go back and stay another day so we could meet, and she said she had to. I asked her if she was a drop by flirt all the time. I don't know we've been chatting for a week, and my instincts were right. She's intriguing can can delve a little deeper.... and I'm drawn in. Hopefully we'll get to meet in the not too distant future.
  8. Yes, same here. Sometimes it's because I'm stressed and just really need the release, and/ or it just becomes really intense.
  9. Had an amazing first date today, AND met/ chatted with a woman who makes me really excited. Feels great!

  10. Has anyone tried the dating App HER. I recommend it. you can be as anonymous as you want, get experience chatting up women/ flirting. But it's a waste if you're tooooo shy and don't talk to or meet people. ;) you shy fantasy ladies, you know who you are...

  11. met a really cool girl on a dating app, we have a lot in common. kind of makes me tingle a little.

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    2. Sassylass


      I kind of know the feeling....I have a special friend in Scotland and there are times I wish I could just pack up and go...if it's meant to be things will happen in the most unusual ways 

    3. elliej


      now she just ghosted me not responding.

    4. Sassylass


      ahhh elliej I'm so sorry xx


  12. I have felt that honestly, my most authentic self is frequently heteroflexible. I find myself gravitating more toward men than women. Last night I had a chat with some Germans who went to University in the US. We were hanging out this weekend, and one of their friends brought her girlfriend. So later, my friend said she had known this woman for several years, and met the (person who is the girlfriend) before but hadn't guessed her friend was lesbian. Then said in Germany it is still not common. To compare, I think there are some cities in the US where there are high concentrations of gay people. They mentioned San Fran, I added Atlanta. In Germany, I don't have the same feeling that there are cities with high populations of gay people, except Berlin, where the overall population is just very alternative, not just LGBQT. She said compared to going to college in Ohio, when she arrived as a freshman, an older student introduced her to a group, where there were a few couples who were women, and another girl who sometimes had a girlfriend, and sometimes had a boyfriend. I think I have had both relationships with male and female people. I might consider it if I met the right person, but because it is less common in Germany, I don't meet many women who I am as attracted to as I meet men to whom I am attracted.
  13. maybe my first date with a woman in a while. I'm going to call her up this week and see...

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    2. elliej


      wow sucky timing. she and I have been talking for a few weeks, but she met someone else this week and they are dating now. :(

    3. Nidalaeh
    4. Hungry


      @elliej Sorry to hear that. I've learnt over the years. If you really like someone and you've only had one date or just getting to know each other but it feels right then act quickly at first. It's easier to go slower later than not make the right impression.

      I have missed out over the years from not making more of an effort. So now I try to take the first steps early.