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  1. Attempting to shake this icky mood.
  2. Succulent
  3. Unconditional love
  4. THIS! A screenshot.
  5. It seems that all my old hang out spots which used to be buzzing with activity are dying out. Kinda sad. Hope everyone that once frequented the online places are well and happy as can be. <3
  6. I’m overly quiet today. Don’t have much to say, which is rare for me. Shall I go for a walk? Me thinks maybe so.
  7. The pastor being a goofball.
  8. Like I need to get this paper turned out, so I can relax a little. My brain is hitting a wall here.
  9. Out of this sullen head space of mine. Need a new perspective and mindset.
  10. Sometimes I feel alone even when there’s a lot of people around me. Hugs, MLL! X
  11. Aggravated and the lack of sensitivity my DD has sometimes. She’s busting my balls for not good reason and I don’t find it amusing one bit.
  12. Hello! Welcome! Congrats on the new addition that will soon be "gifted" (born) into the family.
  13. I've always been attracted to the same sex ever since I was very young.
  14. He still does not know and I just don't divulge that I'm on here. I'm sure he's on other sites also. I've learned now to share every little details with him as he tends to get insecure and totally beat things to a pulp.