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    1. JadeBleu15


      Lonliness is horrible feeling, hope it passes soon. **hugs**

  2. Tired of trying to get back out there, when I'm shoved back inside my box by the people I count on to be supportive.
  3. I think I'm beginning to see the validity in this: 


    1. Violetta


      Love this!


  4. This, so very much this...and more things besides. I hope things get better for you.
  5. I think there's someone else who knows the meaning of empathy besides me. I don't think I'd be that far off to say you have a big heart as well. Once again, thank you. If you would ever like to talk, feel free to send me a PM. Maybe someday I'll get to return the favor by lifting your spirits, too.
  6. Thank you. I think I really needed to hear that right now.
  7. Hi SeleneStar, Just happened to be poking about the forums when I saw this pop up, so just stopping in to say Welcome to ShyBi! If you need any help or just want to talk feel free to ask me or any of the other lovely ladies on here and I'm sure someone will have no problem helping you get settled. Don't worry, we don't bite. Unless asked nicely. ;)
  8. That sometimes you have to let the past go: - if the person you are trying to help won't save themselves. If they're continuously fine with being abusive in your interactions. When they refuse to acknowledge they need help, and shutting you out is the easier recourse than to have to be forced into a position of dealing with their own demons. I'm not sure if I feel rejected, tired, sad or relieved more now that I don't seem to have to deal with that or them.