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  1. She is headed back to the US for the holidays so we will not have a chance to meet before. I watched Disobedience this weekend and freaked out and felt totally confused. It's a challenge for me deep down that the person who seems like she could be the person I have been waiting a long time to.meet is a woman. I feel like the life I could see with her potentially maybe travelling with her for work and working from anywhere is the life I would have envisioned. It feels excito talk about meeting though. The guy also wants to meet and there are a lot of things I really like about him but he keeps blowing it. He asked ke again if I wanted to meet. I responded positively again and instead of suggesting specifics he derailed and changed the topic to complain it didn't seem like I wanted to meet. Wtf? Well I lose interest if I say yes lets meet and you tell me responding positively consistently doesn't communicate interest in meeting??? It just doesn't flow as smoothly with him thats for sure but he is a solid guy. Both pass my test that I do not have to force attraction and would be friends with them in real life if we weren't talking about romantic interest.
  2. I have waited a long time to meet a person/ woman exactly like her....

  3. My online dating has been picking up. First I met a guy who seems really nice. Not a single inappropriate chat or pictures. On a few points, I have found surprise connections. He asked me to go to a movie with him about a month ago, but fell asleep and notified me beforehand that he would not make it. So that first date hasn't happened yet. Through that dating site I started looking more broadly in Europe for women. On a dating app, I joined the Lesbian/ Bi chat group, and an older woman in Scotland started chatting with me. I found that very attractive. On the dating site, I saw a beautiful red head and commented on her beauty and red hair. She actually responded thanking me. So much less rude than all of the women who just do not even respond. She said she didn't use the site much so I offered to go with whatever communication she preferred so we switched to text. So I have had these three going for a few weeks. The guy dropped the ball a few times. Initially I felt more comfortable with the older woman because I thought she would be more mature, have her life more together. But toward the woman with red hair, I basically just felt pure lust. I felt very male energy toward her initially, and more balanced energy toward the older woman. But things changed last week. First the older woman said she hated online dating, and the conversation went cold. I found it strange since she was the one who contacted me. With the red haired woman, I opened up to her about a shopping thing, and we started to find we had some things in common which was fun. Nothing felt rushed, just very natural talking to her like we were friends. She told me she divorced her husband before moving to Europe, which sounded like a lot of transition, but I didn't pry until I know her better. I was curious if she was on the site looking for friends or social contacts or dating, so after sharing some more common interests last week, we had a brief chat about that confirming we were really enjoying chatting, and she was looking for a relationship. It stunned me a little, a little shock like this woman I find attractive, we are having a great time chatting, and I am so attracted to her, is available, and interested in me. It felt thrilling and a little scary. We also learned something else really funny we had in common. It made me think maybe I will call her this weekend. I feel like I would like to take a step of talking on the phone. The next day, after I woke up, she sent me some pictures from an outing, including a selfie, that literally took my breath away. And anxiety hit me like a truck. Really a woman that beautiful is emotionally available, and sending me a picture of herself on the phone. I just spent the rest of the day kind of in a daze of anxiety, figuring out how to continue the conversation but imploding inside. Thinking at this point, things have definitely progressed from when we first connected, and thinking it has potential to be something real. Today I sent her some pictures from an outing, and gave myself patience that I do want the next step to involve talking on the phone, but it was ok if it wasn't rushed. Today I did a lot of self care. I have had a lot of things going on that have been very straining, and need a lot of emotional and well being care. The guy also made an effort to clear up a misunderstanding. He made a suggestion finally to get together. I reminded myself in the haze of attraction for the woman that he and I have had good moments of connecting, and I do like him. When we were to have our first date, I felt like there was some good potential there, and have taken it easy there, keeping things light and not too serious. I feel like I should meet both of them and see where the opportunities to connect lead, but it is easier said than done. But it feels really good. At the end of a tough week, hearing from her made me smile. Hearing from her puts me in such a good mood. But with the strain of other things going on, it makes it challenging for me to stay balanced, but I really want to approach this with the long game in mind.
  4. I met the woman on Tinder. I have no idea what your question means
  5. Hey sorry not to update. I did run into her at the gym, naked, and feeling super self conscious about my body because while I was naked she recognized me and said we met before hadn't we. I sent her a message after that but never heard back. Then I had so many things going on it didn't go anywhere
  6. I thought the purpose of the regional was so group get togethers could be arranged
  7. Met a stunning woman online who takes my breath away. Early days....

  8. I thought maybe we all have these experiences, and just need a place to tell someone and vent about our feelings. And maybe people can give feedback. This weekend I went to buy some dishes this girl was selling. We had a bit of a chat while I was there. I found out she is a physical trainer. She asked me some information about myself. I told her I was moving and trying to get everything I needed as cheaply as possible to furnish my own place. Later she said she had some extra cutlery I could have. Then she said today she was going to stop by to drop it off. I went out to get it, and we hugged. Then she put her hand on my arm, and she is a pretty girl. And that moment. I felt the attraction. I messaged her thanking her, and she sent me hearts. Oh shit. She's just this random person who probably has a boyfriend, and now I have a crush on her.
  9. Happy New Year! Please read my "single adventures" post for my NYE experience....

  10. So I wanted to post a status update, but it seemed too long and confusing. So that moment where the married woman you are flirting with and will be at the same New Years party as you..... turns up as a mutual friend with the friend you are going to meet. There's more to the story. So the married woman wanted to meet this week, if our schedules coordinated. They didn't. I proposed we just have fun at the party together since we were both going. her husband is in town though. now I met him. I get it. He is super nerdy and reserved. But then my friend comes, with her boyfriend with this other couple. I recognize the woman immediately. My friend brings me over, and it's super awkward for me when she confirms her name and I say nice to meet you. Then I ask my friend privately. So how do you know this other couple??? She said she met the woman on FB. Then later she tells me she met her BF on tinder, and just wanted him to be a one night stand. But now one year later she is in love with him. She tells everyone they met on Facebook.... So she told me she met the other woman on FB..... hmmmmmmm Now I am pretty confused.
  11. Wow ok some better success meeting women through dating app who are really great Wow. So I met a doctor and a woman getting her PhD both I had really good chat with. The doctor is cute, and she was messaging me over the holiday weekend, she and I want the same things in life. The PhD student in married and just wants to be friends with benefits. And she is strikingly beautiful, except she and I aren't looking for the same things, and there are some things she and I don't quite connect over. But this weekend I connected with this guy I really like. But my goal is healthy relationship, so I guess I need to be able to be more objective about that guy if it's healthy. Tonight I don't know what got into me, I asked the doctor to meet me spontaneously, and she loved it. We met at a place near her, not that she lives that far from me. We laughed a lot. I mean she and I have gotten to know each other pretty well. She was playing with her hair by the end, so I think she was into me. The PhD student came back to town with her husband. During the week, they are usually living in different cities. Turns out they plan to be at the same NYE party my friends want to attend. I thought, well that could be sexy. Now she wants to meet for a date before the party. I was initially a little concerned with her the chemistry is going to be through the roof, and then I'm going to be stuck like last time, wanting more and feeling like I have to compete with her husband, which isn't healthy for me. I thought if we met at the NYE party, we could get a little flirt on without any pressure like a date. If we meet before and then I want to go in for a kiss at the party, with her husband there, not sure how that is going to go down. She said he is ok with her dating women outside of their relationship....
  12. Went on my first date with a woman in years.... she was super cute, great date, a lot of laughing. She was definitely playing with her hair...

    1. JadeBleu15


      I love watching a woman play with her hair. However, if I had a choice I would rather be the one playing in it. 

      So wonderful you had a great time. Hope there are more to come. 

  13. my ex bf, who created drama about a supposed new gf in october tweeted tonight he is going to be lonely at Christmas #notmyproblem

  14. Tonight I got offline for a change. And nice to know my knack for meeting strangers hasn't gone away in my new country. I had a hard time connecting with my friends tonight. My phone battery kept dying, so I had to wait 20-30 minutes before I could text them. I went to a cafe while I waited and sat at the only free table. It was packed, so the server asked if three people could join me, and I said sure. They became friendly, and the woman sitting next to me was really pretty. And super friendly, getting really close to me. When my phone finally worked, they made a funny comment that now I had new friends and I should stay. I felt bad because my friends were looking for me. But I wanted to connect with this woman. I did try to get her number. We had discussed that she might want to attend a party that night - she asked me what events were going on. So I asked if I should take her number and send her a text if we found another party. She declined. There wasn't any verbal indication that she liked women or was into me, but it seemed like her guy friend was the one encouraging me to stick around (he was part of a couple). And I really would have liked to explore the chemistry I felt building with this woman. Alas, ships passing in the night since she declined to give me her number.