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  1. In NC, smack in the dead center of the state. *waves* Pleased to meet you all.
  2. Been ill (nothing too serious), and trying decide what I need to do about a lot of issues going on right now, with my relationships, and possibly my career path, then I stumbled across this.

    Signs and portents exist, there is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason, even if at first we can't fathom as to why, all becomes clear in time. 

  3. Explain it this way, maybe, That being bi, gay or straight doesn't change your desire to be with him alone. That you are bi, but it's not a preference, If you wanted a girl and him too that's another thing altogether called polyamory. You only are with one person at a time, the same as him. The only difference is it might be a guy at one time, or it might be a girl at other times in your life. And right now it's a guy, which means he's it. If he still seems largely unable to accept it, I have to wonder if he isn't somehow stuck on a fantasy with you being with another girl, which seems more likely. He may be fighting you on it, or pretending not to get the basics so he can try to coerce you into an idea, for a threesome or something more permanent. Maybe you are monogamous, but maybe he isn't, and this could be his way of trying to hint at that, or have that become a reality. Or maybe he's just insecure, and has cold feet, and is trying to either find reassurance you won't just up and leave him for a girl one day, or he's self-sabotaging by trying to imply you will so if he winds up bailing on you it's justified. We really don't know your man, you do, so this is something you are really going to have to consider, and then talk it out fully with him. It's really impossible to give more advice with what little we know so far beyond that. If I were you, I'd try one more time to break it down for him, but if it doesn't go over, you may want to start slipping in questions of why he keeps thinking you would be interested in another girl. Is he? Gently lead up to it, and find out exactly what his motives are. Because this could be less to do with you and what you want, and more about what he does. And now's a really good time to find out, before you find yourself committed to a situation you may or may not want to be in for the long haul.