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  1. It's a show on Netflix. (It's first run on SYFY, it's on season 1 on Netflix) It's kinda sci-fi (deals with killing demon's and monsters) but it's got such good character development that it doesn't give me that "over the top cheesiness" It's a female driven show (most characters, writer and director are female ...and probably more) and, although it takes place in a fictional us's filmed in Canada!
  2. Oh.. See the rest if you can. Trust me, it's worth it
  3. I've only seen season one on Netflix..and almost every fan video made about Waverly and Nichole. There's quite a following on Twitter, conventions of all kinds and on other social media but... Anyone here? I'm not as diehard as some folks but..I'd chat with other fans.
  4. Hello my peep.. Hmmmm I wonder if she ever read that book.. Lol :-)

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    2. brit_love
    3. SimplyTrouble


      Sorry babies she had twin boys she decided to carry them instead of her wife.. 

    4. brit_love


      Oh, of course.  I thought I missed something :music:

  5. Hey there girly how are you doing? Long time no see.

    1. brit_love


      Hey!  I hardly have time (or internet) anymore but hope all is well with you and yours!

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Things are going well for us thanks, she'll be here in a few weeks to visit me with her daughter. :)

  6. Thanks for following me back stalker :P

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      Right back atcha Rocky :clapping:

  7. Returning the peek. Long time no see :)

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    2. Rocker83


      I don't think she'd mind either. There will be some growling though to assert dominance. Just don't get too close. She bites. ;)

    3. brit_love


      I understand.. I'll take your word for it.. (Those are yours. ;) Ill keep a safe distance. I think she could kick my ass! Lol

    4. Rocker83


      Lol. She can take care of herself for sure. But she's a teddy bear really :P A teddy bear that knows how to work a chainsaw xD

  8. "I'd live with you in a shoebox"

  9. Just dropping in to say hi :D Hope you're having a nice Saturday :)

    1. brit_love


      Thank you! I hope you are as well. Hi!

    2. Cheska9


      I'm having a lazy Saturday :D

  10. love the dog in your profile pic! I have a yellow lab myself :)

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    2. BarbyH820


      We were going to take in a jack russel for someone one time, but that dog was brutal! He kept wanting to eat my chihuaha, I couldn't keep him, but I understood that they usually do hunt small animals :)

    3. brit_love


      Oh yeah...they were bred to be hunters, weren't they?! Thanks..I forgot ;)

    4. BarbyH820


      No problem, they're great dogs, just probably not the best breed to live with tiny dogs LOL unless maybe they were raised together :)

  11. Thank you BiTri, I came out to myself in '12 ish but other than a few dates with a girl from here and a couple long distance things...and again, from girls on here. I haven't really done much about it :( I'm not out to anyone in real life..except one fb friend who's also gay. Pride was so much fun. ...However it was I went...I'm glad I did! Yay sweeter! I know mine was fun..I can't even imagine London! But for a first time?...was it overwhelming?
  12. So I went to my first Pride celebration. It wasn't the big parade shindig that the big cities would have but there was a drag show and musical acts. Pride wasn't my goal, I've never had more than the passing curiosity of going to one but rather, I had to see Chely Wright perform. I've been a fan forever, her music has always spoken deeply to me and I really believe my life is changing, ever since I read her book. So, I went, and it was an absolute blast. I felt so comfortable. I'm still pretty deep in the closet and am always nervous that I'm going to 'look gay' to people..because I am not very 'feminine' looking or not hanging off some guys arm...mostly both. So, as the festivities went on, I got more comfortable, with my T-shirt, pins and stickers. I even let my picture get taken. (I'm sure no one I know will see it but it was a big step for me) The hardest part was after the parade...walking back to my motel. I didn't want to take off the gear. I'm not ashamed of the festival, just myself. Does that make sense? Oh, I forgot to mention, this festival was a state away from where I live, so I'm also feeling a touch of idiocy in my nervousness. There's no real question and I feel weak asking for some reassurance but I know you lovelies will! You all are so beautiful at it!